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<ul><li><p>Issue</p><p> 33 </p><p>/ Ju</p><p>ne 2</p><p>016</p><p> Insidet h i s i s s u e</p><p>Puzzle Page &amp; Brain Training page 22</p><p>Club Spotlight on Hereward Harmonypage 44</p><p>A word from your local MPpage 6</p><p>SUMMER GARDENING </p><p>TIPSPage 19</p><p>Your favour i te f ree community magazine del ivered to your door</p></li><li><p>2 D I S C O V E R I N G March | June 2016 </p><p>Claire Saberton - Publisher 01778 421427 | 07837 499061 |</p><p>Becky Daines - Sales Executive07950 369814 |</p><p>Andy Armstrong - Op. Director | 01733 200609 | 077809 22214 </p><p>Becky Kane - Editor |</p><p>John Schwarz - Group Editor | Neil Foster - Photographer</p><p>Design - Vinny Clark | Emma Gunner | Sarah Gumbley | Rob Harradine</p><p>Discovering March is published by a local team and is not associated with any other business. Care is taken to ensure that the content and information is correct, however we cannot take any responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by any errors. Permission must be granted to reproduce, copy or scan anything from this publication. For a copy of our contributors guidelines please email</p><p>Welcome to our June edition...</p><p>With thanks to...Jennifer Lawler, Eamonn Dorling, Eileen Le Voi, Fraser Dawbarns, Dack Pearson Solicitors, March and District Museum, March Podiatry, The Light Cinema, Trevor Bevis, Skylark, Hay Hampers and Steve Barclay and Ellis Winters.</p><p>The copy deadline for the June issue of Discovering March is 6th June, please email look forward to hearing from you!</p><p>5 Recipe Bruschetta6 A word from your local MP Steve Barclay</p><p>9-10 Community Matters12 Consumer Advice14 Property page The EU Referendum</p><p>16 Museum Frederick Norman follow up</p><p>19 Gardening22 Puzzle page24 History of March 26 Famous Days in June28 Legal Corner 30 March in the Past - June32 Health Summer ready feet</p><p>34-36 Event Diary Whats happening in and around </p><p> March</p><p>38 Finance - The EU Debate41 Legal Corner 42 Film New Releases this Month</p><p>44 Club Spotlight 45-46 Directory47 The Queens Birthday</p><p>We have got some great summer gardening tips in this month along with some great historical pieces, make the most of the weather and get yourself down to March Quality Meats who make over 40 varieties of sausages on the premises!</p><p>It has been a very busy month here at Discovering Magazines HQ and with sunshine ahead it is only going to get busier. On that note, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the contributors and </p><p>advertisers who have sent their features and copy in early this month (so that I can enjoy a much needed honeymoon) and a huge thank you to the team behind Discovering March who all worked super hard to get everything to print early so that I could have a (slightly more) stress free wedding day!</p><p>Becky</p><p>Summer is finally arriving, well for the odd day here and there at least but that means that the social season has arrived. As well as March Summer Festival there will be plenty of goings on in and around March, from fetes to festivals there is something for everyone. Dont forget to take a look at the Event Diary for some inspiration and keep an eye out on our Facebook page as we </p><p>often have last minute event updates on there too.