the seven habits of highly effective clients

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Brian Fetherstonhaugh Chairman & CEO @BrianOgilvy

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Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO for OgilvyOne Worldwide, discusses his views on the wide range of client structures, agency models, processes and individual client leadership styles. Not all clients are created equal. No one client organization has it all figured out. They vary widely in how they engage with agencies, and in what they get from them. But for some reason, certain clients get better work. Better people. Better results. Better ROI. The agency has many responsibilities to uphold on its side of the bargain – including fielding top talent, listening well, working responsively, and acting with accountability. But, somehow, some clients always seem to consistently get the best from their agency partners. It is not just about the structure or the process or even their pronouncements of partnership. It is about their actual behaviors. Here is Brian's list of those critical behaviors – the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Clients – that separate the best from the rest.


  • Brian Fetherstonhaugh Chairman & CEO @BrianOgilvy
  • 1.A concise overall business ambition, well-shared.
  • 2. Clear briefs for individual campaigns and tasks.
  • 3. Clear and candid feedback.
  • 4. Sharing of results and data.
  • 5. Talent is really important, and should be treated as a two-way street.
  • 6. Make working together fun and human - celebrate (and sometimes mourn) together.
  • 7.Act in the spirit of partnership.
  • Brian Fetherstonhaugh @BrianOgilvy