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Rajashree N Vice President, Process and Tools Group & Kn0wledge Management Gamifying Excellence in Delivery

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Rajashree N

Vice President,

Process and Tools Group & Kn0wledge Management

Gamifying Excellencein Delivery

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Game industry is big (multi billion dollars ) and evolving

Multi million dollars Virtual goods traded globally

True Mass Online Medium (billion users for Xynga, Angry Birds, Xbox

Pervasive across Modern life

Well latest FAD

Gamification What is in it for us?

….So what

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What does these games teach us?

What is the mechanic that works behind these games ?

Why is it engaging ?

What is in it for us?

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Page 6: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Balance of


& Exploration

Page 7: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Learning Problem solving

A sense of Achievement

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•Average age of gamers in years: 37

•% of gamers older than Fifty: 25

•% of youth playing computer & video games: 97

•% of female gamers: 42

•Social vs. Competitive Games: >3:1

•Avg. of hours/week played in World of Warcraft (WoW): 22

•# of articles in WoWWiki: ˜250,000

•Rank of WoWWiki compared to all Wikis: 2nd

•Rank of Wikipedia: 1st

•Most popular games played by US soldiers in Iraq when off-duty: Halo, Call of Duty


Interesting facts about Gamers

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How can we motivate more people to

• Learn from mistakes

• Share and reuse knowledge / best practices

• Continuously improve Quality of our services

Are there lessons from these games?

Is there something we can learn?

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Integrating game dynamics – game elements and game design techniques into a non game environment, that is for a purpose outside the context of the gamePurpose can be• To motivate to learn

• To change attitude or behavior

• To inspire action

Designed in a way that drives participation, engagement and motivation to meet the objective

What is Gamification?

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Experiencing Game Elements

GoalPointsBadgesChallengeTeam Leaderboard

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• To do chores which are considered boring otherwise

• Activities designed like Game to feel engaged, fun doing the work

• Change Habits in a desirable way

• Inspire to contribute to loftier goals!

Applying Gamification

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Recent Hype?

or Time tested?

Page 14: Gamifying excellence in Delivery Protein structure prediction and Protein design, tough biology problem of understanding the structure of a protein through games taking advantage of humans' puzzle-solving intuitions and having people play competitively to fold the best proteins.

NanoDocA scientific simulation/puzzle game that allowsbioengineers and the general public to design nanoparticle strategies to treat cancer. Encourage idea sharing and discussion about sustainable cities 

And some real recent buzz

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Time well spentAnd FUN

What do players want

Thinking like a game

Page 16: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Work can be FUN

Microsoft Win 7: :Language Quality Game

 and more…

StackOverflow: Granting badges to users based on their reputation

Jenkins Continuous Integration Game: users can score for successful build or adding tests (negative scores for breaking the build).

JIRA Hero: This plugin brings achievements and badges to the JIRA issue tracking system.

EPIC Win: Gamified To do List

Page 17: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Opportunity to Gamify!

Too many Process and Metrics to comply!

Millenials like Social Experience

Managers like to Benchmark their Team with others

Excellence is Hard Work

< 1% Contribution RulePositive, Immediate, and Certain (PIC)

Feedback for their Contributions

No time to retrospect& LearnLack of Visibility

for Knowledge Sharing

Not Invented Syndrome

Page 18: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Reach Out

• Socializing policy, processes, methods

• Onboarding and viral adoption of delivery systems

Recognize Coopetition

• Teams compete and yet need to collaborate (Team score card, Top Communities)• Communities of Practice

• Project teams

• Points, Levels, Badges and Leader boards


• Core processes (e.g., Defect Prevention, Build management )

Reach Out / Recognize/ RefreshOpportunity to Gamify in Delivery !

Page 19: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Game Design : Do’s and Don’t“Good game design” should have the ability to sustain long-term engagement and motivation that last longer.

Align task and activity incentives across a process Be prepared to Create New challenges!.

Do not violate social normsDo not Force engagement where it is not required or do not have value meaning or valueDo not make the activity too easy or too hard, resulting in game fatigue

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In summary

• Gamification is not about – Not about graphics– Not serious games– Can be beyond Points , Badges and


• Applying game elements , designed in a smart way to motivate for a real value and meaning

Page 21: Gamifying excellence in Delivery

Interesting Reads

Nicole Lazzaro – The Psychology of Fun: Transform Awareness to Impact with the Emotions from Play

“80% of gamification initiatives will fail by 2014 due to bad design” - Brian Burke, Gartner analyst

Ross Smith - Work/Play: How Microsoft Leads with Gamification

Robert Torres - Transforming Education with Gamification: The Past, Present and Future

Kevin Werbach - Teaching Gamification: Astonishing Successes and Lessons from MOOCs

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