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2 Remarkable! Exceptional people QUICK REVIEW ... Work in pairs. Cive the beginning of four English sayings.Your partner comptetes themand explains whattheymean: A we'llctoss that b dge... . B We'll cross that bidgewhen we come to it. What this neans is.... Reading and Grammar Gt al \\i'rk nr Dairs. Look at thc titlc ard rntruducuon. Inlnt ol questions you rvould like to ask about Kim Peek. b) Rcad the anicle to see if ).our qreslrons \'ere answerecl. c) Read the anicle again. Tick the correct sentences. I'hen conect the mistaks. I Kini Pcck is la0rous lor his appeardnce in a $ell knom filn. 2 Llis cxtraodinary brain has sdll not been lully explaincd 3 Llc is unlble to look alrer himself on a day Lo<laybasis. a Kinls parerB have ahvays followe.L niedicrl advice about 5 ile has alsays been exrrernel,v friendh'and ouLgoing. 6 fun thinks that \lorldng $,idr people on the filn $,asverl goocl d) N{atch these meanings to thc vo.ds nr bold in the anicle. 2 frjghtentug 3 at rhe sarneLinc + r'atches carcfullv 5 a sal of'alkng 6 nrovesqulckl,v e) Work in pairs. Discuss thesc Vocabulary intensifying adverbs Crammar relative clauses with Reviewsayings Kim Peek was labelled 'mentally deficienf at birth. By the age of four, he was reading encyciopedias for fun.Today he can playthe piano like Mozart and recall any fact from more than 9,000 books. ls a person's inlelligcnce dctennined belorc bi{h? ]s acadcnic brilliance more irnportant iD lilc than emotional int lligeDce, or belng creatile or rf h.rc jr !rnrcL\ing faDiliaL abouL I this man in dre horellobby s.ho is mutteriDg n) himselfabouLairlines and hea\y sno\{. He givcs a bcllow oflaughter md people turn round in surprise, then s'nilc as ihcy recognise the shuffling gail and iarge bespectacled hcad ofKim Pcck. Somelhing ofa local hero here in Salt Lake Cily it's Kimlslifc on which an Oscar-winning film n'as based. nanl Mdr i{as a film about an autistic' savant* nith asroundingmathe matical skills,although Kim himself is developmentally disabled, not autistic.Most savnnts possess remarkableerltrertise nr oneto thrcc subjects; Kim, an experr in atleasl rs different subjects, is knoln as a mega savanl,alrhoqhhe has alor in comrnon sith RatnMan, such as the lightnnrgspeed at $'hich he caD Recently dubbed 'the living Googlcl no onc in the sorkl is thought ro possess a brain quite like Knn Pccks. As sxD as hewas born il was immediarelv clear hc Nas diffcrcnt. His head rvas so huge that his neck musclescouldnl suppon it and a later brain scan revealedhehad one solid brain hemisphcrc instead of t$(). It is possiblethat, because the nvo sjdes of the brain were unable to comm unicate with cach othr, ihe brain may have turned into one mega- conrputcr Ho\,cvcr this is one of nany theories, none of which have The aralj/sis ot Kim'sbrain does, hoNever cxplaiDthe rcasonfor his severe moior deticiencies.ll is looked nfter by his father, Fmn, on rrhonl lre totallt' d epends. 8r -year- oid Fran, alttroughnol in Llle bst of health hinrself,lakes care ofhis son fL l'time, helpilrg him to wash and dress and chccking on him in the night. Doctors blieveit is Frans unconditional lovc and bclicfnr his son that are paril_v responsible for Kirnls exceptional brilliance.Ho('cvcr it ob\iorElyruns iDrhe fhmily; (inr alsr has abdher and a sister, both ofwhom, along wiih l-ran himsll are xceptionally cleverand arc classcd as gcniuscs. When Kim ilas a child, docLors adviscdputting him in an institutioD, at which pointhis parents tookhim homc instcad and introduccd him t.) books.Byfbur and a half, although no school would accepthim, he had sought out encyclopaedias, atlases

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  • 2 Remarkable!Exceptional people

    QUICK REVIEW ...Work in pairs. Cive the beginning of four English sayings.Your partnercomptetes them and explains what they mean: A we'll ctoss that b dge... .B We'll cross that bidge when we come to it. What this neans is....

    Reading and GrammarGt al \\i'rk nr Dairs. Look at thc titlc

    ard rntruducuon. Inlnt olquestions you rvould like to askabout Kim Peek.b) Rcad the anicle to see if ).ourqreslrons \'ere answerecl.c) Read the anicle again. Tick thecorrect sentences. I'hen conectthe mistaks.I Kini Pcck is la0rous lor his

    appeardnce in a $ell knom filn.2 Llis cxtraodinary brain has sdll

    not been lully explaincd3 Llc is unlble to look alrer himself

    on a day Lo

  • 2AHelp with Grammar

    see Preview, pl5.

    Kinisa Laca! hero in his home town.

    and tclephone directories, all of whichhe menorised.It has rcccndy bccndisc.,vered LhaL each otKims eyes canread a scparatc pagc sirnultancously,takirgiLLst ten seconds, ralher thanthe avcragc thrcc Drirrutcs.These days,he spends most aflernoons in the locallibrary u,hcrc hc is a Duch l{Ned figufe-

    ltt hard to hold a conversation $ithKinr, $'hosc mind flits tu)m one subjectto another llith conlirsing speed.Phtsicallv, he can be a litde intimidathg.A big man, he rises suddenlv out ofhischair to distribute bear hugsi his mild,kindly lather keeps an eye on him andtries to explain lvhat he's talking aboot.However although Kim is charming and!fiectionate, h hasn t alwa,vs beensocially coDfidcnt. lIDtil a chancemeeting \\'ith the screenwriter led to themahng of ndin Man, Kimseldomdaredlook ano ther person in rhe face. Ihr'asDustin Hoffinan, the actor who playedKi h the lilm, r\'ho urged lr-ran to takeKim out irlto the Norld. The way inlvhich social contact has transformedKim's life is inmeasurabie. It hasdeveloped in him a marked scnsc ofhumourand he loves meetingpeople. "llis only since,?l],1 Mdn ihat Kims mindbecame codncted to his hean," saysllran. No$'I drink his heafi is evenbigger dlan his brain."

