Using Google AdWords Campaign Results to Improve your Website SEO

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How analyse of Google AdWords campaign data can help you improve your website SEO. Hire Neogain to perform your search engine optimisation.


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    • Using Google AdWords Campaign Results to Improve your
  • Website SEO
  • Google AdWords is a powerful advertisement platform. A well managed campaign can squeeze impressive results even from a tight budget.


  • Yet once it is over dont dismiss all those juicy campaign results, just because your Google AdWords campaign ended.
  • Instead you can use the data to help you improve your website search engine optimisation. Why would you want to?
  • The answer to that question is.are you crazy, why not?!


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  • At the end of a Google AdWords campaign, good or bad you should hopefully be able to find some redeeming data, that you can recycle into your website search engine optimisation strategy.
  • Those keywords you researched painstakingly for your campaign are presented with how many impressions, the clicks, plus the average amount you paid per click.


  • Now consider this.. A Google AdWords campaign lasts a defined period of time. Your blog posts or web pages should still be there long after a campaign has ended.
  • By creating new content based upon your high performing keywords, you can help pass on some of that keyword magic to your blog, without the ad spend.


  • Now granted it is a different scenarioan advert with sales copy, versus a page or post placement competing possibly against millions.
  • Yet Google will show you what keywords have potential and what perhaps should be avoided, surely that data shouldnt be ignored?
  • Instead allowing you to focus on implementing the successful keywords where possible.


  • Where possible? Now remember there is a difference between an ad placement and a listing. Back in the world of website SEO, you are competing using different factors.
  • At this stage I imagine someone is spilling their coffee, else lost their biscuit in their mug of tea saying quite loudly this is why I was running a Google AdWords campaign in the first place!!.


  • Granted, but successful website marketing often comes from a mixture of techniques.
  • So identifying which keywords yield results in a campaign, plus have less competition based on page rank, links and other factors, will enable you to pick your battles with more certainty away from Google AdWords.


  • So lets look at a fictional scenario:
  • A person was running a Google AdWords campaign using the keywords: Winchester Plumbers, Hampshire Plumbers, Boiler repair Chandlers Ford, Chandlers Ford Plumbers.
  • After a seven day period they received almost 30,000 impressions costing just shy of 50 due to their budget limit.


  • From the Search Network Two of their keywords yielded no results, with an average placement of 3.5. Another keyword got 6 clicks per 3,210 impressions, with an average placement of 2, but the adverts were expensive.
  • However the forth keyword only got 4 impressions, with an average placement of 2.5, but achieved one click. The rest of the impressions came from the Display Network.


  • Do your homework!
  • So which of the keywords do you consider for your website SEO growth? The last third and forth keywords should be researched to see how they rank against the competitions placement.
  • Then this extra data harvested from your AdWords campaign, coupled with research can be put to use in your website SEO strategy, which hopefully will still be active even when your current AdWords campaign might have long since ended.


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