Town Hall Boulder Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere | NOAA Administrator

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<ul><li><p>Town HallBoulderVice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere | NOAA AdministratorAugust 5, 2004</p></li><li><p>Employee InformationSafety and Homeland Security ActivitiesNOAA Safety Policy issued February 6Completed and Under Comment/ReviewNOAAs Homeland Security ActivitiesCOOP drillsNOAA Weather Radio/National All Hazards Alert SystemNOAA Support to FEMAs National Emergency Operations Center 20 flat-screen TV with AlertGuard automatically alerts you of natural disasters and emergencies reported by the NOAA weather radio network.</p></li><li><p>Employee InformationDOC Boulder Labs 50th AnniversaryPerimeter SecuritySEC Transfer to NWS DSRC Rent</p></li><li><p>Commerce Administrative Management SystemCAMSFeedback favorable this fiscal year, due toProper, extensive training over past 2 yearsAn active reporting system to the Line Offices in placeCAMS has allowed NOAA toEstablish funds control to better manage NOAAs financial resources Provides financial information the next dayProvides access to significantly more information to help manage programs and answer Congressional inquiries Eliminated some duplicate data entry and manual reconciliation of data Provides faster payment to employees and vendorsHelped NOAA deal with the change in funding availability for no year to 2 year funding </p></li><li><p>NFA StudyBooz-Allen Hamilton report issued February 13th recommends New concept of operationsMore streamlined, cost-effective organizationOpportunities for improved service cost and qualityTransition from a geographic to a functional management modelPhased implementation over 3 yearsA second study still to come. . .Assess how financial and admin activities performed within LOs interface with the new concept of operationsConduct an end-to-end process analysis for each of the eight functional administrative areasEnsure business processes of each functional area provide efficient, timely, and consistent service</p></li><li><p>NOAA Research ReviewSelected RecommendationsDevelop a Research Strategy, extending 20 years, supporting the strategic planClearly delineate the role of Extramural Research in the Research Vision and PlanEstablish an Associate Administrator for Research reporting to the NOAA Administrator Assign senior manager in each line office for the research program reporting directly to the Assistant AdministratorDetermine where research programs are located within NOAA while strengthening OARDevelop clear guidelines for the management of reimbursable fundingConsolidate the five OAR laboratories in Boulder into a single Center</p></li><li><p>NOAA Operational OrganizationNOAA Program Manager ListMay 5, 2004*New hire, EOD Sept. 04Linda Chaves (NMFS) [A]</p><p>EcosystemsDoug DeMaster (NMFS) [A]HabitatRollie Schmitten (NMFS)CoralsDavid Kennedy (NOS)Coastal &amp; Marine Resource ManagementDoug Brown (NOS)Protected Species ManagementLaurie Allen (NMFS)Fisheries ManagementJack Dunnigan (NMFS)AquacultureMichael Rubino (NMFS)*EnforcementDale Jones (NMFS)Ecosystem Observation SystemsBill Fox (NMFS) [A]Ecosystem ResearchLeon Cammen (OAR)</p><p>ClimateChet Koblinsky (OAR)Climate Observations &amp; AnalysisTom Karl (NESDIS)Climate ForcingDan Albritton (OAR)Climate Predictions &amp; ProjectionsAnts Leetmaa (OAR)Climate &amp; EcosystemsNed Cyr (NMFS)Regional Decision SupportBob Livezey (NWS)</p><p>Weather &amp; WaterFrank Kelly (NWS)Local Forecasts and WarningsGreg Mandt (NWS)Coasts, Estuaries, and OceansPaul Scholz (NOS)Space WeatherErnie Hildner (OAR)Hydrology Rivers, Lakes and FloodsGary Carter (NWS)Air QualityJim Meagher (OAR)Environmental ModelingFred Toepfer (NWS)Weather Water Science, Technology, and Infusion ProgramMarty Ralph (OAR)</p></li><li><p>NOAA Operational Organization </p><p>Commerce &amp; TransportationCharlie Challstrom (NOS)Marine Transportation SystemsRich Edwing (NOS)Aviation WeatherMark Andrews (NWS)Marine WeatherDavid Feit (NWS)GeodesyDave Zilkoski (NOS)NOAA Emergency ResponseDavid Kennedy (NOS)Commercial and Remote Sensing LicensingTim Stryker (NESDIS)Surface WeatherAmy Holman (NWS) [A]</p><p>Organizational Excellence, Infrastructure &amp; SupportSatellite Services Sub-goalColleen HartmanGeostationary Satellite AcquisitionGary Davis (NESDIS)Polar Satellite AcquisitionJohn Cunningham (NESDIS)Satellite ServicesRichard Barrazotto (NESDIS)Fleet Services Sub-goalElizabeth White (NMAO)Aircraft ReplacementElizabeth White (NMAO)Fleet ReplacementElizabeth White (NMAO)Marine Operations and MaintenanceElizabeth White (NMAO)Aircraft ServicesElizabeth White (NMAO)Leadership Sub-goalTBDNOAA HeadquartersGeorge White (USAO)Line Office HeadquartersMitchell Luxenberg (NOS)Homeland SecurityPhil