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Apps for Good CAS 2011. Apps: a fast growing market. Worldwide Mobile Data Usage Forecast, by Region. Job opportunities Money to be made Room for ideas. Since 2003, there has been a 60% drop in students taking Computing at A-Level. 80%-95% new products fail. 60%-80% new businesses fail. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Apps for Good

CAS 2011Job opportunitiesMoney to be madeRoom for ideas

Apps: a fast growing market

Worldwide Mobile Data Usage Forecast, by Region

60%-80%new businesses fail80%-95%new products fail

Only 9% of Computing A-Level students in 2010 were femaleSince 2003, there has been a60% dropin students taking Computing at A-Level3Why? #4 What is the outcome?6 * 7 = ? #5 How do you pronounce this word?cacophony#6 Who is this man?

#7 How do you solve this?

#Lets see if you can come up with a solution to this problem?Different suggestions? Fire? De-icer? You have all been coming up with interesting solutions. However, no one suggested that there might not be a problem at all.

What is the problem? Is the car in the way blocking traffic? Or is the owner still sitting inside freezing and starving? Is there actually a problem? Maybe the owner is on holiday and does not need it for the next 6 months until the start of the summer?

As you can see everyday problems are often not very strainghtforward and context specific.

So why did you answer in the way you did? This is because our education system teaches people to solve problems in a particular way. And here is how:8 Recognise standard problem

Use standardised tool


#And the result might look very, very different from these old tools. A bit like this. A customised tool to clean tubes.10Apps for Good-Whats the difference? Learning to ask the right questions

Learning to define a problem before

devising an appropriate solution

Offering genuine choice; bottoms-up approach

Opportunity tofail as well as to succeed

Giving opportunities to create (not just use)

Grounding it all in the real world

#A practical apps course

1: Problem definition2: Market research3: Solution design4: Product design 5: Build & test

#Grounding it in the real world-Our Expert CommunityStudents pitch their apps to our expert community and benefit from their advice

13Examples of student apps

TransitBuzzer Buddiezzz

Stop & Search

Benefits for studentsBecoming creators and more savvy users of technologyConfidence & aspirations Cutting-edge technology Soft skillsReal world situationsWork with professionals

#Three tiers of partnersContent-use only (Launched Sep 11)Affiliate partners Now prototyping, some places available, main launch Sep 11Certified partners subsidised non-subsidised #Growing network of schools

3 Training hubs (+1 potential hub in SW)33 Certified Partner Schools10 Affiliate PartnersContent-only partnerships launches when learning platform goes live in September

Over 1500 students reached from Sept 2011Learning PlatformAvailable from September

Sign up to newsletter for updates on websiteAccess learning content from SeptemberUse selected materials with classesAttend dragons dens for ideasLearn from/use best practice from certified/affiliate partnersIndicate interest Join as affiliate and access training, materials and communityRun group as school levelShare/use best practice from other schoolsApply for certified status as appropriateCertified partnerships now oversubscribedTo join waiting list, indicate interest and join as affiliateContent-onlyAffiliateCertified--NOW FULLNext steps#