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Twice as much potential value lies in using these technologies to increase cross-enterprise knowledge sharing and collaboration. Bluewolf’s #GoingSocial program is about getting employees to use social platforms for both internal and external collaboration. This presentation is taken from a webcast we held around 'Gamifying Social Collaboration.' We share our innovative #GoingSocial story to spark fresh ideas around: -How to increase internal collaboration -How to use gamification to motivate employee engagement -How employee engagement can drive customer value


  • 1. Gamifying Social CollaborationHow to Drive Employee & Customer Engagement

2. Agenda1. #GoingSocial2. Gamification3. Social Strategy#GoingSocial 3. Introductions. 4. Key Takeaways How to increase internal and external collaboration How to use gamification to motivate employee and customer engagement How employee engagement can drive customer value 5. Tweet it!What does Social mean to your [email protected] #GoingSocial 6. 2x as much potential valuelies in using social tools to enhancecommunications, knowledge sharing, andcollaboration within and across companies. 7. Bluewolf #GoingSocial 8. Employee Productivity Reading and responding to email28% Tracking down information19%+25% 9. Build a Culture of Collaboration 10. Bluewolf #GoingSocial1. #GoingSocial Portal2. Pack Profiles3. Gamification 11. #GoingSocial Internal Success57% Increase in average Chatter activity in Q1 2012 compared to Q4 2011 12. 68% Increase in Social Traffic to WebsiteThis graph from Google Analytics represents the increase in websitetraffic from all social media platforms from January-August 2012. 13. 153% Increase in Blog TrafficThis graph from Google Analytics represents website traffic to our blogfrom January-August 2012. 14. 8-Fold increase in Bluewolf Blogger Community 15. Our Services Tweet us @Bluewolf http://www.bluewolf.com/contact 16. Rajat PahariaFounder, Chief Product Officer Bunchball @[email protected] #goingsocial 17. Customer CommunityTopliners by Eloqua 18. Results! 19. Learning & OnboardingAdobe Level Up for Photoshop 20. 35 21. Results!63% > Level 151% > Level 237% > Level 384-90% Positive Sentiment400% Increase in Conversion 22. Digital LoyaltyUSA Networks Club Psych 23. 38 24. 39 25. 40 26. Results!Page Views: 9M > 16MVisits/Month: 2 > 4.5Time on Site: 14m > 22m40% increase in viewership in 18-34 27. A transmedia campaign, where over the course of 7 weeks, fans usedmultiple platforms to chat with Shawn and Gus and help crack the case ofthe Hashtag Killer. 28. Results!95MM page views from 300,000unique users.288,000 shares on Facebooksplatform leading to 38 Millionexposures of the PSYCH brand tousers friends and families.Over 14 Million minutes spent in HTKNominated for an Emmy 29. Health & WellnessHopeLabs Zamzee 30. 45 31. 46 32. Results!59% increase in physical activity Doing push-ups non-stop for 45 min/week Scrubbing floors for 3 hrs/month Chasing wild pigs for 6 min/dayImpact persisted for at least 6 mthsSlowed gain in bad cholesterolHelped control blood sugar levels 33. Well hello there. @marcusnelsonFounder of [email protected] @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 1 34. ConfessionI was a Director of Social Media Organic dialogue works. Constant marketing doesnt. People dont like talking to logos. Also, I dont have all the answers.49 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 2 35. You Have An Incentivized WorkforceWorkers want to talk about their company, only...50 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 3 36. But Youre Not Helping Them1. They dont know what to say.2. Theyre afraid to say the wrongthing.So, they do [email protected] #GoingSocial 4 37. Customers WANT to Talk to Employeeshttp://trust.edelman.com/ 52 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 5 38. So lets change that. Build Social Proficiency Among Employees Every Employee is responsible for reading and adhering to the rules.http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/direct2dell/b/direct2dell/archive/2012/04/23/dell-engaging-channel-partners-with-new-social-media-training-campaign.aspx53 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 6 39. Establish Social Media Guidelinespublic facing youtube video Whats in bounds? Whats out of bounds? Who to escalate things to?Every Employee is responsible for readingand adhering to the rules. salesforce.com/[email protected] #GoingSocial7 40. Communicate Clear Objectives55 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 8 41. Create A Content Sharing SystemMake it easier to share: Product releases or information Mainstream news articles Industry-related blog posts Press or announcements Infographics & statistics56 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 9 42. Operationalize Content & DistributionAttribute Actions To Individuals57 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 10 43. Create Collaboration [email protected] #GoingSocial 11 44. Gamify Employees Participation In Socialhttp://newyork.kred.com/ 59 @marcusnelson #GoingSocial 12 45. Thank You @marcusnelsonFounder of [email protected] 13