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This is our overall presentation of our app for the Apps for Good competition.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>iHomework By Caitlin, Katie and Sadiyah</p> <p>A title slide describing the name of the app, the team name and the names of team members and possibly a logo, if you have one alreadyiHomework Who? Students and teachers What? Students doing homeworkWhen? Anytime Where? Anywhere with internet connectionWhy? Students struggling with homework, need help off peers</p> <p>BackgroundWhat is the background situation you are addressing? Describe the context users are experiencing.</p> <p>Example: Buzzer Buddies: Who? Students What? Students are studying for exams When? 7am Where? Student dorm Why? Late night cramming, student likely to oversleep </p> <p>2You leave your homework to the last minute but then dont understand it and you have no one to get help from. Therefore you dont complete it and get a detention.Specific ProblemWhat specific problem do people encounter in that situation? Use the results from your user research</p> <p>Examples: Buzzer Buddies: your alarm does not work and you are thus late for: school, work, exams, doctor etc Transit: Many parents dont speak English and their children have to translate the feedback that a teacher provides. When the feedback is negative students mistranslate. Oyster on the Go: You dont remember how much money you have left on your pay-as-you-go Oyster card and run out of credit when you urgently need to get on a train Cattle Manager: You need to run backwards and forwards between the office and your cows, taking notes on paper and wasting time or loosing notes</p> <p>3 How can you get help with your homework when you dont have a peer or teacher to help at home?</p> <p>Core QuestionWhat core question are you addressing with the app? </p> <p>Examples: Buzzer Buddies: how can you avoid oversleeping? Transit: how can negative teacher feedback be translated accurately? Oyster on the Go: how can you be more aware of how much credit you still have on your Oyster card? Cattle Manager: how can you keep track of injections for your cows while you are out and about looking after them?</p> <p>4You need help with your homework, you ask one of your parents or brother/sister, they dont know the answers because they havent been in your class. You can contact one of your peers or a teacher who have been in that class learning the same thing.Key StatementUse your key insights statements from your findings during Scoping to provide evidence that your app is solving a genuine problem in a different way for users.</p> <p>Examples: Buzzer Buddies: you wake up to hit snooze/ switch off the alarm, but dont get up. Friends and family i.e. social pressure can help to push you to actually get out of bed. Transit: parent- teacher conferences are not open-ended conversations. You can map the key areas of negative feedback around attendance, behaviour, results etc. to bridge the conversation between parents and teachers. Oyster on the Go: Oyster travel data can already be accessed online, the key trick is to make it easily accessible on the go. Cattle Manager: You can keep a simple record of your actions on your phone</p> <p>Our team iHomework, are developing a mobile app to help students who are struggling with homework to access help through their peers and teachers through the use of social networking. </p> <p>Mini PitchTo introduce the judges to your team and the product, include your final min elevator pitch here.</p> <p>Example: - Buzzer Buddies: Our team, [Buzzer Buddies], is developing [a mobile app] to help [students] [who have studied late and are likely to oversleep because they hit snooze on their alarm clock] [to wake up on time with the help from friends and family]</p> <p>6Some of the things that I have learnt about my users are that they wouldnt be prepared to pay for this app, they would rather have it for free yet have Adverts. Some users said that if they were to pay for this app then they would pay 69p. They have also said that they think that it is a good idea and that they would definitely use it if it was on the market and would recommend it to other people. SummariseSummarise what you have learnt about your users. Remember, these profiles must be based on the real users you interviewed during scoping. </p> <p>One of the most popular apps on the market is HomeWork. It has a very high rating and is fairly similar to our app. However, this app doesnt fully solve the problem, it gives resources to help you with you homework but doesnt give you easy contact to peers and teachers. This app doesnt help you as much as our app can. Our app will help you get in contact with your peers and teachers for help. It does provide resources but it helps a lot more than the HomeWork'Apps on the MarketSummarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they dont fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.8Our app is completely focused around homework, but we feel that our app is a more appealing way of getting help with homework through social networking. Instead Of researching for hours on end, they can just simply check their updates or classes, and see who has completed the homework that they are stuck on. Then, they could message them and the other student could use the helpful tools and resources that we provide to explain it the best possible way they can. Students can organise their contacts into different classes if they wish to.Overview9</p> <p> Georgia is a 14 year old user of our app, she is really struggling with her homework and her parents cant help her, she goes on the iHomework app, looks through her contacts and sees that Katie has completed the homework. She contacts her and Katie uses the useful tools to explain it to her. Georgia can now successfully complete her homework. App UsersGive an overview of your apps core feature and your MVP user stories. Our app is designed to help you with your homework through social networking. By connecting you to your fellow students and teachers. It gives you other resources like calculators and whiteboards etc. you can make group chats with the people who are in your classes and ask them for help. You would know who to ask as you can set your statues to how you found the homework and it would let your peers know who to ask. You can make your own profile as well.</p> <p>FlowShow here what your MVP will look like in terms of flow and if/ how you have already integrated any user feedback.</p> <p>12</p> <p>Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your apps core feature.</p> <p>13</p> <p>Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your apps core feature.</p> <p>14</p> <p>Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your apps core feature.</p> <p>15Our app collects data of the homework's youve completed during the week and at the end of the week it makes pie charts and graphs to show you the weeks homeworks. You can share theses to Facebook and other social networking sites. This way it advertises our app for free.</p> <p>Data, Content and Technical FeasibilitySummarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well.16 We have planned to make our app free but include adverts of other apps. However, if we were planning to make people to pay then we would charge about 69p.Business ModelsExplain what business model you have chosen and why. How many customer pledges did you get? Did you have to change your plans to find customers that are willing to pay? One of the three main marketing activities we will do is to ask schools to start using it. This way the amount of users using it, will increase as well as that the school will have an increase of pupils finishing their homework on time and understanding it. Also, we are going to advertise it on other apps and advertise theirs on ours, that is if we are not charging to buy the app. Including, we could ask networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote it as we will promote theirs by letting students share things from our app on to the social networking sites.</p> <p>Three Marketing ActivitiesOutline the three core marketing activities you planned and how you are going to reach your specific users in a targeted, simple, social, scarce and cheap way.</p>