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  • 1. By Agnomeules My Gnome By Michael, Sam.B, Sam.S and Andy.S
  • 2. MyGnome: Who? Tourists What? Unfamiliar places When? During the day Where? Outside Why? Enables people to explore unfamiliar areas and helps tourists around.
  • 3. You are new or in an unfamiliar place and you are afraid of getting lost.
  • 4. How can you avoid getting lost? By using our app, you can check where you are and how long until your destination.
  • 5. One of our key features is that to show people the upcoming diversions.
  • 6. Another one of our core features is to show where fast food restaurants and shopping centers are.
  • 7. Our last core features is that it will act like a GPS to help you get where you need to go.
  • 8. Not much technical equipment is needed, so it has good technical feasibility, however it might be hard to keep recent updates of traffic diversions. Mobile Requirements: Category: Productivity and Utilities Size: 16 .MB Version: iOS 6.0 or later. iPod 5, iPhone 4s and iPad 2 are the minimum devices to run this app on. Rated: 12+ Languages: English Ratings:*****
  • 9. Our primary target audience is tourists. Our secondary target audience is people who want to visit restaurants and shopping centers. Mostly above the age of 12.
  • 10. Marketing Strategy Sales: To start off with, we need to gain users before we can address an appropriate price for our app. When we have gained a good amount of users we will be selling it for a low price, as it increases in popularity we will increase the price. Internet: We will be using the internet to promote and advertise our product. Once we gain a sufficient amount of users we could set up a site to gain feedback and improve upon our work Viral: In order for our app to go viral we will need to gain popularity, we could attempt this by introducing an interesting update which we know will be popular, something unique that hasnt been done before will get a good chance for our app to go viral.