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We are Team Disability Support and this is our presentation for our App idea


<ul><li> 1. By Kian Lorcan Azan Welcome To Our Presentation. Disability Support </li></ul> <p> 2. The Situation Who? Disabled People What? Disabled People not in assistance of help When? 24/7 Where? Anywhere Why? User not in assistance of help 3. Problems Copy issues with Google Maps User with sight impairment , hearing impairment 4. You are unsure of the disability access in the area, use the app to find out the location of the nearest lifts, the nearest bus. A Example 5. My Team, Disability Support is developing an app to help disabled people to help them to locate the nearest lift or bus Or disabled friendly shops Mini Elevator Pitch 6. User profiles: A career for a disabled person A person who is affected by a disability A friend in intrest 7. There are currently no competition at the moment 8. The most valuable user would be a disabled person or career the reason for the is that our app is aimed that this target audience as it helps them the most. MOST VALUABLE USER 9. This app will not be confusing as the app has a not very sophiscated layout , the text language used was simple. 10. Some design ideas for our app 11. More of our ideas 12. We would use Google maps/Google earth to pinpoint the accessibility region of the specific area. 13. This is our business model for our app, the price of the app will be 00.00, no charge 14. The careers for the disabled can use the app without confusion, the app is specially designed for those who is a amputee. or eyesight difficulty's. The price of the app will be disabled friendly as it is free. 15. Credits: Azan Kian Lorcan Thank you for listening. </p>