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<ul><li> 1. WishfulThinking By Erin Buttifant, Lucy Brett, Bronwyn Dawson and Nina Chambers </li></ul> <p> 2. WishfulThinking The audience that WishfulThinking is aimed at ranges from Teenagers and upwards of both genders. The audience is looking to give someone/people that they know an idea of what they would like for their Birthday/Christmas/Wedding etc. so that they can help the people buying gifts with a clear idea of the sort of things that they are wishing for. These lists from the App would be sent from any time of the day that the person sees something that they like and wish to add it to their list so that others can see it and might decide to buy it for them. The list could be sent from anywhere that the person sees something or thinks of something new to add to their list. The App is used because the person wants to give a clear idea of what they would like without going up to everyone separately and asking for what presents they would like and so that they dont get double of the same presents. 3. JammieGeneration has focused on the problem of why this app needs to be created. Our main problem is duplication of presents. Without knowing it, presents can be bought twice handed to the receiver and having the embarrassment of telling one person that they do not wish to receive it because theyve already got the exact same present. This then causes embarrassment, complexity and now the trouble of trying to find something else with the same value for the buyer to find. The problem has happened to one team member, she describes how awkward it was to open a present she knew she already got. She didnt know how to say to the buyer how she already got this present. The matter was also made worse by the known value of the present. The way WishfulThinking works is that it focuses on that problem with lists which adapt to purchases and reservations. WishfulThinking 4. How can you avoid receiving/giving doubles of the same gift at a celebration? WishfulThinking 5. You can send lists of the things that you would like for Birthdays/Christmas/Weddings etc.. To the people that you know and they will receive the list and be able to tick off the things that they are going to decide to buy for the sender and see the things that have already been bought and ticked off by other friends of the sender so that the same thing is not brought twice! (The sender of the list will not be able to see what has been brought for them or by whom). WishfulThinking 6. Our team, JammieGeneration, is developing a mobile app to help people celebrating an event to give their friends and family an idea of what to get them for this celebration while stopping doubles of the same present being bought/received. Mini Elevator pitch WishfulThinking 7. What we have learnt about the people who would be using WishfulThinking is that they wouldnt mind paying for the app, however that they might have friends whom they would want to send the lists to that might not be keen on spending money on the app. So if we were to make the app cost money we would have to think carefully about prices, and came up with the solution that if the user is just receiving the lists that they should not have to pay for the app. We also learnt that users of the app would want to use this app on a variety of different formats as some of their friends and family might not have the same technology as them. And that they would want to send a text to all of their family and friends in there contacts advising them to download the app after they have so that they can use it efficiently with all their friends and family. So we thought that the app should have an optional automatic text sent to all the users contacts if so wished by the user of the app. WishfulThinking 8. The other app that is similar to ours is Amazon wish list. However our app, WishfulThinking is superior to Amazon wish list as our app can be used to list presents of any kind from anywhere whereas on Amazon the user can only choose products from the Amazon website. Also, it something is bought from the persons wish list that person will be able to see what has been bought for them and so the element of surprise is completely gone, whereas on WishfulThinking what has been bought from the list is hidden from the sender of the list so that the element of surprise is still there. WishfulThinking 9. WishfulThinking Wishful thinking is an app with a main purpose, the apps core feature is evolved around our main purpose. Our purpose is to stop duplication, this intending a feature to provide this action. The main feature is to click on what youve bought, involving the present to be taken of the list. this action is fast and simple. This main feature allows quick automatic changes, not preventing delays giving enough time for a present to be bought twice. 10. WishfulThinking Our app has solved a problem but has not stopped there. The way an app works is all well and good but how it performs and flows is something else. Wishful thinking has an very easy template which can be used for even the older audiences. The flow of our app is very simple. From one button to the next, with a back button and even a help button, you wont get confused or lost in the layout of our app. A home button is presented at all times and so is a help button, meaning if youve pressed a wrong button help is at hand. From doing a questionnaire from the public, it allows JammieGeneration to find improvements and positives and negatives of our app. Throughout the questionnaire the same answer was viewed highly; the apps prototype looks extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone, there are no faults to the flow of the apps layout. This positive look on the app shows that we've also concentrated on the physical layout and not just solving a problem. 11. WishfulThinking 12. WishfulThinking 13. WishfulThinking 14. Our App, WishfulThinking, relies on the sending of lists made by the sender to their chosen contacts. Sending those list via text would work based on the idea that the list isnt too long, however it would be much more convenient to send the longer lists either from one WishfulThinking app to another or via email as these would be better at holding a bigger file. WishfulThinking 15. WishfulThinking When designing an app you always need a second opinion. So, we set out to ask a variety of ages whom would want to invest in buying our app. There response was good, repeating that the layout was clear, gets straight to the point and saves a lot of time. As we asked a variety of ages it shows the app includes everyone, not just young adults. Thus showing the customer pledge included everyone, so, with three people of ages we had a large amount of responses to include, to whether change our app or get an idea and develop it further. The only thing we have developed on would be weddings. Weddings are taken place everyday, the amount of usage our app would get from a wedding would be astronomical. With this in mind we chose to develop wedding further as its a highlighted topic. When it comes to weddings we thought of connecting the app with big business, this is because weddings use big businesses to organise presents, seats, furniture, flowers etc. with this in mind it shows that our app could be used more efficient in the field. In doing this it will increase our business in gaining customers but always gaining customers for big businesses because our app is a more efficient way of working. 16. Our marketing activity is based on using social networks. To engage the audience in looking and purchasing our app to use, we have involved social media and emailing which a majority of people have and use. By using social media and emailing, our target audience has ranged considerably because most people have access to the internet allowing them to have social media and email. By using social media and emailing, this is a cost effective way to enhance the audience because it is free. Our app costs only for the person who has bought the app and is creating/sending the list. The people receiving the list will not be charge, only of course if they have bought the app to use for themselves, sending a list, creating a list. WishfulThinking 17. App Design Mock-up WishfulThinking Our app is about making dreams come true, so our app has a star to represent their dreams. The brain is significant because its shows that youre also thinking about other people`s dreams, so the brain was a simple significant way to display this. </p>