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  • 1.FOCUS IN LOCK OUT; FOCUS IN Charley Nevin, Charlotte Grant, Kate Thornhill, Megan Stone, Melissa Daly, Romy Curtis

2. Students, Parents for their children, anyone who needs to focus, procrastinators e.g. studying for exams, completing paperwork for a deadline, parents who want their children to be productive instead of wasting time on their devices Anytime At home when studying Procrastination, distraction, young children playing games and refusing to sleep BACKGROUND SITUATION 3. e.g. Your friend is looking through your phone Procrastination when doing homework/studying for exams Addictive games preventing sleep SPECIFIC PROBLEMS 4. How can an app help to enhance learning, prevent procrastination, and keep certain things private? CORE QUESTION ADDRESSED 5. Lock yourself out of selected apps for a chosen amount of time which can help with annoying notifications and addictive games Lock yourself out of your device completely for a set amount of time, this can ensure that you complete any work quickly and efficiently, with no distractions from your device KEY INSIGHT STATEMENTS 6. My team, Focus In, is developing a mobile app that can help a wide range of people, who suffer from procrastination, or an addiction to their device to get their work done, quickly, efficiently and within the deadline. MINI ELEVATOR PITCH 7. PERSON 1: Nigel Curtis- works full time with a chair company. Feels he often gets distracted by personal emails when sorting with work emails, on his way to and fro work. He agreed with us that this app would prevent this sort of distraction in the future. PERSON 2: Joshua Nevin- A new university student who is finding the workload tough. As Joshua was on his phone a lot during studying through his A-levels, he decided to knuckle down on his new degree. He agreed- this app will most certainly stop me from procrastinating with future revision and projects PERSON 3: Lorraine Thornhill- I am a working mum of two, and my eldest daughter, Kate, never puts down her phone. I just want to spend some real time with her!!! Lorraine thought that this app will help limit the time her daughter spends on her phone, therefore being useful for Lorraine and Kates benefits. USER PROFILES 8. In the apple app store, there is currently a lockout app which can hide your pictures and videos without hassle and keep out snoopers We believe that our idea is superior because ours can do more as well as doing the above, ours can also lock out other apps and, with a countdown and timer aspect, can lock the user completely from their device. There is also a similar one called the mayday button which can be used on a Kindle. Ours is more efficient and can be used on a wider range of devices. EXISTING PRODUCTS 9. Teenager studying for exams finds themselves procrastinate. They would lock out addictive and distracting apps using Focus In. Parent worried about child spending too much time on their device uses the countdown aspect to limit usage. User with private information or pictures can lock some apps to prevent friends from finding these things. Person is driving and would not like to be distracted by their device. MVP USER STORIES AND FEATURE CHOSEN 10. See following slides- made using Balsamiq Mockups FLOW OF APP AND USER FEEDBACK INTEGRATED 11. - ADAPTIONS According to a questionnaire we handed out, we discovered that people would prefer it if could lock out single apps, not just the whole device, hence we adapted to this require. We also thought it would be more suitable if we had 3-5 emergency contacts in case of situations where apps like the messaging service are blocked. 12. We have talked to some experts who have said that this app is technically possible, however we would need some professional help in developing the app further. Our app does not rely heavily on technical as it makes use of features already available such as turning off notification centre for certain apps. FEASIBILITY. DATA, CONTENT, TECHNICAL 13. This shows that there is a wide gap in the market for an app like ours. We believe that we do not need customers to pay, as we will sell our app for free and make profit with small advertisements. CUSTOMER PLEDGES 14. 1. We will ask twitter users, YouTubers and blogs to promote out app as many have already expressed an interest in one similar to ours 2. We will ask the people who download our app to share it, both on and offline. 3. We will make presentations throughout our school. THREE CORE MARKETING ACTIVITIES 15. We showed our work to a total of 3 experts, who all said our idea was achievable, realistic and appealing to a wide range of people. EXTRA INFORMATION