</p><p>Claire</p><p>Cover photo is taken by Discovering March reader: Sandra Mortlock</p></li><li><p> June 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G March 3</p><p>With thanks to...Georgessteak house</p><p>61 HIGH STREET MARCH PE15 9JJ BOOKING: 01354 650551EMAIL:</p><p>LIKE US ON FACEBOOK OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATIONLIKE US ON FACEBOOK OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE</p><p>Georges-March Georges March Georges</p><p></p><p>Coming up in July: 2ND - THEM NERVES 9TH - LIZZY ON THE LOOSE 16TH - TALLAWAH 23RD - GANGSTERS 30TH - DERECHO</p><p>coming up in JuneJuneJune</p><p>04</p><p>June</p><p>11</p><p>June</p><p>18</p><p>June</p><p>25</p><p>Thirsty Thursday</p><p>GEORGES STEAKSELECTION</p><p> T-bone 14 oz Steak Rib Eye 8 oz Steak Sirloin 8 oz Steak 6oz Rump Steak</p><p>- Cooked for you served on slate or plate</p><p>BY AN ACT OF PARLIAMENTGeorges stays open until 1am during the Queensbirthday celebrations</p><p>Post Summer</p><p>Festival Partyat Georges9pm - 1am</p><p>M A R C HM A R C H</p><p>10,11 &amp; 12 JUNE 2016</p><p>SUMMERSUMMER</p><p>F E S T I VA LF E S T I VA L</p><p>10,11 &amp; 12 JUNE 2016</p><p>STARTS AT 7PM EVERY THURSDAY</p><p>GunsABBA</p><p>&amp;</p><p>GIRLS EVENING OUTGIRLS EAT FOR FREE !!</p><p>KARAOKE &amp;TAPAS EVENING</p><p>Georges A5 flyer 16 06_Layout 1 03/05/2016 09:21 Page 1</p></li><li><p>4 D I S C O V E R I N G March | June 2016 </p><p>PURPLE DIAMONDCHINESE RESTAURANT WITH TAKE AWAY</p><p>children aged 6-12 years 8.50 </p><p>Friday - Saturday + bank holidays 17 per adult &amp; children aged 6-12 8.50</p><p>closed on wednesdays</p><p>31 Station Rd, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 8LE</p><p>01354 661333</p><p>DONT MISS OUR EAT IN BUFFET</p><p>16.00per head</p><p>only6 DAYS A WEEKSOUP | STARTER | SECOND COURSE | MAIN</p><p>Any party or Business party welcome!</p><p>HOM</p><p>E DEL</p><p>IVER</p><p>Y </p><p>SERVIC</p><p>E</p><p>SUNDAY SPECIAL OFFER BUFFET </p><p>13 per person | 5 per child</p></li><li><p> June 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G March 5</p><p>PURPLE DIAMONDCHINESE RESTAURANT WITH TAKE AWAY</p><p>children aged 6-12 years 8.50 </p><p>Friday - Saturday + bank holidays 17 per adult &amp; children aged 6-12 8.50</p><p>closed on wednesdays</p><p>31 Station Rd, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 8LE</p><p>01354 661333</p><p>DONT MISS OUR EAT IN BUFFET</p><p>16.00per head</p><p>only6 DAYS A WEEKSOUP | STARTER | SECOND COURSE | MAIN</p><p>Any party or Business party welcome!</p><p>HOM</p><p>E DEL</p><p>IVER</p><p>Y </p><p>SERVIC</p><p>E</p><p>SUNDAY SPECIAL OFFER BUFFET </p><p>13 per person | 5 per child</p><p>June 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G Whittlesea 5</p><p>| A word from. . .</p><p>Method Pre-heat the oven to 240C / 475F / Gas Mark 9.</p><p> Quarter the tomatoes, remove the seeds and chop.</p><p> Remove the basil leaves from the stem. Set a fewaside for garnishing. Coarsely chop the rest.</p><p> Mix the basil leaves with the tomatoes, seasonwith salt and pepper to taste.</p><p> Lay the bread slices on an oven rack and toastuntil golden brown.</p><p> Peel the garlic and slice the cloves in half.</p><p> Rub the hot bread slices with garlic, place sometomatoes on the top of each slice and drizzle witholive oil. Garnish with the reserved basil leavesand serve.</p><p>VESUVIOADVERT</p><p>| Recipe</p><p>BruschettaIngredients2 Garlic Cloves</p><p>3 Ripe Tomatoes2 Basil Sprigs</p><p>8 Slices Pane Casareccio(Homemade Bread)2-3 Tbsp Extra VirginOlive Oil</p><p>Salt</p><p>A simple, tasty and healthy summer recipe</p><p>for a classic Italian antipasti...</p><p>Recipe provided by Hay Hampers, for more information and recipes visit</p><p>If you have a favourite recipe that you would like to share with other Discovering March readers please email it to us at </p><p>Don't forget to include a high res image of the final product too!