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Elin Frustol's Reflective Web Media Creation (RWMC) for Web507.


  • 1.Mobile Media & Apps
    the world is going mobile...

2. Apps, apps, apps
8.2 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2010?
Android and iPhone users spend 79-80 min/day using apps?
(Source: Gartner, AdMob)
3. Mobile Social Networking
More than 250 millionusers are accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
(Source: Facebook)
4. Augmented Reality
5. The Touch Web
6. Enhanced Location Awareness
7. Mobile Internet
By 2015...
Two-thirds of theworlds mobile data traffic will be video
Therewill be 788 million mobile-only Internet users
Therewill be 7.1 billion mobile-connected devices, approximately equal to the worlds population
(Source: Cisco)
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