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1. Google AdWords Campaign By: Kyle Cavazos Johana Guerra Shannon Price 2. Journalism PhD Program 3. 51 total keywords used for all ads Most expensive keyword: $3.75 Budget = $3.80 Google Keywords 4. First Results Expensive keywords No clicks or very few The location set only to U.S. Incorrect/insufficient budget used Original Ad Problems 5. Changed Ad names and descriptions Changed School name (UT/University of Texas [at Austin]) Changed targeted location to international countries (Eng. language used). Changed link: utexas journalism.utexas Fixed budget amount Ad Modifications 6. The Final Ads 7. Avg. CPC went down from $4-5 to >~$2 Received clicks on every ad Improved avg. position from 3/4 to 2 Final results 8. Continue to change keywords. Adjust budget for different results. Mobile ads (?) Research other similar ads for ideas Narrow specific pages (difficult with UTs site) Further Improvements