Kenul (CIO)Mission Support Sub-goalTBDAdministrative ServicesWilliam Broglie (CAO)Financial ServicesSandra Walters (CFO)Workforce ManagementBarbara Boyd (WFM)Acquisitions and GrantsBob Stockman (CAO)IT ServicesJohn Villemarette (CIO)FacilitiesWilliam Broglie (CAO)</p></li><li><p>NOAA Management PracticesIntroduce practices to improve NOAAs products and servicesBuild a culture of executionStrategy, people, and operationsLeadership, communications, and management informationImplement NOAA Business Model</p></li><li><p>LEADERSHIPNOAA Business Model</p></li><li><p>LEADERSHIPNOAA Business Model</p></li><li><p>EcosystemsDollars in thousands</p></li><li><p>Ecosystems ComponentDollars in thousands</p></li><li><p>Systems Engineering 101INPUTINPUTSOUTPUTSREQUIREMENTSOUTPUTSystem(Specifications)SUB-SYSTEMSPECIFICATIONSUB-SYSTEMSPECIFICATIONSUB-SYSTEMSPECIFICATIONSUB-SYSTEMSPECIFICATIONI/OI/OI/O</p></li><li><p>EcosystemsEcosystems-based approach to management of marine resourcesHABITATCoastal Resource ManagementFisheries ManagementAquacultureHigh Level OutcomesEcosystems that:Are healthy &amp; sustainableMaximize sound economic valueHabitat RestorationEnd Use Products/ServicesEcosystem ResearchCoralsInvasive SpeciesProtected AreasXXXEnforcementProtected Species Management</p></li><li><p>Ecosystems (Working Structure)Ecosystems-based approach to management of marine resourcesManagement Actions:licensespermitsregulationsmonitoringCoastal ServicesEcological ForecastsCoastal Environment ImprovementsSupport for Regional Ecosystem CouncilsState / Local / NGOPartnershipsManage MPAspush/pullStewardship &amp; Services Sub-goal</p><p>Corals Habitat Coastal &amp; Marine Resource ManagementEcosystem ObservationsEcosystem ResearchLiving Marine Resources Sub-goal</p><p>Protected SpeciesFisheries ManagementAquacultureEnforcementStructureOutcomesHealthy Coastal and Marine EcosystemsIncreased Net Benefits to Society from Coastal and Marine EcosystemsA Well Informed Public that acts as a Steward of Coastal and Marine EcosystemsConditions of NOAA-managed Resources are at optimal levelsActivities</p></li><li><p>FY04/05 Budget Update</p></li><li><p>FY06 Budget Update</p></li><li><p>Current Events</p></li><li><p>International SceneEarth Observation Summit IIGroup on Earth Observations (GEO) 4Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)World Meteorological Organization (WMO)Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)U.S.China ProtocolsLautenbacher, South Africas Rob Adam,Japans Akio Yuki, European Commissions Achilleas MitsosU.S.China Bilateral Agreement</p></li><li><p>Earth DayWells and Rookery Bay NERRSVADM LautenbacherDeputy Secretary Designate KassingerDeputy Under Secretary KellyDeputy Assistant Secretary BrennanDeputy Assistant Secretary KeeneyRookery BayWells, Maine</p></li><li><p>Ocean Commission ReportCritical Action ItemsEstablish a National Ocean Council in the Executive Office of the President chaired by an assistant to the PresidentCreate a non-federal Presidential Council of Advisors on Ocean PolicyStrengthen NOAA and improve federal agency structureDevelop a flexible, voluntary process for creating regional ocean councils, facilitated and supported by the National Ocean CouncilDouble U.S. investment in ocean researchImplement the national Integrated Ocean Observing System (the report noted the importance of our work in GEO and stated support for a successful conclusion to our efforts)Increase attention to ocean education</p></li><li><p>Ocean Commission ReportCritical Action Items (continued):Strengthen the link between coastal and watershed managementCreate measurable water pollution reduction goals, particularly for nonpoint sources, and strengthen incentives, technical assistance and other management tools to reach those goalsReform fisheries management by separating scientific assessment and allocation, improving the Regional Fishery Management Council system, and exploring the use of dedicated access privilegesAccede to the United Nations Convention on the law of the seaEstablish an Ocean Policy Trust Fund based on revenue from offshore energy activity and other new and emerging offshore uses to pay for implementing the recommendations</p></li><li><p>Ship NewsNOAA Ship NANCY FOSTERNOAA Ship FAIRWEATHERNOAA Ship HIIALAKAINOAA Ship HENRY B. BIGELOWNOAA acquires USN Ship ASSERTIVEHIIALAKAINANCY FOSTERHENRY B. BIGELOWFAIRWEATHER</p></li><li><p>More Current EventsPresidential Rank AwardsNOAA Administrator AwardsCurrent LCDP class represents all LOsNOAA Ship RONALD H. BROWN visits TitanicDay After TomorrowG-8 SummitScience on a SphereSatellite-aided Search and RescueWestern Governors Association Annual Meeting</p></li><li><p>More Current EventsAir Quality Forecast programShip Strike Reduction StrategyStatus of the StocksNOAA Organic ActHR 4607</p></li></ul>