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F2F Intermediate Work Book


  • face2face Intermediate SECOND EDITION 2013Workbook with KeyCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESSContentsAcknowledgements1A Be happy!1B Love it or hate it1B Love it or hate it1C Join the club!1D Nice to meet you2A Slow down!2B Street food2B Street food2C Sleepless nights2D What`s the matter?3A The tourist trade3B Lonely Planet3B Lonely Planet3C Voluntourism3D A trip to India4A Musical experiences4B Modern adventurers4B Modern adventurers4C Unusual days out4D It`s only a game!5A Our new home5B A load of old junk5B A load of old junk5C Birthdays5D Things I need6A Make up your mind6B Fear of failure6B Fear of failure6C Touch wood6D The village festival7A Have a go!7B What would you do?7B What would you do?7C Social networking7D Can you tell me ... ?8A Angry planet8B Recycle!8B Recycle!8C Dangers at sea8D A hiking tripAnswer Key iAnswer Key iiAnswer Key iiiAnswer Key ivAnswer Key vAnswer Key viAnswer Key viiAnswer Key viii9A Get healthy!9B Good news, bad news9B Good news, bad news9C Human behaviour9D At the doctor`s10A The anniversary10B Who`s that?10B Who`s that?10C I do!10D Do you mind?11A Any meddages?11B How did it go?11B How did it go?11C Undercover11D It`s my first day12A I wish!12B Important moments12B Important moments12C SuperheroesPortfolio 1Portfolio 1Portfolio 2Portfolio 2Portfolio 3Portfolio 3Portfolio 4Portfolio 4Portfolio 5Portfolio 5Portfolio 6Portfolio 6Portfolio 7Portfolio 7Portfolio 8Portfolio 8Portfolio 9Portfolio 9Portfolio 10Portfolio 10Portfolio 11Portfolio 11Portfolio 12Portfolio 12Progress Portfoliocambridge.org