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How Google Adwords PPC Advertising can Increase Your Online Sales & benefits of PPC through the help of Google adwords campaign management.


  • 1. GOOGLE ADWORDSCAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTHow Google Adwords PPC Advertisingcan Increase Your Online Sales?See the Video and Find Tips & Tricks!
  • 2. What is PPC (Pay Per Click) GoogleAdwords Advertising?
  • 3. Adwords is a way for advertisers to place ads and beshown on the first page in Googles search results page. Where are the ads located in Googles search resultspage? The websites in the right column are PPC ads usingGoogle Adwords, and at the top of the page there willoften be yellow highlighted ads and these are preferredPPC ads by Google. These ads are preferred by Googlebecause they relate more to the search term, their adcontent and their website landing pages then any of theother PPC ads.
  • 4. Google Adwords enable businesses to market theirproducts or services on other sites or within search engineresults through the process of search terms or keywordsbidding. Your ad is displayed either on top of the page or onits right side so that whenever it is clicked by a customer,they land directly on your site. Thus you can understandthat pay per click advertising with the help of GoogleAdwords can be a very effective method of boosting youronline presence and increasing sales. However, in order toleverage all the benefits that come with it, you need expertassistance in managing your Adwords campaign. It is herewe can help you with our skilled and cost-effective GoogleAdwords campaign management services.Our services are equipped to take care of the diverseaspects of your Adwords account.
  • 5. We first identify the aims and objectives of your campaignand accordingly take full control of the keywords, bids,match options, budgets, tracking and ads. Our google ppcmanagement solutions promise you better results, lowercosts, finer targeting, increased profits and improved returnon investments.
  • 6. Our Google Adwords Campaign Management solutionencompasses the following areas: Extensive keyword research as well as optimization Ad creation as well as expansion Pruning of ads and keywords with low performance Professional management of account Well thought-out campaign management Ad group expansion and optimization Management of budget Tracking of ad and conversion Quality Score improvement
  • 7. We send you monthly reports that enable you to monitorand track your campaign developments. Our monthly reportis inclusive of all the metrics that help you determine ROIimmaculately.Some of these are as follows: IMPRESSIONS: When a search is done by a user andyour ad shows up, it is known as impression. CTR (CLICK THROUGH RATE): It refers to the number ofindividuals your ad was seen and clicked by. CLICKS: It denotes the number of individuals who clickedon the ad and were directed to the website.
  • 8. AVERAGE CPC (COST PER CLICK): It refers to the averagecost paid when your ad was clicked by someone. COST: It is the total monthly cost of clicks. AVERAGE POSITION: It refers to the average position of yourad on the concerned page. CONVERSION: It denotes the number of individuals who notonly clicked on the ad but also filled up the form. In otherwords, it is the number of leads generated by the campaign. Itshould be remembered in this context that conversion includesonly those people who finished the form and not those whocalled up after arriving on the site. Thus, the actual rate ofconversion can be much higher. COST PER CONVERSION: As the phrase suggests, thisdenotes an average cost of all generated conversion based onthe number of conversions and the total cost.
  • 9. Should I just focus on Organic Advertising or PPCAdvertising or Both?It can take quite a lot of time and effort to rank well in theOrganic section of Google. Depending on your website,search engines may only look at it every few months whichmeans that the content and link building that youre doingto improve your Organic ranking will not take effectimmediately. And even when your pages are found andindexed they still may not show on the first page. I dohighly recommend that link building and websiteoptimization still be part of your website development but ifyou want to get things happening straight away or want tobe on the front page of Google for your target market, thenPPC advertising is the way to go.
  • 10. How much does it cost to be number one in yourmarket with Google Adwords?The cost and position of your PPC advertising depends onyour keywords, your ad and your landing page. The moreoptimized your ad and landing page, the cheaper it will befor your PPC ad. This is because Google will see therelevance of your ad and rank it higher then other adsbecause of its content, but if your landing page has nothingrelated to your ad or keywords, or is a small page with notmuch information on it, you will have to pay more for yourPPC Adwords Campaign. Also if your landing page on yourwebsite is a general information page only and doesntrelate to your ad then youll lose your visitors because it isnot what they were searching for therefore loosing youmoney.
  • 11. The benefits of PPCWith pay per click advertising, your ad is shown thousands hundreds of thousands of times and after not too longseriously millions of times but you only pay when someoneclicks on your ad and is taken to your website.If youre a small business that sells hardware, obviouslyyou dont need to advertise to the world with GoogleAdwords you can target your local community, that wayyoure only paying when people within a certain radius ofyour location click on your ad.
  • 12. If you would like to know more about PPC Advertising,require a quote or just have some questions then pleasefeel free to contact me. Your account will be managed by a skilled team ofprofessionals, Everything will be handled by us on yourbehalf; you just have to set it and we will take care of therest. You will receive reports on a monthly basis outliningevery detail including any alterations, changes or results
  • 13. Contact UsMy Self Martin Astern SEO & PPC Professional. My Aim isto become a better Market Founder.Email Me: martinastern2012@gmail.comWebsite: www.ppctutorial.wordpress.comTwitter: @martinasternThanks of