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This is the Apps for Good presentation by Apollo Apps, Runshaw College.


  • 1. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 2. Apollo Apps - ICEAid Who? Anyone with a smartphone. What? People with or without a medical condition. When? When (if) something happens to the user. Where? Wherever the user is at the time of the incident. Why? A smartphone isnt as easily lost as a medical bracelet and the user, always has it with them. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 You are commuting, travelling, or on holiday, you are the first responder and see someone lying in the street and you are the first person to approach them, but you have no First Aid training. You have collapsed in the street, and other pedestrians need to be able to tell the paramedics what conditions you may have, or medications you may be taking when they call 999.
  • 3. 1. What app can we create which will compliment the medical bracelet which is easily lost? 2. What app can we create to allow smartphone users to tell the paramedics of any conditions the patient has, or medications the patient may take if something has happened to them? 3. What app can we create which will help people administer basic first aid on the spot? @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 4. People who have a medical condition currently try to use a medical bracelet, this solution does not work because they are easy to lose and can be costly to replace. Along with this, they do not contain enough information. Our key insight is that people need an app on their phones which allows them to be able to input what medical conditions they have and what medication they are currently taking - this will give paramedics a better insight to the health of the patient and will allow users access to more detail than a medical bracelet. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 5. We are developing an application, ICEAid, to help the general public with their own health and safety whilst out and about. The app allows users to input what medical conditions they suffer from, if any, and any medications they take, if they do. ICEAid is also designed to compliment the existing, yet expensive, medical bracelets which are easily lost. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 6. When conducting user interviews to obtain a profile, all of the interviewees said they would use the app and did think it was a good idea to bring to a smartphone. A comment an interviewee made was that the app gives people confidence to help, which one goal we wanted to achieve. Many of the users we had spoken to said, they would like to see a Signs to look out for page/Symptom Checker. This is something we like the idea of, and we will consider to see whether or not this is possible. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 7. A brilliant new app. DG (Name withheld due to public slideshow) Study Support Tutor About D: Study Support Tutor at Runshaw College Leyland D is happy with the application we have shown her. She said she would access the app in the circumstances of the app being needed. Has a Medical Bracelet due to being Diabetic. MG (Name withheld due to public slideshow) Medical Emergency Dispatcher About M: Medical Emergency Dispatcher in the NHS Buckshaw M was impressed with the application we have shown her. As M is a Medical Dispatcher, and has First Aid experience, she said there should be a recovery position page on the app. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 8. While conducting research for our app, to see whether or not there were any apps already available on the Apple or Android Store, we did find many apps with some of the same features as what we were using, however, some asked for personal information about the emergency contacts which would not be relevant in an emergency situation. The layout of some of the apps would make it harder for the user to navigate and overall some did look a little 'out dated'. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 9. The main feature of this app is to allow users to input what medical conditions they may suffer from and what medications they may be taking at the time. Accompanied by this information would be general information about the patient, like their name, age and allergies. This app will have ICE Contacts, to allow their friends and family to be contacted in an Emergency. We have included other features such as a First Aid Guide, and a nearest Hospital Locator. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 10. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 11. We conducted an online survey and sent them to those we knew and published them to our personal and group Facebook and Twitter accounts. We managed to have our survey reach over 170 people. The research results we have collected, have allowed us to ensure what we are doing with our app is going to maximise the amount of people who are potential users. Although 73% of our respondents do not have a medical condition, they would still be a user of the app as they could be a First Responder, and use the First Aid Guide. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 12. 40% 7% 48% 5% Do you own a smartphone and/or a tablet? Yes - I only own a smartphone Yes - I only own a tablet Yes - I own both a smartphone and a tablet No - I do not own either Our research into what device users have, shows our app would be reaching a wider audience. With tablets, a normal phone app can be used on it, which will allow us to reach to an extra 7%, of whom only have a tablet. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 13. The research, to see if people would use and suggest this app does show majority of people would spread the word and have a copy of it for themselves. The more downloads our app has, the more popular it will be on the App Stores, and more users will see it. 92% 8% Would you use/suggest this app? Yes No @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 14. One of the most important parts of the research, was to find out what people would want to pay. We are pleased to see majority, (66% combined), would pay from Free to 2. 39% 27% 19% 4% 5% 6% How much would you pay? 1 or under 1.01 - 2 2.01 - 3 3.01 - 4 4.01 - 5 5 and above @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014
  • 15. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 Homepage Lock Screen My Information Hospital Locator SOS Text Sender Add New Condition First Aid Guide Please see Our Prototype slide about this lock screen.
  • 16. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 SOS Message First Aid Guide About Me Hospital Locator Home screens (Old) (Current)
  • 17. The Key Wireframe 3 is our final application layout. The first screen the owner will see is a login screen where they need to input a password which they have set. This will allow them to edit the data about themselves. After logging in or using the Emergency Access button, they will come to a menu screen. The owner or first responder will be able to see any details the owner has input into the app, for paramedics to see. The image to the right is the lock screen, it has an ICE Help bypass. This allows first responders to be able to have access to the medical information the patient has input into the app, without having to know the passcode of the phone. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 Lock Screen To use our prototype app login screen, use the password as password. You will need to enter any text in the email box.
  • 18. @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 @ApolloApps2014 /ApolloApps2014 Within this app, we do require information on the NHS Hospitals in the UK. We have researched and