HEBS final presentation for Apps for Good competition 2014

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Team HEBS Apps for Good final presentation for competition 2014 for their app Ideas Generator


  • 1. Who This app is aimed at students (both girls and boys) who our in secondary school or above. What - Ideas Generator is an app to help people who struggle with coming up with creative pieces of media. When Before or After School. Where At home. Why To prevent people who struggle with creativity and think more logically, worrying about coming up with original ideas that are intriguing.

2. You have been told that your English homework is to come up with an innovative and interesting idea for a new fictional story and you spent the whole lesson preparing for it with your mind- blank. 3. Our app is an idea generator which helps you come up with ideas for creative media work. It is aimed at students who are in primary school and above. It can be used at home, before and after school and it's purpose is to prevent people who struggle with creativity and people who worry about coming up with original ideas that are intriguing. Through our questionnaire we found out that 8/10 people find it hard to come up with creative media ideas. Also there are different sections of year groups e.g. Year 7, Year 10 etc. and also pop-up tips. Information is inputted by ourselves as we know what's on the syllabus and what is useful or not. We spoke to an app expert himself and he thought that it was most sensible to do this. 4. You can generate a broad range of ideas from one simple keyword e.g. hero Words linking to the world hero will appear and the app user can select the one or ones they want to chose. For example: hero film/theatrical/super/televison/everyday firem an/policeman/doctor/normal person house fire /earthquake/drowning child/adult Finish: hero, everyday, fireman, house fire, child This list of words is then interpreted by the app user to their own imagination. 5. We asked students what their view was on our app: All the people that we asked said that they thought the app would be useful. 8/10 people struggle to come up with media ideas. 9/10 people thought that our app would be time efficient. 6. There are competitors that are similar but none that are exactly the same. What we mean by this is that there are apps that generate something whether that would be for business etc but there are none that are as specific and as helpful as our, especially none that are for students. Our app is needed for people are age and there is nothing like that out there in the market currently. 7. The core feature of our app is a site map, as it documents your ideas and the further you go along the more in depth you piece of media will be. MVP Stories We found out through our questionnaire that 8/10 people struggle coming up with creative media ideas.