leadership through covey’s seven habits

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Leadership through covey’s seven habits. Logan County Schools Omar Elementary Facilitators: Deborah Frazier and Debbie McDonald. Omar Elementary: School Background. 241 Students 31 Employees (Faculty and Staff) Highest Poverty Rate in Logan County School District: 95% - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Leadership through coveys seven habits

Leadership through coveys seven habitsLogan County SchoolsOmar ElementaryFacilitators: Deborah Frazier and Debbie McDonald

241 Students31 Employees (Faculty and Staff)Highest Poverty Rate in Logan County School District: 95%36% of students live in single parent homes11% live with grandparents or other relatives53% live in two-parent homesLogan County has one of the highest drug abuse rates in West VirginiaMany of our students live in homes with drug abuse

Omar Elementary: School BackgroundLeadersMrs. Darlene Dingess-Adkins: Visionary LeaderMr. John Mullins: Current PrincipalMrs. Deborah Frazier: Covey FacilitatorMs. Debbie McDonald: Covey Facilitator Our Leadership statement

The Seven HabitsCovey Habit #1: Be ProactiveCovey Habit #2: Begin with the End in MindCovey Habit #3: Put First Things FirstCovey Habit #4: Think Win-WinCovey Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be UnderstoodCovey Habit #6: SynergizeCovey Habit #7: Sharpen the SawSnapshots of leaders

Morning GreetingsMorning routine for MRS. Vances class

Seven Habits Throughout the School

Leadership bulletin boards

Leaders At Work

Conducting Workshops and Conferences

Paradigms with Mrs. Walters

Ending our Day with Leaders

Data Notebooks

Leadership Teams

The Covey Bank

Results: Third Grade RLABenchmark 1 & 2

Results: Fourth Grade MathBenchmark 1 & 2

Results: Fourth Grade RLABenchmark 1 & 2

Results: fourth grade MathAcuity: Period 7 Math 4

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February 2013The Seven Habits SongIn Pictures