</p></li><li><p>6 D I S C O V E R I N G March | June 2016 </p><p>To find out more about my work in Parliament and campaigns locally, or to let me know your views, please visit my website at </p><p>Alternatively you can follow me on @stevebarclaymp or on /stevebarclaymp</p><p> | Words from Steve Barclay, our M.P. </p><p>Feedback from local head teachers suggested that our community should focus more on improving literacy of children and even adults, if we are going to unlock the undoubted potential that they have. I have therefore been working with the Bishop of Ely, local schools and the local press as to how we can raise the profile of literacy, in order to deliver the benefits that a love of reading instills. Many children fail to make progress during the summer holiday, when they are out of school. So, together with the Reading Agency, I am launching a community initiative to give every Year 4 pupil in our thirty-four primary schools their own book to cherish and read over the summer, together with a library membership slip, enabling them to complete the Reading Agencys Summer Reading Challenge. Their parents can also complete the Reading Ahead challenge, which involves reading a number of short books over the summer, qualifying them for a prize. The aim of the community initiative is to build on what many people do at Christmas, when they buy an extra present for those who may not be visited by Father Christmas. On this occasion, we are encouraging those buying a book for their summer holidays, even if not planning to go away, to buy an extra childrens book, so that we can give all children, without means testing, a new book.</p><p>So what do we want from you? We would like you to visit my website below, pick a book from the list, purchase it and deliver it to my office (either set it as the delivery address or pop in with the book). You can even pick which school will receive your donation; simply enter my office as a delivery address, but replace my name with the school name. For adults, local libraries will also be running the Reading Ahead challenge, which they can complete alongside their children and involves reading six short books and magazines, which will help those who have got out the habit of reading, or simply do not have time to read.I hope that constituents will join the Bishop of Ely, local head teachers and above all students, to enable some children to own their very first book and, for others, the excitement of having something new to read over the summer. 1,215 books will allow us to give every child in Year 4 a new book and, should we receive more, we will be able to roll it out to further year groups. For those who wish to take part, please see my website for further details, the list of books we wish to be donated and where to deliver your donations</p></li><li><p> June 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G March 7</p><p>4 Hill View Ind Est. Eastwood End. Wimblington PE15 0PU</p><p>Tel: 01354 279379 Email:</p><p>Sovereign Improvements</p><p>ConservatoriesUPVC Windows &amp; doorsComposite doorsFascia, Soffits, &amp; guttering</p><p>WE D</p><p>ONT </p><p>SELL</p><p>WE L</p><p>ET YO</p><p>U BU</p><p>Y!</p><p>Local &amp; Friendly Pressure Sales Obligation quotes Insurance Backed GuaranteeNo No 10 years</p><p>For your FREE brochure</p><p>01476</p><p>Some days the freezer is far enough to go for something tasty to eat.</p><p>Chicken &amp; Vegetable Casserole 2.95</p><p>Choose from over 300 tasty recipes. Order what you want. No-contract. No-commitment. Delivered free.</p><p>THE GABLES</p><p> Rooms from 550 per week</p><p> Single En Suite Bedrooms </p><p> Permanent, Respite and </p><p>Holiday Care Chiropody </p><p>and Hairdressing in </p><p>the Town Centre</p><p> Individual Centred Care </p><p> Home Cooked Meals </p><p> Daily Activity </p><p> Flat Screen TV in </p><p>Every Bedroom</p><p>1 East Park Street, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6LA</p><p>Telephone 01354</p><p></p><p>THE GABLESCARE HOME</p></li><li><p>8 D I S C O V E R I N G March | June 2016 </p><p>NEW RANGE OF TASTY SAUSAGES NOW AVAILABLE!OVE</p><p>R 40 V</p><p>ARIET</p><p>YS</p><p>MADE IN HOUSE</p><p>01354 653156MON-SAT: 7am-5pm | SUN: 8am-1pm</p><p>March Quality Meats, 27-29 High Street, March, Cambs PE15 9JA</p><p> marchquality.meats</p></li><li><p> June 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G March 9</p><p>We bring you items of interest for your