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CAMPAIGN SETTINGSPRESENTED BY--CAMPAIGN SETTINGSThere are 16 diff settings for Campaign available in Google Ad words:-1)Campaign Name:-Campaign name should be neat and perfect .2)Campaign Network:-There are 2 types of Networks.1)Search network2)Display network.3)Languages:-Google doesnt translate Ads.Language Settings are Google Interface settings.40 Languages are target by Google.No Regional languages.

CAMPAIGN SETTINGS4)Budget:-It is a daily budget and divided in to Shared and Individual budget.Shared Budget is useful for Campaigns.Individual Budget is useful for Individual campaigns.NOTE: Recommended Budget is calculated based on Impressions.

Advance SettingsStart Date / End Date:-When do you want to start date for the Ad and when do you want to End date the AdEx: Dec 1st to Dec 28th .Frequency Capping(Display N/w):-Limit on No. of times is how the Adds in the frequency.The User did not show the same add to the same user.IP Exclusion tool:-Excluding the IP address from the Ads is called IP Exclusion tool.The Same Person with the same IP Address but did not accepting the Ad then the User can keep the IP Address in the IP exclusion tool then the add will not show to that IP Address.



Ad delivery :-Standard Ads:-It shows Ad through end of the day up to completion of budget.Accelerated Ads:-It shows Ad as Quickly as Possible up to completion of budget.


CAMPAIGN SETTINGSAd rotation :- Ad Scheduling :-When do I need to Schedule my Ad1)Ads can be schedule for a Specific Time.2)Ads can be schedule for a Specific Day.3)Ads can be schedule for a Specific Time and Specific Day.Note:-Ads can be Schedule more than 24hrs.Min Ads Scheduling time is 15mins.Ad Scheduling will always consider the Account time Zone.

CAMPAIGN SETTINGSInclude Synonyms Misspellings , close Variant and Singular/ Plurals :-Note:-The first step is activating the Ad ward Account is verifying email Address.The Required Step for activating Ad wards account is providing billing Information.Devices:-Targeting all devices but showing only one device by the help of Bid Adjustments.There are two types:1) Legacy Campaign:- In this we can set any one Device.2)Enhancements:- We should target all the Devices.


CAMPAIGN SETTINGSLocation Targeting :-10How does Google Determine the Location Target?

BIDING:-Biding is divided in to 5 Word Modules1)Focus on Clicks2)CPC(only in Search N/w)3)Focus on Impression.(CPM cost per Thousand Impression)4)Focus on Conversion.5)CPA(Cost Per Acquisition).CAMPAIGN SETTINGSCPM:- This is for display N/wWhen we are Using Display N/w Use only CPM.Biding:- Divided in to two Types1)Automatic Biding2)Manual Biding.Bid Adjustment:- In this the user can Adjust the BIDs for Diff Devices.1)Desktop : Bid Adjustment will not Increment/Decrement the Bid.2)Mobile/Tablet : Bid Adjustment will Increment/Decrement the Bid.

CAMPAIGN SETTINGSNotification Setting :It is a account level Setting to the advertiser.It is used to device what emails want to receive.Note:- The Important Notification of the account are shown in the campaign Tab.(Bcoz most of the time the advertiser spends in the account is at the Campaign tab).CAMPAIGN SETTINGSMCC LEVEL ACCESSIt gives Monthly Invoicing.There is at least 12 months Old Account.In that 12 Months must and should 3 month should be of 5000$ in the Account transactions.The user can request to the MCC they can accept the request and a month Invoice will Issue and MCC will provide a grace period of 30 Days.ANY QUERIES???THANK YOU