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  1. 1. Kite Museum Ahmedabad Gujarat IndiaBy
  2. 2. January is thetime for kitefestivals totake place allover India.
  3. 3. TheInternationalKite Festival,however, isheld atAhmedabad inGujarat.
  4. 4. It takes placeon January 13thor 14th, tocoincide withthe festival ofUttarayan orMakarSankranti.
  5. 5. Familiescelebrate thisholidaytogether.
  6. 6. Traditionallythe kites aremade frompaper. But this is not agentle sport!
  7. 7. The aim is to flyyour kite, cutout theopposition andleave your kiteflying.
  8. 8. Specialmixtures ofglue andground glasscover the lines.This helps tocut through anopponents line,sending theirkite crashing tothe ground.
  9. 9. This makesthe lines sosharp that,carelesslyused, theycan cut afinger.
  10. 10. After dark,thousands ofkites arefitted withcylindricalpaper lamps.These fill thesky likebrightlyflickeringstars.
  11. 11. AddressKite MuseumSanskar Kendra Opp. National Institute of Design, Paldi Ahmedabad 380007 Gujarat Indiahttp://[email protected]