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Slides from the "Mobile Technology for Social Entrpreneurs" (#mt4se) held on the 12th June 2010 in London, England.


<ul><li> 1. From Brazil to the UK <br />From computers to mobile apps<br /></li> <li> 2. Brazil in 1995 computers for change<br /></li> <li> 3. Along came mobile...<br /></li> <li> 4. The first mobile wave<br /></li> <li> 5. The second mobile wave<br />Vs.<br /></li> <li> 6. 2010 A Global Inflection Point?<br /></li> <li> 7. Changing the world one [app/sms] at a time....<br /></li> <li> 8. Opportunities &amp; Challenges<br />Developed countries<br />Developing countries<br /><ul><li>Flat-rate mobile internet </li> <li> 9. Affordability of high-end phones </li> <li> 10. App stores &amp; Java/ html apps </li> <li> 11. Mobile only universal infrastructure </li> <li> 12. High adoption rate for social mobile services (e.g. banking, information) </li> <li> 13. SMS/ USSD technology limited </li> <li> 14. Limited data infrastructure (3.5/ 4G &amp; submarine cables only being deployed) </li> <li> 15. High costs for mobile Internet access </li> <li> 16. Affordability of high-end phones </li> <li> 17. Competing with more powerful fixed technology </li> <li> 18. Less adoption of social mobile services</li></ul></li></ul>