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  • 1.Local League App By [Mark Smith, Matthew Robinson]

2. Who? - Local League App What? - Anyone interested in Sports When - Any time Where? - Your choice of location Why? - Because the population in percentage of the country who plays sport is dropping yearly, this is due to the availability of sports in Local communities 3. Problems As the years go by, more and more people are finding it more entertaining to sit down and play games on their computer/console. This is becoming a major problem as people are spending hours on end just sitting there playing games and eating food, this can cause the person to over time become less energetic, gain weight and have problems with their organs. To counter this, we designed an app that specifically targets people who spend too much time connected to the internet and their phone. 4. The question for our app: How can we get local communities more involved in sport? We do this by letting the users make or join local teams and get together for a fun time playing sports that they enjoy. The team creation system will allow people to join a sport that they enjoy and arrange meetups to play. The chat system will allow team members to chat to each other with more than two people 5. Key insight statement The nation is becoming more and more inactive because they are finding it harder to play the sports they actually like and find mutual interests with people in the community. Having a base to set up groups within the community 6. [Mini Elevator Pitch] My team, [team name], is developing [platform] to help [target audience] [solve a problem] [with secret sauce] 7. When getting feedback on our app we learnt the following things about our users: They thought the interface was easy to use They liked the basic colour scheme They want more images on the app 8. [Competitors or alternative solutions] [That already exist in the market] When we searched for them we didnt find any. 9. MVP user stories and feature chosen Our core feature is that the fact you can create and join teams with the option of team and individual user profiles for forms of contact. Our MVP will have the basic features of being able to create and join teams/leagues and have basic profiles with details of the user shown on there page and they have to contact them there own way. 10. Flow of app & user feedback integrated The app flows well with multiple links and navigation around the site making it easy to use. We have integrated some user feedback we got on the apps: Added Profiles Changed the colour scheme to something brighter Added the feature to be able to log in through social media sites 11. This is the loading screen for the app. It shows the app name at the top in an Orange colour. The logo at the bottom in a Blue colour The loading symbol is a circle much like the loading symbol on the Android OS Finally, there is a picture of a sport in the middle Wireframe 1 12. This was the first iteration of the home screen. Over time I have added and deleted features from the home screen but the overall layout has stayed the same. I have the title of the page at the very top and just under that I have the navigation bar, these have stayed the same but are a different colour. The Search for a Team function has stayed the same, the only thing different is there isnt a Search button. After you choose a criteria for the Combobox it searches automatically. The map at the bottom of the has also stayed the same, it will show you your current location as well as also showing you directions to where you need to go for the meetup. Below the map I have added a Sign/Sign up page which will allow you to do just that. If you dont have an account you can easily make one and if you do have an account you can easily log in. Wireframe 2 13. This is the chat system. It is primarily based of off other chat system that are well known. You can chat to individual people whenever you want as long as you and the person are logged in to the app. You can also have a team wide chat where everyone in your team can chat at once. Wireframe 3 14. This is the Music and Video page. On here you can search for YouTube videos which will play just like the official YouTube app but when you lock your screen the video will still play if its music, you will get a notification when you press the lock button if you want the YouTube video to keep playing or not. Otherwise your phone will stay awake until the video has stopped. Later on we will add a music section to the page will have a Spotify plugin which will allow you to play all your music that is on Spotify directly from the page, there will also be a music player plugin which takes all the music you have saved on your phone and plays that as well. Wireframe 4 15. Feasibility Our app is very feasible and not that difficult to make. Data, content, technical We will need to create a database for the users details and that the teams created and leagues need to be stored. There will need to be some technical knowledge used to create the app. This would be within the coding. 16. Business Case & Customer pledges Our business model is that the app will be free and that there will be in app advertisements and a possible store at a later date. We told all of our potential customers that the app would be free. There is no barriers to entry either with our app since there is no risk in downloading the app which is great for potential users who dont want to take a risk. 17. Our three core marketing activities that we planned are: Showing a 60 second video of how the app works. Creating adverts Pitch the idea to app reviewers 60 second video This video will tell how the app works and the most used features of it. Adverts Creating adverts can help to promote our app if we were to ask well known app companies to place them within their apps, this would cost us but in the long run we could potentially make a profit due to the amount of people tapping on it. If we pay 4 to advertise on an app each week that 3 million people using the app daily then we could earn back a lot more than we spend on it. We could also ask popular social media websites to promote us by placing adverts within their websites. Pitching our idea Reviewers are the sole reason quite a lot of people download apps even if theyre free. We can ask popular reviewers to test our app and post a review on their website or blog, if this review is highly rated the chances are more people will consider downloading it. 18. Anything else you want to share? We worked closely with app experts who have their own small company called Ignito. The experts helped us to create databases, get a fully functioning Google Maps and gave us critical information and tips that will enhance our app and make it linked with social media websites.