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You have seen Social Media grow from a trend with teens to a robust communication tool. What is the next "Big Wave" of technology to affect you and your business? Mobile Apps! Mobile Apps and Smart Phones are changing the way we do business as consumers and enterprise organizations. Look at the rise and fall of GPS units and Flip Cameras as examples of technology that have been replaced by the App and Smart Phone. “From Social Media to Mobile Apps: The Next Big Wave” addresses the trends, changes and the reasons behind the changes that are rippling though our society. Through Apps and Smart Phones we have the information of the world at our finger tips, all the time, anywhere and very quickly. We now do searches “in the moment” as soon as a question can form in our mind. You may not have used your desk top computer while lying in bed but many people have their phones and tablet at their side, all of the time. How can you capitalize on the next “Big Wave” of technology to push through our society? Either learn to “ride the wave” or miss the opportunities bought by the wave. J.R. Atkins will inform, entertain and inspire you to grow and use technology to further your business and organizational goals.


  • J.R. Atkins Something Different Companies Author | Speaker | ConsultantSocial Media, Mobile Apps, Sales & Marketing This presentation is available at
  • What is Social Media Communication Platform Both ways - Dialogue - Listening Energizing your audience The people are the media & the power2
  • The Big 5 of Social Media LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogging Videos3
  • Mobile Apps All the information of the world, at your finger tips, with you always Are you ever without Google? Did you ever sleep next to your computer? Have you ever played Xbox while standing in line at the grocery store?4
  • Why Mobile Apps A subset of information usually found on a website Faster, more direct access A few highly valuable features & functions Efficiency is a Feature - Josh Clarks (Tap Worthy Author)5
  • Why are Mobile AppsGrowing For Users Access in the moment Compressing time Faster decisions Fun Developer/Company Money Advertising & Branding Competitive Advantage Customer Service6
  • Mobile Apps Platforms Apple - Design Android - For the Masses BlackBerry - Behind the firewall Windows - Enterprise r Us7
  • Mobile Websites Use Responsive Website Design Develop Once For All Platforms Lower Development & Maintenance Cost Requires Data Connection Does Not Utilize Device Features
  • What to consider -Consumer Has it been done Is it unique and or a better idea Business Model & Plan Team / Resources Money9
  • Other App Thoughts -Consumer Fast to Market vs. Patent How important is App marketing? Self contained or Connected10
  • What to consider - Enterprise Efficiencies In the moment thoughts & access Faster Decisions Info at your fingertips Security Not my device (BTOD)
  • Other App Thoughts -Enterprise Act soon for a competitive advantage Use in recruiting & retention A data connection device with connectivity to a larger screen
  • How many Features isEnough? The Largest Swiss Army Knife 87 Gadgets, 141 functions weighs 3 lbs, wont fit in your pocket Guinness World Record for Most Multifunctional Pocket Knife $140013
  • Assume we are always on Allow people to communicate when they want to Never assume someone wouldnt want to do that If its possible, do it before your competitor does 14
  • Does your Co. need an App? Yes Sources Vendor / Supplier Partner / Group Custom App15
  • Why are CEOs Hot? Imagine a CEO at a Corp retreat, looking at 1000+ employees, all looking at their phones as they chat, and realizing not one of them is doing Corp work because none of them can access Corp data via an App.16
  • How Many Apps for aCompany? Customers Employees Divisions Product Lines Supply Chain Vendors Partners Resellers Franchises17
  • What about EnterpriseApps? Ordering Designing Knowledge Management Sales Field Work Manuals Time Keeping
  • The cost of an App $5,000 - $10,000 Very Simple, single-function $10,000 - 25,000 - Simple, multi-function $25,000 - $65,000 - Average App $65,000 - $100,000+ - Complex Apps $3,000 - $10,000 - Mobile Website19
  • Before you move ahead withthe winning App idea, askyourself: W.W.J.D?Or / And What Would Jobs Do?W.W.D.D.D? What Would Don Draper Do?20
  • Recommended MockupTools POP - Prototyping on Paper21
  • Resources Tap Worthy App Savvy The business of iPhone & iPad Development TechCrunch (Blog) The Next Web App (Blog) MeetUp Groups User Groups Co-Working Spaces22
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