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Time Saving Tips for Social Media Management Dan Elder, CKMP New Media Advisor [email protected] http://topsargebusinesssolutions.com

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This is a presentation Dan Elder of http://www.topsarge.com gave to the Social Media Breakfast-Killeen on how business owners can save time


  • 1. Time Saving Tips for Social Media Management
    Dan Elder, CKMP
    New Media Advisor
    [email protected]
  • 2. Life is Short
    so is our Attention Span
    Pithy Quote
  • 3. Five Time Saving Tips to Make the Best Use of Social Media
    Know your audience and have a purpose.
    Schedule your time on social media like an appointment.
    Use social media tools.
    Link your Network Accounts.
    Limit distractions; Shut off notifications & dont play games.
    Time Saving Tips
  • 4. Humor
  • 5. Considerations for using aggregator platforms
    Publish social content, manage interactions, and measure outcomes!
  • 6. Organize & Publish your Social Content
    Multiple users, multiple social media accounts, one platform
    Social Media Management
  • 7. Manage Interactions and Drive Traffic
    Respond to comments, replies, likes, etc. across your social properties.
    Social Media Management
  • 8. Measure Conversions and Prove Outcomes
    Discover the impact of your social media marketing efforts.
    Social Media Management
  • 9. Optimize your Social Marketing Strategy
    Increase efficiency. Prove ROI.And boom goes the dynamite
    Social Media Management
  • 10. Social Media Tools
    Hootsuite & Tweetdeck
  • 11. Post to one or more social networks - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare
    Tweet, Re-Tweet, Reply, Direct Message
    Follow, Un-follow, Add to List/Group
    Shorten URLs
    Schedule updates
    Monitor Twitter lists / Facebook Groups
    View searches on Twitter/Facebook
    Access aggregator via mobile clients
    Synchronize across computers / devices
    Post photos
    Filter columns
    Features to look for
    What you want to have
  • 12. Popular Tools
  • 13. Popular Tools
  • 14. Video
  • 15. Dashboards
    Measure, measure, measure
  • 16. Helpful Tools
  • 17. Helpful Tools
  • 18. Laugh
  • 19. Analyze the Data
    People only do what the Boss checks
  • 20. Google Analytics
    Helpful Tools
  • 21. Posterous Analytics
    Helpful Tools
  • 22. Stand Alone Timesavers
    Bonus Tools
  • 23. Later Bro
    Helpful Tools
  • 24. RSS Aggregators
    Google Feedburner
    Really Simply Syndications
  • 25. Want Help?
    We Got Answers
    Dan Elder, Social Media Advocate ([email protected])
    http://www.topsargebusinesssolutions.com (254) 853-4410