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Kite Camera Group Members: Marc Bland Mark Burchill Walter Perry Robert Popovitch Andrew Theriault

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Kite Camera. Group Members: Marc Bland Mark Burchill Walter Perry Robert Popovitch Andrew Theriault. Presentation Outline. Existing Technology Design Objectives and Goals Components for Design Cost Analysis Schedule Conclusions Questions. Existing Technology. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Kite Camera

Kite Camera

Group Members:Marc Bland

Mark BurchillWalter Perry

Robert PopovitchAndrew Theriault

Page 2: Kite Camera

Presentation Outline

• Existing Technology• Design Objectives and Goals• Components for Design• Cost Analysis• Schedule • Conclusions• Questions

Page 3: Kite Camera

Existing Technology• Kite Aerial

Photography (KAP)

– Began with Hobbyist– Still-Photography– Simple suspension


Page 4: Kite Camera

Design Objectives and Goals

• Design a controllable aerial photography system to accurately capture pictures and video– construct suspension and cradle system – maximize range of motion with

motors/electronics• Live streaming video

Page 5: Kite Camera

Components for Design

• Kite• Camera Cradle• Cradle Suspension• Camera• Video Transmission• Pan & Tilt Controls

Page 6: Kite Camera

Kites• Winged-Box

– Stable in heavy winds due to it’s boxed frame

– Flies in light winds due to its’ winged design

• Rokkaku– Solidly built– Adjustable tensioning– Winds ranging from 4-8


Page 7: Kite Camera

Kite Selection• Parafoil

– Steady and easy to control

– Inexpensive– Easily assembled– Excellent lift– Winds ranging from

8-25 mph– 17 square feet

Page 8: Kite Camera

Cradle System

• Cradle design crucial for maximum camera control

• Goal to obtain pan and tilt motions• Critical Design Characteristics

– Center of Gravity– Range of Motion– Support Type

Page 9: Kite Camera

Cradle Design Types• LL Design

– Most simple design– Lightweight– Supports only

smaller cameras– Smaller range of


Page 10: Kite Camera

Cradle Design Types• UU Design

– Little more supportive

– Capable of heavier weights

– Larger range of motion

– Tilting motion only

Page 11: Kite Camera

Cradle Design Types• UU Hover Variation

Design– Most complex– Largest range of

motion– Capable of horizontal

and vertical motions (tilt and pan)

Page 12: Kite Camera

Cradle System Designs

Page 13: Kite Camera

Suspension Types

Pendulum Picavet

Page 14: Kite Camera


• Made of two rigid tubes• Hard to control camera’s movements• Uncontrollable swinging leads to

inaccurate and blurry pictures

Page 15: Kite Camera

Picavet• Contains a self-leveling platform that resists

rotation• Suspension line attached various ways• Small cross resists rotation better than a large


Page 16: Kite Camera

Attaching the Picavet Suspension• Ball bearing

• Pulleys

• Eye holes

•Cord locks

Page 17: Kite Camera

Attaching the Suspension to the Kite

• Prussik Knot

• Line Tree

• Brooxes Hangup

Page 18: Kite Camera

Threading the Line

Threading SequenceA1 - 1 - B1 - R - 4 - A2 - R - 2 - B2 - 3 - A1.

Page 19: Kite Camera

Cameras• Snap Shot

– Takes still images– Blind shots– Smaller

• Video– Allows for live

streaming video– More expensive

Page 20: Kite Camera

Digital Video Cameras• JVC GR-D70U

– 16x optical zoom– Sports mode– Li ion battery

• Mustek DV 5500– Lightweight– Cost effective ($100)– Li ion battery

Page 21: Kite Camera

Video Transmission• Types

– Fiber Optic Cable

– Wireless RF Transmitter

– S-Video Cable

Page 22: Kite Camera

Fiber Optic Transmitter• Includes a transmitter and receiver• Power supply needed for transmitter

Page 23: Kite Camera

Wireless RF Transmitter• Includes a

transmitter and receiver

• No mess with wires• Quality may not be


Page 24: Kite Camera

Pan and Tilt Controls• Controlled by PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller)

– PIC16F873

Page 25: Kite Camera

Pan and Tilt Controls

• PIC will be wired up kite line to power 180O servo and a 360O servo or stepper motor attached to the camera cradle

Page 26: Kite Camera

Cost AnalysisMaterials Quantity Cost ($)Kite 1 200Camera 1 250Camera cradle 1 30Cradle suspension 1 30Servo (one 180deg, one 360deg rotation) 2 100#12 THHN Cu wire (stranded) 100 ft. 20Fiber optic cable transmission 1 200Power supply 1 50

Total: 880

Page 27: Kite Camera


Page 28: Kite Camera


• Integrated systems of Kite Camera• Funding is a possible problem• Testing and experimentation is vital

Page 29: Kite Camera



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