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<ul><li>1.Inspiring Inspiration By: Georges Khoury, Adam Blackburn, Owen Harte, Damian Krawczynski </li></ul> <p>2. Background situation Inspiring Inspiration: - Who? Students &amp; Beginner Authors - What? Students and other people that are stuck on writing a story - When? The person writing the story is stuck and is unable to continue therefore have writers block. - Where? In the study - Why? To help people to continue in their stories whether it is for homework for just writing a story. 3. Problem Many students or authors when writing a creative piece of writing get stuck on what to write next. This is known as Writers Block. This problem can usually be broken through via some form of inspiration. 4. Our group, Inspiring Inspiration, Is trying to answer is Can students and writers alike get through writers block with our app that provides the inspiration to get through it. Question 5. Key insight statement(s) Students are easily confused and are left puzzled to figure out what to write in a creative piece of homework , starting authors may also have this problem and unless you intensively plan your piece you may be left to wonder what to write next. You can pick out which pieces of inspiration to choose, look at genres or randomise. 6. Mini Elevator Pitch Our team, Inspiring Inspiration, is developing a mobile app which is based towards authors and writers alike who have had or are experiencing writers block and are stuck on writing and continuing what they are doing, this app shows them some inspiration. 7. User profiles 13 out of 23 people have looked somewhere to get inspiration when getting trouble whilst writing a story. 13 out of 23 people would agree that it would be easier to have an application on their phone to receive inspiration. 10 out of 23 people have had trouble whilst writing a creative piece of writing. 8. Competitors or alternative solutions that already exist in the market There arent any other solutions or alternatives on the market so they dont fully solve the problem because they dont exist. 9. MVP user stories and feature chosen The app is unique because it shows you inspiring pictures and quotes to help you if you ever get writers blank. 10. Flow of appe: Adam Blackburn 19/3/14 0.0 (Starter screen) 4.0 Settings 3.0 Search 2.0 Photos 1.0 Quotes 4.1 About 4.2 Feedback 3.1 Random 11. Key wireframes 12. Feasibility Data, content, technical Our app needs some content for the inspiring images and quotes, the content owner should be ok to share it. There shouldnt be authorization required. Our solution isnt hard to build because it just contains images and quotes. I think a professional developer could build the app in less then three months because its not a high tech app. There isn't a simpler solution to the app using existing technology. 13. Business Case There werent many customer pledges and we didnt have to change our plans to find customers that are willing to pay because our app is unique. 14. Marketing Strategy We would make posters advertising the app, create pages on social networks and spread the word. </p>