    ,\dapred lronr the sr,.lal Tblp-Araflr06/02/05

    'rriisi. = ha\in8 a nre.tal condiin,n that mak s|coplc!n$le b communicare well'rzk,r = sdmeoN sho has ur$1al abilitles or

    G t a ) I , o o k a r r h , . c p a i h o l \ c n r c n c e . . w l , k h r c n r ( n . , . I o r , I i n- , dclr pair i . an crJmplc ol arm,,r h,rmal. u*ual l ) $r i cnEnglish? tr) less formal, usually spoken EDglish?1 ]le is looked atier by his taLhcr Fun. on whom hc roial\'

    2 lle is lookcd afier bf his tather Fran. who he totally depends on.1 lt! Kim\ lile on which an Oscrr-wnnirg tiln was bascd.2 ltt Kimt life that an Oscar-winniru filn was basecl on.b) Fill in the grps in this rule \r'ith the corect words liom thepairs ol sentences nr 2a).,i' hi nore tonnal, usually rd(len Engiish. lrlo chaDges toJ l r , | . I r , | . . i i .n 1nd r l . r r . . r ' !c : roc) Look at this sentence and choose the correct answer tu theruLe. f-_rh is isone a lnany theot ips (none a lwhi 'h) havever been prc\ed.

    Detennnrs (bot,r, d/1. on., n.ithcr. nosl, mnl], crc.) coDlbiDe $1th.twl'i.l' or.tw,D,, h noD defining reladve clauses. Thcy rcfcr towofdvphrrses in t eprylous clause/the fo|awing clause

    :. : When we are speakiDg informall,v Ne can use borJr o/lh.n.dli.trire'n. etc.: liis is dn. oJnan) th.o,is nonc ol Lhtn hare be.n

    d) Change the infomal phrases in bold nr these sentences toa more formal written style. Ckck $nth the phrases in blue inthe article.1 Krm also has a brcther aDd a sister, who are both exceplioDally

    2 He had sought out ncycitryaedias, atlascs and relephonedirectories ard mmorisd thm all

    e) Check in p l 2 l .

    @ neut irc rhc plua.e. in bold u{"g r l t repo\ ir ion and Bl i , h o, htn,, .



    This is the nane that h was knoM by.This is the nane bywhich he wa' known.She should coDsult the students \yho she is responsible {or.He embarked on a lonsjourne,v which he ncver returned from.Mahir is the composer rhat he is always associatd with.l\n impressed by the speed thaa he runs rt._Ihe atist evenruall,v llDished rhe picrure that he'd bn

    @ t . t n t i * r h ( \ c I w o c l a u . e . . u \ i n c o l h , r , , h o , , t B l , o n lShe had lols ot ideas, but most of then rere nnpractical.She had lots ofideas, nost ofwhich were inpracticaL.She has two children, but Dither o[ tlieD look hke her.Tim inteniewed several peopl, who vere all unsuitable.She gave me tour tops. but I only wore one of thern.There were ody r$o flights that dat but the)'nere both lull.I sludied Cerman ai school, but remember nonc ofi1.



  • 2A

    Listening'@ a) t-ook at the photo of Tommyi- McHugh, a builder who became a

    painter- what do You think of hispaintings?b) m Lister to the Iadioprogramme WhY did TommYbecome a Painter?c) Listen again and complete thesesentences with one word1 Tomny hadnt done anY Painling

    at all until he reached his .--.2 He compares his nind to a

    ..... , which generates bubblesful of ctative ideas

    3 After lealing hospital, Tommyand his wife received no

    4 Tommy! life changed whenMarion Kalmus told him that he

    Changes to the temporal lobetend to increase people.sAs well as painting, many PeoPlewith Tomny's condition tend to

    Being very productive can oftenresuh in rvork ot variable .... .Although Tonmy! litesPan isuncenanl, he regards his lile as an

    VocabularY Intensifying adverbssee Prliew, pl5.

    a' a) Which adverb does !a! 8o with these adjectives or verbs? Check ir.Y ffiprzo.i LlEry/tharaughlyhealty {jay ...2 I'd be deeply/strangly/tofally trustrated it3 lr:s highLy/vividly/extrenet (un)likely that4 r ttrcnglytimlylhighly believe thats I bitterlyldeeply/Perfectty regrer .6 1 was bitterly/uftetLy/extlmely disappoinled whenr I canPletely/entirely/highty agreee I vnidt/di.t;4 tt)/Pete '! , nenber "b) Use five of the adverbs and verbs or adjectives in 6a) to make tme orfalse sentences about your life and views.s) work in pairs. Take tums to say your sentences Guess which ofyour partner's sentences are false.

    Think of someone who you think should win an award for beingercptional. It could be somebody famous or a person you know.Write {ive reasors why he or sh should win it.lfinly believe ny cousinJulia should win the awatd. Shewas ill for a whileand made rcdundant, neither ofwhich puther off starting her own business

    a) work in goups. Take tums to rell each other about the person youhave chosen. Try to be as persuasive as possible Then vote for theperson you think shoBld win the arflard.b) Tell the class about Ge person your group voted for'