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A presentation on Habit seven Sharpen the Saw. Prepared by Tariq Kanhar



2. Principles of BalancedSelf-Renewal 3. Four Dimensions of RenewalPhysicalSocialMentalSpiritual 4. The Physical Dimension 5. ExerciseWe dont exercise because it isnturgent. Do any activity which builds yourbody in three areas1.Endurance (Heart exercise)2.Flexibility (Stretching)3.Strength (Muscles) 6. NutritionWhat should beeaten? 7. Stress ManagementSufficient restSufficient relaxation 8. The Spiritual DimensionProvides leadershipHighly related to Habit2Your core, your center,& your commitment toyour principles 9. For Spiritual renewal you should followScripture (Religious books)Great LiteratureGreat MusicCommunication withnature 10. story of spiritual renewal by Arthur Gordon called the Turn of the Tide.Four prescriptions from his doctorOpen one prescription at 9:00, 12:00, 3:00, and 6:00. 11. First Prescription at 9:00: Listencarefully. Awareness ofinterdependence of things 12. Second Prescription at 12:00 Try reaching back.Remembering memories of happy timesRemembering these times with exactnessHe thus found a growing warmth inside. 13. Prescription at 3:00 -Examine your motives. If ones motives arewrong, nothing can beright. 14. Prescription at 6:00 - Write yourworries on the sand. 15. Religious leader David O.McKay:The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul. 16. ReadingThe person who doesnt read is no better off than the person who cant read.Read quality literatureSeek to understand 17. Writing...To Communicate onDeeper Level:ThoughtsFeelingsIdeas 18. Things that dull themental saw:Watching TV:Narrows and closes the mindSurvey: TV takes 35 to 40 hours a weekWisdom: Proper use can increase your knowledge 19. Planning:Begin with the End inMind.Mentally OrganizeSee the Entire Journey 20. Three dimensions Physical, Spiritual andmental are called daily private victory. Spend an hour for themWars are won in general`s tent. 21. Focuses on Habits 4, 5, &6 Principles ofInterpersonal Leadership Empathic Communication Creative Cooperation 22. Why?Private VictoryPublic Victory 23. Private VictoryBe ProactiveBegin with the End InMindPut First Things First 24. Public VictoryThink Win/WinSeek First toUnderstand, Then to BeUnderstoodSynergize 25. Success...Master of emotionRelated to our security 26. Intrinsic Security comesfrom: Within Principles (Comes from own mind and heart) Interdependent living Service 27. Sources of Intrinsic Security:WorkAnonymous Service 28. According to EldonTanner:Service is the rent wepay for the privilege ofliving on this earth. 29. Scripting OthersWe are a function of the social mirror, scripted by others:OpinionsPerceptionsParadigms 30. We can choose to reflect back to others:An undistorted vision of themselves.An affirmation of their proactive nature. 31. We can help script people tobecome individuals who are:Principle-centered.Value-based.Independent.Worthwhile. 32. Balanced renewal must be in allfour dimensions.To neglect one area negativelyimpacts the rest. 33. Renewal in any dimensionincreases your ability to live atleast one of the Seven habits.Even though the habits aresequential, improvement in onehabit synergetic ally increasesyour ability to live the rest. 34. Renewal empowers us to moveon an upward spiral of growth &change, of continuousimprovement.Conscious self-awarenessLearn, commit, do, learn, ... 35. The End