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  • 1. Alfie, Luke, Jake, Lily m, Amber.

2. scooter owners to help them build there own custom scooter when they want a custom scooter at a skate park because they have been looking for a nice scooter for a while and we are allowing them to make a custom scooter. 3. People who have been looking for a scooter and they cant find one they come to us. Also, if they have been looking for a good game to play on we have provided them with one. Problem 4. How can they have a nice scooter that they would enjoy and be satisfied with? Problem Question 5. People who have a problem thinking of a good scooter currently try use their own solution, but this does not work, because they cant find the right parts. Key insight statements 6. My team the Brain Stormers, is developing an app to help people who own scooters solve the problem of making their own custom scooter, the solution could be to use our app. Mini elevator speech 7. David Emmanuelle, 11 year old boy, Loves scooting, Wants a custom scooter, however he cant find the right parts, Has an I phone constantly uses it, Really wants an app where you can make your own scooter. User Profile 8. There are other apps to do with scooters. But ours is unique, because no other apps can allow the user to build there own custom scooter. Competitors or other solutions 9. As a user I would like a wide variety of scooter parts. As a user I would like this app to be a reliable price like 69p if not 69p I would like it to be free. As a user I would like this app to have no bugs if the app has bugs I would like an update to fix that. User stories 10. Balsamiq 11. Who benefits from your app? Main target user 7-17 year olds who own scooters Others who benefit Scooter shops Scooter magazine Our business model All users pay Some users pay Somebody else pays this one My teams app, scoot designer, will operate a business model in which all users pay/ some users pay / somebody else pays. My team has identified that scooter shops are willing to pay towards the app, because we are helping the shops by sending customers. Business model 12. Audience Through what Persuasive event Result My marketing is aimed at scooter owners. a magazine article and facebook The audience will come to participate in an event to win prizes As a result of my video, I want them to share the video on Facebook. As a result of the article, I want them to complete a pledge to download my app once it is developed and launched. As a result I will want people to search our app after they enjoyed our event Marketing stategy