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  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


    Web 2.0 Tools: IFake Text & Inklewriter


    By: Suzanne Smith

    eor!ia Southern "ni#ersity

    $%%itional Web 2.0 Tools in an%out

    IFake Text- Fake text message screenshots

    Brainscape Flashcards (Vocabulary)

    Quidini !tudent assessments

    Inkle"riter Interacti#e e-book

    Bubble$us Brainstorming

    Themee%y &igital magaine

    !torybird 'riting'all"asher Virtual bulletin board

    Boom 'riter - ollaborati#e "riting

  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


    IFake TextWhat is it' 'eb *$o Tool "hich allo"s the user to generate %ake i+hone text

    message screenshots that can be sent and shared "ith %riends$

    ow %o I !et starte%' ,o tohttp:((i)aketext.*om(. omplete the %orm

    in%ormation (your name the carrier and your message)$ lick on .create your


    Brains*apeWhat is it' Brainscape optimies your learning by adapting to 0123 pace$ s you

    re#eal each ans"er Brainscape asks you the learner ho" con%ident you %eel that
  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


    you "ill remember the concept %ore#er$ 4o"-con%idence items are repeated more

    %re5uently until you gradually report higher and higher con%idence$ ogniti#e

    science researchhas pro#en that learner-dri#en spaced repetition is the most

    e%%icient use o% study time$Brainscape is similar to a deck o% %lashcards but it

    adapts to your learning cur#e (more on on%idence Based 3epetition later)$ 'hen a

    ne" card is generated by Brainscape you are asked to think o% the ans"er and thento re#eal it by %lipping the card$ This mental acti#ity is more e%%ecti#e than selecting

    %rom among multiple choices because you are acti#ely recalling the in%ormation

    rather than simply recogniing it$ It is also more e%%ecti#e than manually typing in

    an ans"er because it is %aster and allo"s you to see more 5uestions in less time$

    ow %o I !et starte%' ,o to the Brainscape "ebsite by #isiting the %ollo"ing link6

    https677"""$brainscape$com7$ 0ou can easily launch a study session by drilling into

    a sub8ect and selecting a deck$ 0ou can also create a study session that pulls

    %lashcards %rom many di%%erent decks by clicking the 3andom 9ix or +rogressi#e

    !tudy button depending on the sub8ect area$

    +uiz%iniWhat is it' Quidini - created by teachers %or teachers - is the ans"er to the

    expensi#e and restricti#e options that currently exist in the online educational game

    market$ s a gro"ing plat%orm o% teacher- and student-%riendly games and

    resources Quidini allo"s teachers to create and customie material %or their

  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


    ow %o I !et starte%' o to http:((www.,uiz%ini.*om(.Quidini is an easy tool

    %or you to use$ !imply set up an account create a ne" 5ui play it once or t"ice

    "ith your dog 8ust to make sure e#erything looks the "ay you "ant and then let

    your students start to learn:

    InklewriterWhat is it' 'eb *$; tool %or making interacti#e stories that are easy to play and

    beauti%ul to read on modern tablet de#ices$ It

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    Bubble.usWhat is it' 'eb *$; tool that enables users to create mind mapping andbrainstorming diagrams online$ To begin the main topic7concept is entered in to the

    parent bubble$ Then ideas and thoughts are recorded in color%ul text bubbles linked

    to the parent bubble$ 2sers continue to add text bubbles "hich are color coded

    according to hierarchy$

    ow %o I !et starte%'!imply go to https:(( click on .start

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    Themee)yWhat is it'Themee%y lets you create your o"n lessons %rom the

    "eb and share them$

    ow %o I !et starte%' ,o to http677"""$themee%y$com7and sign up %or %ree$

    Storybir%What is it' Storybird lets anyone make visual stories in seconds. Storybird curates artwork from

    illustrators and animators around the world and inspire writers of any age to turn those images

    into fresh stories.

    It's a simple idea that has attracted millions of writers, readers, and artists to our platform. Families

    and friends, teachers and students, and amateurs and professionals have created more than 5
  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


    million storiesmaking Storybird one of the world's largest

    storytelling communities.

    ow %o I !et starte%' ,o to http677storybird$com7and sign up %or %ree$ Follo" the

    prompts to register and get started creating your o"n story$


    What is it' 'all"isher is a %ree application that acts as a #irtual bulletinboard$ !tudents can easily comment on a topic posted by the teacher$

    ow %o I !et starte%' ,o to """$"all"isher$com and click .build a "all$/ Inserta title and subtitle choose a background color and decide "hether your "all ispublic or pri#ate$ 0ou can create a "all as a guest or i% you "ant to sa#e "alls %or%uture use simply create a pass"ord %or your account$
  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout


  • 8/13/2019 SmithV F2F Handout