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  • Contents1 Let's talkA Make a good impressionB Friends - the new family?C Favourite sayings

    2 Remarkable! A Exceptional peopleB Memorable placesC Spoilt for choice

    3 Well-beingA Being confidentB A happy, healthy lifeC It's the way you say it

    4 CivilisedA Society and the mediaB Cities and technologyC Making a splash

    5 It's just a job!A Behind the glamourB The young onesC Priorities

    6 Ask the publicA A curious scienceB But is it ethical?C Short story radio

    7 Laying down the lawA Getting away with itB Every step you takeC Not guilty!

    8 What's stopping you?A Finding tle timeB Fear!C The pros and cons

    9 CashA Where does it all go?B Cash-freeC A gloomy science?

    10 The key to successA Be creative!B Stick with it!C Go for it!

    Reading and Writing Portfolio1 Topic sentences2 Competition entries3 A proposal4 A website post5 An article6 Letters of complaint7 A reiew8 An informal email9 Guidelines and instructions10 An extract from a novel

    Accurate WritingAdvanced Reading and Writing Progress PortfolioAnswer Key1A2C4B6B8A9CReading and Writing Portfolio 4Accurate Writing