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BATCH PROJECT 2015 ` PATTS COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS BATCH PROJECT Status: Proposed Project By: BSAeroE Students – Batch 2015 Address: Lombos Ave. Parañaque City Date: 04 July 2014

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Status: Proposed Project

By: BSAeroE Students – Batch 2015

Address: Lombos Ave. Parañaque City

Date: 04 July 2014

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`Aerostat Wind Turbine - KITE(Kytoon Instrument and Turbine Electric-generator)

Problem StatementThe modern era is too different compared to our way of life before. In the past, we

only use simple methods like sending letters to deliver our messages to other people. But thanks to modernization, the simple turned much simpler. In the present, we use a lot of communication devices namely, our phones, the internet and a whole lot of other means. It has become a part of our daily needs. Using communication devices are already almost the same as breathing. The means of communication though, is mostly powered by electricity. Now, due to being in a tropical region; our country is constantly affected by natural calamities like typhoons. Thus, a large portion of our country tend to experience, if we’re lucky, temporary blackouts, but if worse, total cut off to electrical power a long period of time. However, if we can provide a good generator using alternative energy, everything changes.

Why Wind Turbine? When talking about generators, a lot of informed people would recommend using

either solar energy or wind energy. Mainly because both are renewable energies which means they are clean, affordable, domestic and effectively infinite. Solar energy is a very good alternative but we won’t be able to harness solar energy at night, can we? On the other hand, wind energy is often present where solar isn’t. Thus, a wind turbine is the answer to a solar panel’s lack of efficiency at night and when it is a bit cloudy.

Our ObjectiveTo create and develop a low cost electric-generating machine, which can be deployed

at any location, utilizing alternative energy that can be of great use during power shortages and blackouts.

How is this different from other wind turbines and generators?The Aerostat Wind Turbine uses the same processes as a regular wind turbine which

uses mechanical energy and converting it to electric energy. One of the major differences is that it is not being supported by a pole or other ground structures. This wind turbine will float, while tethered, on its own for it to achieve a higher altitude. The higher the altitude, the stronger the wind, the greater the wind energy will be harnessed. Another uniqueness of this wind turbine is that it can be deployed at any location. This wind turbine contains a rechargeable battery or an electric storage which can be used even if the wind turbine isn’t under operation. The turbine won’t be permanently placed on air. It will only be positioned when the rechargeable battery is depleted already.How about the Airspace Problem?

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The Aerostat Wind Turbine is basically a floating wind turbine, which generates limited electricity to supply a designated place which needs it. It’s designed to be small enough for us to deploy it easily in certain areas; like PATTS, for example. The Blimp Wind Turbine Generator has four main components:

Bladder - A proprietary helium-filled shell made from high performance, industrial fabrics that lifts the turbine up and stabilizes it in the air.

Turbine - A lightweight conventional, horizontal axis wind turbine fixed on the bladder. Tethers – The lightweight, high strength tethers hold the turbine in place in all weather

conditions and transmit power to the ground. Ground Station - The portable ground station which includes a control system, energy bank

and some power conditioning equipment.

Main ComponentsBladder

Made of gas-tight and durable fabric, the patented shell is inflated with helium. The shell passively aligns into changing winds while channelling wind through the turbine. Aerodynamic lift combines with floating lift to keep it aloft in both strong and weak winds.


The lightweight, horizontal-axis turbine adapts conventional, proven design used in efficient wind turbines that are currently deployed around the world. The turbine generates electricity both when airborne.


Tethers are used to connect the shell and turbine to rise on the portable ground station. Tether control is made to adjust turbine altitude, stabilize the turbine in the air, and provide an electrical connection to send power from the turbine to the ground. The control system periodically adjusts based on changing winds to keep the turbine at the optimal altitude for peak energy output and minimal structural loads.

Ground Station

The ground station is built on a small platform for easy transport. Craned on the ground station control tether speed and length, and aligns with the bladder to prevent tethers from tangling. A landing pad safely secures the envelope while docked. The power produced by the turbine is conditioned on the ground station.

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`Conceptual Sketch

Diameter = 15 - 20 ft.

