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A trend forecasting book from 2011-2013


  • Trend Forecasting2011-2013Fall/Winter 2013

    By Laurel Moore

  • Backcast 2011

    StudsWinter 2011 studs were the ultimate sign of edgi-ness. This trend continues to reappear and stand out.

    Feathersfall 2011 feathers gave each outfit a new twist. It made itself a commmon detail found anywhere from evening gowns to nail designs.

    Lace Summer 2011 Lace became a great feminine basic. As a classic fabric, this style not only adds a romanitic flare, but a timeless elegance. This trend is expected to stick around for a little since it is a timeless look.

  • 2012Backcast

    AztecSummer 2012 Aztec prints add to bohemian and carefree lifestyle, perfect for summer.

    Color BlockingWinter 2012 uses the sleek trend of color blocking to add an unexpected element of pop. This trend uses simple lines and silhouettes to balance the bright colors.

    BrightsFall 2012 brights are seen as the new basic. Pair any top with your favorite bright pants or wear it as a small accessory. Brights consist of neons, pastels, and emerald color tones.

  • Miss Marie

    Fall 2013

  • Color Miss Marie

    The Color is represented through warm pastels with the combination of burnt golds, Fuschsia and hints of black.

  • Identity Miss Marie

    Miss Marie represents an Elegent edge with clas-sic elements and romantic details. Inspired by Marie Antoinette,this trend reconstructs classic style through timeless patterns and details. It seperates the itself apart from the average with its elaborate details and struc-tural basics.

  • Pearls Miss Marie

    Pearls, adding a hint of elegence to every outfit.

  • Quilted Fabrics Miss Marie

    Quilted Fabrics such as Leather, tweed, and wool are the perfect element to add to a simple de-sign. Inspired by crown molding and the classic Chanel handbag, this detail will be seen on your favorite basics. Your go to jacket, pants, or skirt now have a Royal twist with elaborate designs

  • Embroidery Miss Marie

    Embroidery in-spired by baroque time

    periods and tapestries

    gives the garments depth

    and feminine de-tails.

  • Man Hunter

    Fall 2013

  • Inspiration Man Hunter

  • Color Man Hunter

  • Two-toned Leather Man Hunter

    Two-toned leather combines the classic look of leather with clashing colors. This look adds an element of surprise to your go to jacket or pants.

  • Fur Accents Man Hunter

    Faux fur is the perfect acces-sory when the weather is weary. Its the per-fect way to add warmth to the Rugged

    hunter style.

  • Metal Hardware Man Hunter

    Metal Hardware puts raw pieces of sleek metal in places they shouldnt be. this element is eye catching and adds edge to the rugged style.

  • Vibrant Chaos

    Fall 2013

  • 2011Vibrant Chaos is for that girl whos looking to make a statement. It combines vintage details inspired by

    the 1970s along with the color splash of an artist palette. Its

    a Statement piece that creates an effortless chaos that will never bore the eyes.

  • Vibrant Chaos Fall 2013

    Color Vibrant Chaos is not shy when it comes to color. This look uses

    dramatic hues of blue and turquoise com-bined with the vibrant and

    Free Spirit of yellow and pinks. This chaotic color spectrum is balanced out with the natu-ral neutrals of brown, gray, and green.

  • Patterns on Patterns Vibrant Chaos

    Patterns on Patterns instead of having to decide between a statement top or bottom take the risk of a true fashioni-sta and combine your favorite prints.

  • Print Trends Vibrant Chaos

    Water Color prints add depth and sensual elements to a fabric making an accidental and

    unique pattern, another trend is Oriental in-spired prints and Seventies inspired prints, adding a classic and modern element.

  • The Ascot Vibrant Chaos

  • Crotcheting Vibrant Chaos

    This is not your

    Grandmas quilt anymore.

    Crocheting de-tails combine fun patterns

    with vintage ease. In-

    spired by the 70s clas-sic, it adds a free spirited

    twist to a modern outfit.

  • Vibrant Chaos

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