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<ul><li><p>A close up look at Bourne Deeping Hockey Club!</p><p>NEW!</p><p>Discovering all that is local to you - news, events and services</p><p>and the surrounding villages</p><p>WinA hand-made Chocolate Hen for Easter!</p><p>BourneDiscovering Issue 7 / March 2012</p><p> AD SPACE</p><p>Inside this issue</p><p>MoneySavingTips! </p></li><li><p>2 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 3 </p></li><li><p>4 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p><p> hat a lovely month March is. The beginning of spring in the air, daffodils in the garden and lots of other bulbs peeping through. On Sunday March 18th its Mothers Day, but this year I wont be lunching at any of Bournes lovely eating places as my children are cooking me a meal! </p><p>You might notice a symbol that says Local Business Support Your Town on some of our adverts. This shows that the advertiser is local to Bourne and to show your support and keep local businesses thriving use them! Without local shops and businesses we wouldnt have the town we have. The benefits of local businesses are that they adapt and listen to what products and services are wanted in our area. Also, we dont have to travel far to the shops when we have everything on our doorstep.</p><p>New this month is my round-up of Money Saving Tips and the first in our new series focussing on Bournes many different clubs. If you would like to be featured contact me on with Spotlight on Clubs in the subject heading.</p><p>Finally as we are now delivering more magazines we need more distributors. If you have a few hours free once a month please call Andrew Armstrong on 07780 922214 or email</p><p>In the meantime, enjoy the magazine and remember to keep it on your coffee table or kitchen side in case you need any of those handy numbers!</p><p> Editor Sally Hunt Website Operations Director Andrew Armstrong Sales Director Dawn King Accounts Wendy Chapman Page Design Natasha Shiels ContributorsHelen Powell PC Nick Smith Rex NeedleJo SunnerBranch BrosStewart DacreLee Morley Waterside Garden CentreSarah WalkerTaff Lovesey</p><p>How to contact us...To advertise your business: Dawn King 07982 suggest a story or contact the editor: Sally Hunt 07933 deliveries/distribution: Andrew Armstrong01778 343020 | 07780</p><p>Discovering Bourne is published by a local team and is not associated with any other business. Care is taken to ensure that the content and information is correct, however we cannot take any responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by any errors. Permission must be granted to reproduce, copy or scan anything from this publication. For a copy of our contributors guidelines please email</p><p>Sally</p><p>W</p><p>Thank you to our contributors and advertisers, without whom this </p><p>publication could not be possible. </p><p>Welcome...</p><p>Sally Hunt, Editor</p><p>BourneDiscovering </p><p>Front page picture by Lee Morley</p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 5 </p><p> Editor Sally Hunt Website Operations Director Andrew Armstrong Sales Director Dawn King Accounts Wendy Chapman Page Design Natasha Shiels ContributorsHelen Powell PC Nick Smith Rex NeedleJo SunnerBranch BrosStewart DacreLee Morley Waterside Garden CentreSarah WalkerTaff Lovesey</p><p>To advertise your business: Dawn King 07982 suggest a story or contact the editor: Sally Hunt 07933 deliveries/distribution: Andrew Armstrong01778 343020 | 07780</p><p>BourneDiscovering Restaurant Review</p><p>The Angel Hotel, Bourne he restaurant area was very comfortable and relaxed, with the dcor being very contemporary.There was a fine selection of varied meals on the newly compiled menu and good choice of wine to go with them.For starters, Dawn decided on the Calamari Rings with Mango Relish and Andy opted for the Belly of Pork. The rose house wine was Ivenio Zinfandel Rose, for a house wine a good quality. Andy had a Carlsberg lager.Both meals were served on very contemporary dinnerware. The Belly of Pork was cut into bite sized chunks and was sitting on a bed of noodles. This was very much a Chinese theme, with the pork having been marinated in.. was so very succulent and tasty with the noodles complimenting the dish perfectly. Dawn enjoyed the Calamari rings with a lovely light batter and gorgeous mango relish, very tasty!For the main course, Dawn chose the rump steak from the specials together with handmade thick cut chips which were delicious and cooked just right. Andy chose the chicken breast with brie </p><p>and cranberry wrapped in pancetta, two well sized pieces served on a layer of creamy mashed potato both with a selection of fresh locally supplied (within the town centre) vegetables to the side.Following the first two courses, which were generous enough we were offered the sweet menu, but with what was on offer for dessert it was too tempting not to miss. Dawn opted for the sorbet with fresh fruit and Andy chose the warm chocolate brownie served with ice cream, which was irresistible to taste and well complimented with the accompanied pieces of fresh fruit served with it.The Angel is open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday 12-2pm and 12-3pm Sundays Dinner Wednesday to Saturday 6pm onwards. 