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Call Tracking

Call tracking is a very important tool to in the armoury when trying to evaluate the performance of your AdWords campaign.The purpose of call tracking is to monitor which source the call has come from in order to see which of your marketing avenues is proving most fruitful. The call can be attributes to Pay Per Click, Organic, Email or Direct.

In principle the call tracking software works as follows. It replaces the websites usual phone number with a new phone number unique to that user. The number is then monitored so as it is possible to track from which source the call came from.

Once a goal has been set up in Analytics for a phone call you can import it into the AdWords campaign, once, AdWords has triggered more than one goal conversion.

By having access to the data which shows where your calls are coming from you can more accurately target your PPC campaigns. It is accurate down to the keyword which has triggered the phone call, perfect for those testing multiple keywords.

Before call tracking it was difficult to attribute calls to a specific keyword, meaning that alterations to an account were based on a hunch more so than fact. Now we have call tracking we can accurately justify turning off certain keywords which arent working and focus on those which are.

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