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<ul><li> 1. Buttons By Sam Kennion, George Tack &amp; Denis Mikhaylov </li></ul> <p> 2. Mini Elevator Pitch My team, Ctrl+Alt+Delete are developing an app for android to help anyone with a smartphone so they can manipulate any app on their smartphone (including settings etc), without needing to use their touch screen, or even unlock the phone, by using user-customisable sequences of hardware button presses, that they configure within our app, before using them. 3. Users with smashed screens Users with visual impairments Users who live or travel in high crime areas Users who find themselves in emergency situations. Users who want to use their phones as efficiently as possible Who and what - Anyone with a smartphone, but in particular: 4. Whilst running, cycling or other activities where removing your phone from your pocket is a hassle In emergency situations (e.g. car accidents) where speed is essential. (A user can contact 999 with a few simple button presses) At night in high crime areas where muggings and assaults can be a problem (allows the user to use their phone, without attracting the attention of any potential attackers) While using a bluetooth headset. Having to get your phone out defeats the point of having the headset in the first place. Where and When: Anywhere and whenever people can use phones, but in particular: 5. Efficiency and safety, there is no need to turn the screen on or even remove the device from a pocket Allows blind or Visually Impaired people to use popular smartphones far more easily Why: 6. Having to get your phone out in inconvenient or potentially dangerous situations Having to use a phone with a smashed screen. Using a mainstream smartphone with a visual impairment. The Problems 7. How do you make using your phone more efficient? 8. Key Insight: People have a fear of getting their valuable mobile devices out in high crime areas. Likewise they end up in situations where it just is not practical to do so (such as when jogging). In these situations people still want to make use of the services on their device. 9. User Profiles Jo Head (female, 26) - tennis coach Yeah, I would definitely use that, I would use less time sending default texts to parents. Craig Walker (male, 15) - student When I go running, it would be much easier to change song which would make the run more entertaining. Phoebe Hills (female, 15) - studentI would mainly use it for school trips when we are on the coach to change songs or during an emergency. 10. Competitors and Alternatives that already exist in the market The only current alternatives to our app are either an app named Tasker, or limited functions baked into some companies customised versions of android, or custom ROMs. 11. How our app is an improvement on these The baked functions are very limited, and are not user-customisable at all, but our app is. Tasker, whilst extremely functional, is also extremely difficult to understand for the average user, and requires lots of time to configure correctly, in contrast to our app, which would be very intuitive, making it easier to use and quicker to set up. 12. What we Learnt From Looking at Taskers Google Play Reviews 13. Essential for power users, beware of bad reviews from the clueless I've had tasker on every one of my Android devices since the first one (G1.) Essential for power users, root users and other control freaks. Beware of bad reviews from people who don't understand what it is or does. Automate anything. Better with root, but still useful without root. Confusing I'm convinced that this is the most powerful app I own, yet every time I try to configure it, it manages to confuse me within seconds and I give up Too complex. Still can't master it. This after a month trying. We MUST make it accessible and easy to use for all users 14. Uses potential users suggested for the app: Enabling a torch app without having to blind themselves with their screen first Using the power button as a camera button Using other buttons to perform the function of a broken one. Quickly accepting or declining calls Sending preset texts to parents Skipping tracks or adding them to favourites in a music player 15. Flow of app 16. Initial Set Up (upon first opening app) 17. Sequence Creation 1 18. Sequence Creation 2 19. Sequence Creation 3 20. Feasibility Data: Easily feasible. Requires no external data to function properly. Can work offline. Content: The only content would be the preset functions, and this would be easy to implement Technical: Could be difficult to implement without direct support from google or without having a requirement for the phone to be rooted. 21. Business Case Would be supported using in app banner advertising, as it is fairly unobtrusive, but would provide a regular source of income. A yearly ad free subscription option at a cost of around 0.50 a month would also be available 22. Marketing Strategy Would be marketed mainly through word of mouth and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter pages, and potentially online developer forums such as XDA. These would be the best value for money, if not the fastest. 23. Wildcard We presented our idea to a marketing expert via Skype and were told we were onto a winner. He also helped us develop our app to also target the visually impaired. </p>