2 courses 11.95 and 3 courses for 15.95 which is good value for money and good quality. There are facilities for disabled users, please advise beforehand.</p><p>Our choices were mouth watering and we would definitely recommend The Angel to anyone that is looking for something special and memorable...we would both come back again for sure!</p><p>We visited the famous local hotel and restaurant in the town centre for an evening meal.</p><p>T</p></li><li><p>6 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p><p>A word from Deputy Mayor</p><p>Helen Powell ello to everyone, spring is on its way, and all the gorgeous flowers. I hope you have been coping well through the winter. Thank goodness it hasnt been as bad as last year. The gardens are already showing signs of fighting back. You cant beat a riot of colour when the sun is shining.</p><p>We hope to have the town swinging by the summer and have the drains in West Street sorted by then and the high street full of hanging baskets. We really need to pull out all the stops this summer as we are going to have thousands of visitors for the many different celebrations, lets make their visit something to remember and hopefully entice some of them back again and again.</p><p>As well as the things I mentioned in my last article, of course we also have the Olympic Torch coming through the town.</p><p>We also have an ABBA tribute band, (Planet Abba) as part of the celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. On Monday June 4th, 8 pm to 10pm. The concert is being sponsored by some very kind and generous local residents and businessmen and women. Bournes Round Table has given over the stage in a large marquee on the Well Head fields for them to perform the concert free for the residents. During their performance they will also host a local Fancy Dress competition for all those who want to dress like Abba for the evening. There will be three categories 1-12 years, 13-18yrs and 18yrs and above so plenty of time to start planning your outfit! Let me find those satin trousers and platform boots mmmm!</p><p>Other exciting news: following on from my last article, I am in the process of collating all the information for a beautiful Victorian Bandstand. I have been sourcing the materials, trades people, master craftsmen and designers. All local. All this information will be presented to Bourne United Charities once I have all the information required. I am looking for some sponsorship please. This would be a permanent fixture for Bournes people and visitors to enjoy for years to come.</p><p>I would like to ask the Trustees if we could be allowed to build the Bandstand in the Memorial Gardens ready for the celebrations for this summer and to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, for the use of all the townspeople. Every year we have marvellous Brass Bands come to visit us and play wonderful concerts, but the summer rain always spoils these when it arrives at the wrong time.Have a good time planning and getting ready for these very special celebrations. See you all there dressed up to have some fun.</p><p>H</p><p>If anyone would like to offer sponsorship for the Bandstand or contact Helen about any issues mentioned in this column please email her at the subject heading Helen Powell.</p><p>How to get in touchKindest regards Helen Powell</p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 7 </p></li><li><p>8 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p><p>PostbagIf you have any news, views or issues youd like to share write to us at: Postbag, Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX or email</p><p>There are three things I love equally best about Discovering Bourne ....Firstly, reading about the community news and events in and around our lovely town.Secondly, reading about all the money-saving offers that our local retailers are offering.Thirdly, the opportunity to enter fantastic competitions!David Haycox, Bourne.</p><p>Thanks to Discovering Bourne I have saved myself loads of money on buying office software for my computer. I downloaded OpenOffice for free after reading the article by Taff Lovesey in the February issue. I followed the instructions exactly as he said, with Discovering Bourne next to me and the whole download was simple. I am looking forward to reading Taffs next article! Caroline Kendall</p><p>At the Morton Crossroads its hard for people and children to cross from Hanthorpe to the shop side and vice versa . What I think would be a good idea is a mini roundabout at the crossroads that will help cars from Hanthorpe and Morton entering the main road as well. Also a Pelican Crossing north of the crossroads before garage.Oh and 30mph Coming from Morton side up to the crossroads so the old pub is on the right, the lamp post on the corner of near the pub needs moving.David Spencer</p><p>CorrectionThe Dimension Park committee is not connected to Bourne Town Council as stated in Postbag in our January issue. The mistake arose as the letter was emailed from a member of the committee who works at the Town Council.