Power Output = 12v-24v; 50-200watts; 0.01-1.5Amps

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`Volume of a Typical Airship

V = ( L x D x D x 0.52)


V = volume

L = length

D = diameter

Mass lifted = (density air – density helium) x volume

Volume needed = 1 kg / (density air – density helium)

@Sea Level @ 32° F

V = 1,000 ft3 (helium / hydrogen)

V = 1,000 ft3 (69.6 lb / 75.1 lb)

30 meter (100 ft)

Displaces = 14,137,000 liters

Lift = 14,000 kg (roughly 31,000 lb)

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`3 meter balloon (10 ft)

¿ 43x π xr xr x r

¿ 43π (150 cm x 150 cm x150 cm)

¿14,137,000 cm3

¿14 ,137 liters

Comparison of Gases

1. Hydrogen

- more efficient lifting gas

- 8% better than helium

- leaks more slowly

- highly flammable

- ρ = 0.8988 kg/m3

- lift = 1.2 kg/m3

- cheaper

- temperature for spontaneous ignition in air is 500° C (932 °F)

2. Helium

-lift = 1 kg/m3 or 1 g/liter

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`3. Methane

- ½ the lift of hydrogen

- 4x the energy density of hydrogen

- safer than hydrogen

- narrow relative air/fuel mixture for combustion

- lift = 45 lb/1000 ft3

Conventional rib-stop nylon (or Silicon coated)

- hot air balloons

- paragliders

- can resist steam up to 120°C

- if exceeds 120°C, it must be replaced by Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Hydrogen Helium

11.9 m 12.2 m

877 m3 947 m3

1 kg 1000 kg

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`Polyurethane Plastic Film

Altitude Pressure

(m) (mmHg) (kPa)

0 760 101.3

75 753 100.4

150 746 99.5

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`Basic Parts

For the Motor

DC Motor (2pcs)

Price: Php650.00 ‘each’


24 volts 3000 rpm


Shaft: 110mm Motor Diameter: 60mm Motor Length: 90mm Weight: 1 kg


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`For Battery MaintenanceMPPT Solar Charge Controller 12v, 24v, Auto Switch

Estimated Price: Php1, 400.00


Always keeping the battery on fill voltage condition. Prevents the battery from over-charging Prevents the battery from over-discharging Prevents the battery from reverse charging to solar panels during nights Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar Panels When the battery voltage is low, the controller will automatically cut off the

load from the system. If the voltage of battery is back to normal and the load will restart working.

Thunder protection


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`For TetheringSteel Cables

Price: 8mm diameter = Php35.00/meter

10mm diameter = Php42.00/meter


Brand new U.S. made, high strength compacted aircraft cable, steel core, hot dipped galvanized, high strength, flexible, for various applications, like zip line, winch, crane, hoist, pulley and others.

Nylon – For AlternativePrice: 6.5mm diameter = Php50.00/meter

= 3,500.00/roll (100 meters)

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`For Altitude ControlMAURER Hand Winch / Brake Winch

Estimated Price: Php8, 600.00


Automatic brake to ensure suspension of load Self- locking brake winches provide additional safety and control for many

lifting and pulling jobs. The automatic friction brake supplies constant, positive holding action and

prevents runaway load. Brake is fully automatic and the load remains in position anytime when the

handle is released. Alloy-steel gear, baked enamel body High Quality - Maurer


Capacity: 1150 kg Gear Ratio: 10:1 Hub diameter: 83 mm Rope storage: 8 mm x 18 meters


For the Power Inverter

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`Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000w

Estimated Price: Php4, 500.00


1000w solar power grid tie connected power inverter:

12v 24v 48v 


Full protection and audio-visual alarm system Can provide a full range of protection Over-voltage protection Low-voltage alarm Under-voltage protection Over-heat protection Overload protection Short circuit protection Reverse polarity protection


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`For Power StorageSolar Master - Deep Cycle Battery

Estimated Price: 12,000Php


The solar power battery is designed specifically for solar power installations, and other renewable energy installations, particularly those in which it is desirable that maintenance be kept to a minimum.


