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  • 1. Music Tutor App

2. Music Tutor Music Tutor is the revolutionary new way to rapidly improve beginner musicians practice by showing them mistakes that the would not have recognised. 3. Research and Findings We asked some people what they thought of the app, we asked two questions: Whether or not they liked the app idea. Whether or not they would use the app. Yes: 6 No: 4 Yes: 8 No: 2 Overall, considering our app is aimed at beginners and we didnt ask all beginners we were very pleased with the result 4. Problem Have you ever played piece of music on your instrument and not known if it was right or wrong. You are not the only one, many people of any age find trouble confirming the piece they have played was right. 5. Persona This is Jim. He started playing the saxophone 6 months ago. His teacher said he is good but his practice isnt. This is because he needs someone to tell him when he has made mistakes. Since Jim started using our app he has improved his practice dramatically. 6. How we solve the Problem We solve the problem by showing beginners their mistakes so they dont just play through the song and assume it is all correct. It acts as a teacher (well as much as is possible through an app) as some children rely on their teacher to identify their mistakes. 7. How it works The app hears the person playing and compares it to its copy of the music, it then provides the child with a copy of the sheet music, all the parts they got wrong highlighted in red and a percentage given. From this they can send the records to their teacher which can be used in the lesson. 8. Further Development In the future we would like to continue to add practicing tools to our app to make it as effective as possible. 9. Elevator Pitch