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Fife College, Namjar, Apps for Good Presentation


<ul><li> 1. * By Natasha Drummond, Michael Ross and Jacek Lewandowski [This is a template. Place all the text in the template before you submit. Add images, change colours and create an inspiring presentation. Dont just fill in this template!] </li></ul> <p> 2. Food and activity lovers everywhere People looking for places of interest Anytime Fife Looking for places to visit or places to eat 3. Time to spend searching for things, location could be a problem, some form of transport if far away, dont always carry a phone 4. How to speed up the process of searching for places while on the go? 5. Provides useful information mapping and is easily accessed on the go. Can keep a record of your favourite places to eat or go 6. [Mini Elevator Pitch] My team, Namjar, is developing Factivity to help everyone to easily find all the information in one place. 7. We have learned that everyone male and female currently download apps regularly to their smartphone but we have found that no apps are available like our and everyone who we asked would use this. 8. There is already a few apps based similar to our food part but these apps are either not available in our area or limited numbers use the app. Ours will be better because it offers both service's in one. 9. Our core feature is that the user will be able to look for either places to eat or things to do in Fife. Our MVP is always eating out with friends and on the go and this would be convent for them as it is easily accessed to look for new and interesting places on the spot. 10. The apps seems although this app would be popular because the majority likes to eat or do activities and everyone said they would use this app. 11. We will use 3G for access to location of phone, 3G will be used for mapping and directions and area of places and general content. We will contact Google maps to see if this option are available 12. We will use small advertisements in order to pay for the app, the app will be free to use. Everyone we asked said they would use this app. 13. Using social media to advertise our app, printing stickers or poster to be placed on facilities windows. </p>