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How to Use This TemplateAbout This Google AdWords Campaign TemplateIf you're getting the most out of your Google AdWords spend, you're running way more than just one ad at a time. PPC pros have set up multiple campaigns -- and multiple ad groups and ad variations within those campaigns -- all with different copy, calls-to-action, offers, and destination URLs that align with the searcher's stage in the sales cycle. That's a whole lot to set up and keep track of.Whether you run your PPC campaigns yourself, or you manage them for several accounts, this template will ensure every campaign you launch is set up correctly. It will help you: Align each ad you run with the proper stage in the searcher's sales cycle Break down what each line of your ad should say Catch silly money-wasting mistakes, like breaching AdWords character limits Offer helpful PPC tips, best practices, and definitions as you set up your different adsWhether you're a seasoned PPC manager who just needs help organizaing the many campaigns you're running, or a PPC novice who could benefit from a structured guide to campaign setup and management, this template is for you!

3 Essential Tips for Using This Template

1) You'll notice some of the cells in this spreadsheet contain little red triangles in their upper right corners. These are comments with tips, definitions, and best practices that will make you use this Google AdWords Campaign Template more successfully. To read the tip, simply hover over the cell with your cursor.

2) This template may be used to manage your own company's PPC campaigns, or those of your clients. If you're managing campaigns for multiple clients, it's recommended you duplicate the worksheet so each client has their own sheet. This should help you keep client's campaigns in order, plus, offers an excellent client deliverable.

3) If you'd like more help with keyword research, creating PPC landing pages more easily, or spending online marketing dollars more efficiently, contact HubSpot for a free demo of our inbound marketing software.

AdWords Campaign Setup ExampleKeywordsAd Variation IAd Variation IIAd Variation IIIDestination URLTOP OF THE FUNNELCampaign - FruitAdGroup - ApplesapplesDo You Like Apples?19Do You Like Apples?19This Title Is Way Too Long26 delicious applesMatt's Fruit Stand: Apples Ebook32How About These Apples:23This Line Is Okay To Use24 applesHow About Them Apples?22Matt's Fruit Stand Has Apples29This Line Is Way Way Way Way Too Long37 apples apples delicious apples apples apples - OrangesorangesDo You Like Oranges?20Do You Like Oranges?20This Title Is Way Too Long26 orangesMatt's Fruit Stand: Oranges Ebook33How About These Oranges:24This Line Is Okay To Use24 orangesHow About Them Oranges?23Matt's Fruit Stand Has Oranges30This Line Is Way Way Way Way Too Long37 oranges oranges - VegetablesAdGroup - PotatoespotatoesDo You Like Potatoes?21Do You Like Potatoes?21This Title Is Way Too Long26 potatoesMatt's Fruit Stand: Potatoes Ebook34How About These Potatoes:25This Line Is Okay To Use24 potatoesHow About Them Potatoes?24Matt's Fruit Stand Has Potatoes31This Line Is Way Way Way Way Too Long37 potatoes gold potatoes potatoes OF THE FUNNELCampaign - Fruit StandsAdGroup - Communitylocal fruit standLocal Fruit Stand17Fruit Stands Near You21This Title Is Way Too Long26 fruit fruit standMatt's Fruit Stand Is Not Very Far34Don't Want To Go Too Far To Find32This Line Is Okay To Use24 stand that is localFrom You. It's A Local Fruit Stand.35Fruit? Why Not Matt's Fruit Stand?34This Line Is Way Way Way Way Too Long37 fruit cart fruit cart fruit cart cart that is local fruit trolly fruit trolly fruit trolly trolly that is local - Reviewsbest fruit standFruit Stand Reviews19Matt's Fruit Stand18This Title Is Way Too Long26 fruit fruit standIs Matt's Fruit Stand The Best One34Never Heard Of Matt's Fruit Stand?34This Line Is Okay To Use24 stand reviewIn Town? Come Decide For Yourself!34You May Be Missing Out On The Best.35This Line Is Way Way Way Way Too Long37 stand reviews fruit cart fruit cart fruit cart cart review cart reviews OF THE FUNNELCampaign - OffersAdGroup - Couponsmatt's fruitThe Best Fruits & Veggies2520% Off Your First Visit24Matt's Fruit Stand18's's fru