Seven Habits for Educators

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Habit 1 Be Proactive

List three items you do not control or influence but are concerned with,List how these three items influence others,List some important items you directly control,My Circle of ConcernChaparral ElementarySchool District PoliciesMy Church or Civic ResponsibilitiesCity & State Government

My Circle of InfluenceFamily Co-workersFriends

My Circle of InfluenceThoughts ActionsBehavior

No ControlDistrict LeadershipISISMeasles Outbreak

Habit 1 Be Proactive4InfluenceFamily Co-workersFriendsMy Circle of ControlThoughts ActionsBehaviorIntegrityPrinciplesMy Legacy

No ControlISISGlobal WarningDistrict Leadership

Habit 1 Be ProactiveMy Circle of Influence My FamilyMy FriendsMy Co-workers &Colleagues Circle of ConcernChaparral ElementarySchool District5Habit 2 Begin with an End in Mind

Ask Yourself:Where are you now?Where were you five years ago?Where do you want to be five, ten, twenty years from now?Habit 2 Begin with an End in MindHabit 3 Put First Things First

Habit 3 Put First Things First

Roles & GoalsHabit 4 Think Win-Win

Habit 4 Think Win-WinBULLY

Tough or Nice

Strong or Weak


Tough or Nice

Strong or Weak

Lose -LoseFRIEND

Allow others to influence

Submission of principles to others



Hold on to what we value

Stay true to principlesConsideration of others Win or WinHabit 4 Think Win-WinHabit 5 Seek First to Understandthen be Understood

Habit 6 Synergy

Habit 6 SynergyHabit 7 Sharpened the Saw

Primary GreatnessSecondary Greatness