home and community. If there is something youd like us to cover or you have something to say please get in touch at:</p><p>Discovering March, Benwick Road Ind. Est, Benwick Road, Whittlesey, PE7 2HD</p><p> REPORT: Much Better but Work Still to be DoneBurrowmoor Primary School has received encouraging feedback from Ofsted following a recent visit. Inspectors reported that leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures. Teaching at Burrowmoor was praised in the report, with inspectors stating that teachers were demonstrating a resilient determination to improve, and teaching and the use of assessment in the early years has strengthened. Inspectors also noted the positive attitudes of the schools considerate children, stating that they try hard to complete their work and are eager to do well.</p><p>Interim Headteacher, Anne McCarthy, was also praised in the report, with inspectors stating that she had strengthened leadership considerably and led important changes to the culture of the school. Mrs McCarthy said: I am pleased that the schools hard work and commitment to improve has been recognised in the report. The school community are determined to improve the school further and journey towards being outstanding.</p><p>Burrowmoor is an Active Learning Trust school, and Trust CEO, Gary Peile, praised the senior leadership team at the school. I am pleased that the inspection letter highlights the improvements at Burrowmoor and I want to thank Anne [McCarthy], Jason [Wing] (executive head) and the team for taking forward the changes highlighted by Her Majestys Inspector. The Trust and the school know there remains work to do and will continue to support all staff to ensure pupils get the very best opportunities in their time at Burrowmoor. </p><p>Burrowmoor was entered into special measure following an Ofsted inspection in March 2015.</p><p>DRAGON HUNT COMPETITION WINNER </p><p>ALFIE &amp; MAX GARDNER </p><p>MEDICAL DETECTION DOGSMedical Detection Dogs is a charity that trains dogs to detect cancer, and also helps people who have potentially life-threatening illnesses to lead normal lives. </p><p>The charity organises Canter for a Cure, a sponsored horse ride (and very much a fun day out) to raise money for its work in cancer detection, featuring riders and their horses bedecked in pink. Up until now, this event has only been held at an Equestrian Centre close to the charitys training centre at Milton Keynes. The charity had the idea of holding similar events elsewhere, to relieve the oversubscribed Milton Keynes event, and enable more people to take part. Following a chance discussion with an employee at Burghley House, Stamford, the charity was delighted to be invited to hold their sponsored ride there, and registration is now open.</p><p>Canter for a Cure at Burghley will take place on Sunday July 17th, comprising a six-mile sponsored ride, beginning at 10am. Numbers are limited, so early registration is advised. The charity would welcome volunteers to help out on the day, or to assist in its general work by fostering puppies in training. More information on the event, as well as the work of the charity, can be found at</p></li><li><p>10 D I S C O V E R I N G March | June 2016 </p><p> | Community news</p><p> | T: 01733 325 5661A-1B Mancetter Square, Lincoln Road, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 6BX </p><p>(FREE CUSTOMER PARKING)Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm. Sun 11am to 4pm.</p><p>MARCH PUPILS HOPING FOR NATIONAL THEATRE PERFORMANCEStudents at Neale-Wade Academy in March are crossing their fingers after performing their school production, What Are They Like? at the Palace Theatre in Norwich.</p><p>The performance, carried out by a cast of twelve students from years 9 to 13, was watched by a judge who will decide whether the school will have the opportunity to perform the play at the Na...</p></li></ul>