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Apps for Good Webinar Series offered by Cloud for Good (, Salesforce experts who speak fluent nonprofit. Geopointe integrates with Google Maps, MapQuest and other geo-technologies. Geopointe is the #1 geo/mapping solution providing numerous ways for end-users, administrators and developers to take advantage of geo data and maps. Arrowpointe is a leading application provider that helps enterprises accelerate their adoption of the platform, while delivering some of the most popular and highest rated applications on the AppExchange.


<ul><li> 1. Tal Frankfurt Founder/ CEO @cloud4goodApps for Good Webinars</li></ul> <p> 2. Unlock the where in your dataApps for Good Webinar Series October 17, 2013 3. Cloud for Good Working with organizations to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology. Google AppsIts all about Your 4. Cloud for GoodCloud ImplementationTechnology AssessmentDiscovery.Design . Customization . Integration . Testing Data Migration . Training . SupportIts all about Your 5. Existing 6. What customers are nearby?Where should we hold our next event?Create a Campaign of Contacts with &gt; $1000 in donations that are within 45 miles of the event site. Where are our biggest donors located?How many contacts do we have in the Dallas area?Whats the fastest way to make deliveries to these 20 places? What Legislative Districts are showing the biggest increase in donations?Where should we focus our efforts? 7. The premier mapping solution for Salesforce Map Any Object Proximity Searching Map Views Export Results Routing Add To Campaign Places Search Charting Geo-Analytics Mobile US Demographics Layers Automated Geocoding Address Cleansing URL Hooks Apex Methods More 8. Customer Satisfaction Simple, intuitive, yet very powerful functionality has added value across the board for our nonprofit users Extremely responsive team, from account to technical support. This app is nothing short of amazing 170+ 5-Star Reviews on AppExchange We use this app to reach out to members in various neighborhoods of San Francisco. This allows us to be more focused in our communications 9. Location-Enabled InformationVia 10. Enable All Your Salesforce Data AccountStandard &amp; Custom Objects Contact Opportunity Lead Campaign Members Donation__c &amp; Custom Address Fields 11. Location-Based ReportingCustomizable Record Detail (fields, actions)Active Geopointe Customers within 1 12. Increase ProductivityOptimized Walking Route Save, Print, Access via Mobile 13. Mobile Access; Collaborate!CollaborateBiggest Customers Accounts w/in 1 mileCheck In as you 14. Geo-AnalyticsGrowth in Geopointe Revenue by Zipcode (Bay Area, 2012 vs 2013) Red (Decrease) Yellow (Neutral) Green (Increase) 15. Easy To Implement Start Mapping within an Hour Supports all Editions Supports most License Types License any User Count Easy Setup + Very Configurable 16. Simple Licensing $ per user Any # of users Analytics is optional feature add-on We licensed all mapping technology (you dont need to) No setup or implementation costs Free Trial 17. Free 15-Day / 5-User Trial (Production or Sandbox) 18. PricingGeopointe Core $180 $100/year ($8.34/month)No user minimumAnalytics Starts at $10/month No user minimum Can be subset of core users 19. Arrowpointe Corp. +1 714.475.3837 @arrowpointe /arrowpointe / 20. 21. Next Steps Questions? Before Install Trial Started? Begin 15-day / 5-user trial Help Center 22. DF 23. Unlock the where in your dataApps for Good Webinar Series October 17, 2013</p>