</p><p>WIN! A fabulous Chocolate Hen! aster wouldnt be complete without chocolate and Discovering Bourne has an amazing hand-made chocolate hen from Hansens Chocolate House worth 55 up for grabs for one lucky reader.The hen is made of milk chocolate and has white chocolate feathers shop owner Jan Hansen said people often think it is made of porcelain it looks so shiny and smooth!Hansens in Market Place, Folkingham is the finest producer of handmade chocolate in the area.</p><p>PICTURE by Lee Morley</p><p>To be in with a chance all you have to do is write the answer to the question below on a postcard or the back of an envelope. Send it, along with your name, address and phone number to: Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX. You can also email your answer to The competition is only open to people who are able to collect the egg from Hansens. The closing date is March 31st.</p><p>Q Where is Hansens Chocolate House situated?</p><p>EHOW TO ENTER</p><p>PREVIOUSCOMPETITIONWINNERS</p><p>October - The winner of the childs bike from Terry Wright Cycles in Deeping St James was Callum Scane. Winners of one months membership to Harveys Universal Fitness Centre were Angie Seager, Rebecca Parker, Susan Coupland , Liz Holmes, Tony Hoult and Jon Gutierrez.November The winner of the makeover was Gill Ashby and the winner of the family portrait sitting at Gordons Photographic was Mrs C Ferdinand. December The winner of a pair of tickets for the Kast off Kinks was Kay Henderson. The winner of the luxury facial was Manuella Armstrong.</p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 9 </p></li><li><p>10 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 11 </p><p>Local History</p><p> he imposing building on the corner of St Peters Road is a perfect example of Victorian ostentation. No 63 West Street was once a farmhouse but during the 19th century its wealthy owner gave it a Gothic style faade, the porch containing ballflower decoration and wheat sheaf capitals while the date 1872 was included in the arch rosette above the upper window on the side of the front. The owners initials J G are also visible to the discerning eye in a similar position above the upper central window.</p><p>This reminds us that the original red brick house and grain store attached once belonged to Mr John Gibson, a corn merchant and brewer, who improved the property in that year, adding the imposing stone front and stained glass windows that depict the four seasons of the barley growing cycle which is also featured in the decoration over the front door. </p><p>He lived there with his family for 25 years until he got into financial difficulties and in 1896, the premises were rented out to a newly formed social organisation in the town which began after a public meeting had been called by leading citizens and an elected committee was empowered to secure suitable premises for the purpose.</p><p>It became known as the Bourne Institute, a non-sectarian, non-political organisation intended </p><p>to stimulate healthy recreation, education and mutual intellectual improvement, and to provide facilities for a wide range of social activities including a music room with a piano, musical and debating societies, billiards and other games, and a modest library. </p><p>The new venture was an immediate success and in 1899 sufficient money had been raised to purchase the property. By then, the institute had become the focal point for the towns social life and although membership was originally confined to men, ladies were being admitted by the end of the century.</p><p>In July 1953 one of the rooms was leased to Kesteven County Council for use as a branch library for Bourne at an initial rental of 1 a week and although the original agreement was for a five-year period, it continued until 1969 when the towns present library was opened in South Street.</p><p>Snooker had by now replaced billiards as the most popular game at the Bourne Institute and in 1975 it was renamed the Pyramid Club, an organisation owned by its members and which still flourishes today. </p><p>T</p><p> REX NEEDLE 2012Archive photograph shows the Bourne Institute as it was in 1909</p><p>Discovering the Bourne Institute</p><p>by Rex Needle</p></li><li><p>12 Discovering Bourne March 2012 | 01778 343020 </p></li><li><p> 01778 343020 | March 2012 Discovering Bourne 13 </p><p>Policing your By PC Nick Smith</p><p>This is a drain on Police resources and personally as a taxpa...</p></li></ul>