• Microwave Stations

• Radio Repeaters

• Any remote or hard to reach installation

• Any renewable energy installation


• Longer Discharge period and a lower discharge rate

• Use of thicker, high-density plates

• Excellent cycling capability because of thick lead-antimony grids

• Heavy duty glass-mat separators resisting plate corrosion and increasing battery life

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Size AH/C20V L W H T

SM40 12 230 138 200 236

SM70 70 12 305 174 200 225

SM100 100 12 392 180 200 230

SM120 120 12 502 180 207 230

SM150 150 12 508 220 208 230

SM200 200 12 524 278 214 240


For the AxleHollow Aluminium Shaft

Estimated Price: Php2, 000.00


Length: 12ft Diameter: 2in

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`For the “Bladder”Polyethylene Fabric Price: To be appraised

Chloroprene Fabric - AlternativeExtra Materials Needed

1. Bearings

Roller Bearings (2pcs)

Price: Php1, 000.00 ‘each’

2. Insulated Copper Wires

Price: 100m = Php7, 000.00

3. Helium

Price: Php24, 000.00


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`Pros and ConsPros

1. Environment Friendly - It is a green energy source and does not cause pollution nearly as much as fossil fuels, coal and nuclear power do.

2. Portable - Harnessing wind energy can be done almost anywhere. Whether or not a resource is financially feasible is another question.

3. Renewable - Wind power is renewable and there is no way we can run out of it.

4. Space-Efficient - Wind turbines are incredible space-efficient. The floating wind turbines can`t be placed too close to each other, but it’s placed above ground. The largest of them generate enough electricity to power 600 homes.

5. Low Operational Cost - The operational costs associated with wind power are low once the turbines first have been manufactured and erected.

6. Good Domestic Potential – Residential floating wind turbines yields energy savings which protects homeowners from power outages.


1. Unpredictable - Wind is a fluctuating source of energy and is not suited to meet the base load energy demand unless some form of energy storage is utilized (e.g. batteries, pumped hydro).

2. Cost Competitiveness - The manufacturing of this requires upfront investments.

3. Threat to Wildlife - Wind turbines can be a threat to wildlife (e.g. birds, bats).4. Helium Dependent – Helium is an important factor that makes the project

float. The bladder must be refilled periodically.

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`BudgetingSummary of PricesDC Motor: Php650.00

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Php1, 400.00

Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Php4, 500.00

Polyethylene Fabric: Php30, 000 (Assumed)

Maurer Hand Winch / Brake Winch: Php8, 600.00

Solar Master Deep Cycle Battery: Php12, 000.00

Aluminium Shaft: Php2, 000.00Extra Materials Needed: Php33, 000.00

Cost Pool (Basic)Item No. Estimated Cost

DC Motor 2pcs Php1, 300.00MPPT Solar Charge Controller 1pc Php1, 400.00Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1pc Php4,500.00Polyethylene Fabric (per sq. foot) ?? Php30, 000.00 (Assumed)Steel Cables 100m Php4, 200.00Maurer Hand Winch / Brake Winch 1pc Php8, 600.00Solar Master Deep Cycle Battery 1pc Php12 ,000.00Aluminium Shaft 1pc Php2, 000.00Other Materials Needed --- Php33, 000.00

Total --- Php97, 000.00*The cost of accessories may vary because some of the parts are for shipping and charged in dollars.

Total number of 5th year BSAeroEstudents A.Y. 2014-2015 = 140

Proposed Contribution per Student:(Php97, 000.00 + Php3, 000.00 ‘allowance’ ) / 140 = Php714.28

*Contribution may still vary because of the anonymity of some expenses, i.e. transportation, shipping, etc. though most will fall on the budget allocated for marginal cost.

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`Schedule of Activities

Date Activity Number of Days

June 23 to June 28

Preparation and Planning for the Proposed Project, Sponsorships and Letter of Approvals 6

June 30 Purchasing of Materials and Control Systems 6+

July 07 to August 31

Fabrication of Parts

Morning Shift Afternoon ShiftAxle Assembly Axle Assembly

DC Motor Generator DC Motor GeneratorBladder Construction Bladder Construction

Wiring of Charge Controllers Wiring of Power Inverters

34 Days

---3 Days5 Days

21 Days

5 Days

September 01 to September

5Assembly and Adjustments 5 Days

September 08 to September

12Test Flight 5 Days

September 15 to September

20Adjustments, Repairs and Test Flights 5 Days