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Kite Presentation Team III Marc Durigon Adam Menko Daniela Carizzo Theodore Dixon

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Kite Presentation. Team III Marc Durigon Adam Menko Daniela Carizzo Theodore Dixon. Kite Components. Top or “Leading Edge” Area that the wind flows over to create the kite's lift. Right/Left “Wings” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Kite Presentation

Kite PresentationTeam IIIMarc DurigonAdam MenkoDaniela CarizzoTheodore Dixon

Page 2: Kite Presentation

Kite ComponentsTop or “Leading Edge”

◦Area that the wind flows over to create the kite's lift.

Right/Left “Wings”◦Right and left side of the kite; The

"Wing Tip" is the furthest edge of the right or left wing.  

“Spar”◦Frame of kite

Page 3: Kite Presentation

“Bridle”◦Network of lines that attach to

multiple “connecting points” on the kite and allow the kite to respond or perform to the flyer's commands. Many kites will have different connecting

points located on the bridle for different flying conditions.  

“Lines”◦Flying lines used to control the kite.

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“Sail”◦The material that spans the area of

the kite.

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Kite CompositionFrame Materials

◦Wood: best if light, strong, and flexible, i.e. hardwood

stripwood, staking cane, or rattan.

◦Fiberglass: rods or tubes◦Carbon fiber: rods or tubes.◦Graphite rods

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Sail Material◦Tyvek: durable and lightweight; good

for a myriad of applications.◦Ripstop Nylon: tiny filaments of

nylon slow the spread of rips. ◦Polyethelene: layered plastic.◦Ripstop Polyester: lightest material,

and least porous; generally makes for very light and fast kites.

Page 7: Kite Presentation

Lines◦Generally nylon.◦Most commonly range in number

from 1- 4

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Sled Design

Page 9: Kite Presentation

Box Design

Page 10: Kite Presentation

Delta Design

Page 11: Kite Presentation

ApplicationsBridge Building

◦Used to string the first cable for the bridge over Niagara falls.

◦Have also been used to carry telephone wires across gaps which would otherwise be hard to navigate.

Teddy Bear Lifting

Page 12: Kite Presentation

Lifting transmitting aerials◦Marconi utilized kites in early

experiments.◦Allies in WWII at times used a box kite

and a transmitter to communicate.Man lifting

◦Prior to the development of powered flight, the military recognized the potential of kites for reconnaissance.

◦Not advisable.

Page 13: Kite Presentation

Search and RescueBeacon used for locating lost

soldiers. Tubes of luminescent material will be attached for easy visibility, as well as a radio transmitter to speed up location.◦Must reach altitude of at least 150 in

order to achieve a visibility of 9 miles.

Page 14: Kite Presentation

Food/material transportationCould be used to get food to

people trapped in situations that prevent immediate rescue, i.e. avalanches, floods, and other natural disasters.

Transport materials for construction projects in hard to access venues.

Page 15: Kite Presentation

Chemical Weaponry Dispensation

Cans attached to the frame will contain chemical agents to be dispensed on enemy.