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  • 1. Monthly Performance Report U.S. Airlines Flights during February 2012 Release Date: March 19, 2012 2012 Marks Systems Inc. All rights reserved. 4833 Rugby Avenue, Suite 301 Bethesda, Maryland 20814 (888) 809-2750
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  • 3. Contents Monthly Performance Report U.S. Carriers, February 2012Section Contents SlideIntroduction Methodology 4Glossary of Terms Explanation of aviation terms used 5Key Metrics February 2012 By Carrier, Rankings 6Airport Summaries Top 5 Departures, Arrivals; Delay Programs 10Airport Deep-Dive of the Month Analysis for Orlando International (MCO) 13Market Profile of the Month Boston Shuttle market review 15Individual Carrier Metrics Summary & detail for individual carriers 18 To receive this report by email each month, please visit 3
  • 4. Introduction Monthly Performance Report: February 2012 The masFlight Monthly Performance Report summarizes United States airline performance.Differences from DOT ASQP (On-Time) Reports. We collect flight information for most scheduledcarriers, including both mainline hub-and-spoke airlines and their regional affiliates. DOTs on-timedata reports differ from ours because:(1) Some carriers are excluded from DOT reports. Only airline certificates with 1% or greater share of scheduled-service domestic passenger revenue report on-time data to DOT. Many low fare and regional carriers are therefore excluded. Our report captures most of these carriers.(2) Our report includes international flights by U.S. carriers. DOT includes only domestic flight operations in its report, since carriers do not report international flights.(3) DOT reports on-time performance by operating carrier, not by marketing carrier. For example, both United and Delta market regional flights that are operated by SkyWest. We report performance by operating carrier (e.g. SkyWest as a discrete entity) and by marketing carrier.(4) DOT reports focus on on-time arrivals only. We focus on three operational statistics. D15 performance is the percent of flights that depart the gate within 15 minutes of schedule. A14 performance is the percent that arrive at the destination gate within 14 minutes of schedule. CF (or Completion Factor) is the percent of flights scheduled that arrive at their destination, net of cancellations and non-completed diversions. 4
  • 5. Definitions Terms Used Italicized terms are the key definitions usedTerm DefinitionCF% (Completion Factor) The percent of flights scheduled that arrive at their destinationD0% Flights that depart from their origin by the scheduled departure timeD15% (On-Time Departures) Flights that depart from their origin within 15 minutes of the scheduled timeA0% Flights that arrive at their destination on or before scheduled arrival timeA14% (On-Time Arrivals) Flights that arrive at their destination within 14 minutes of scheduleGate Turn Time The on-gate time between gate arrival and gate departure for a given aircraftScheduled Gate Turn Turn time defined by scheduled arrival to scheduled departure timeActual Gate Turn Turn time defined by actual arrival to actual departure timeTaxi-Out Time Time from gate departure to runway takeoffTaxi-In Time Time from runway landing to gate arrivalGround Delay Program FAA delays for flights at departure airport for flights into a specific facility 5
  • 6. Key Metrics U.S. Airline System Performance Metrics February 2012 Departures Arrivals U.S. Airline Tracked Category Flights Completed On Schedule On-time On Schedule On-time CF% D0% D15% A0% A14% All U.S. Airlines 660,542 98.9% 71.1% 87.9% 69.0% 86.1% Mainline Airlines 220,692 99.4% 71.2% 89.4% 69.6% 87.3% Low Fare Airlines 141,959 99.3% 65.6% 88.2% 71.6% 88.2% Regionals 297,891 98.2% 73.5% 86.6% 67.3% 84.2%All U.S. Airlines include all U.S. carriers tracked by masFlightMainline Airlines include American, Alaska, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, United, and US AirwaysLow Fare Airlines include JetBlue, AirTran, Frontier, Spirit and SouthwestRegionals include Pinnacle, Colgan, Trans States, CommutAir, Compass, ASA, GoJet, PSA, American Eagle, Comair, SkyWest, Executive,Piedmont, Horizon, Chautauqua, Shuttle America, ExpressJet, Mesaba, Mesa, Republic and Air Wisconsin. 6
  • 7. Key Metrics U.S. Carrier Summaries February 2012 All Flights Mainline Only Regional CarriersAirline Tracked CF% D15% A14% Tracked CF% D15% A14% Tracked CF% D15% A14%American 98,477 98.6 89.2 86.4 53,567 99.0 88.6 86.4 44,910 98.1 89.8 86.4Alaska 22,187 99.1 92.5 90.9 11,963 99.6 92.3 89.6 10,224 98.5 92.6 92.5Continental (a) 65,789 99.0 81.5 78.9 40,351 98.5 79.7 76.8 52,559 99.2 84.8 83.0United 84,650 97.8 84.6 82.9 57,529 97.4 84.3 82.6Delta 144,115 99.2 90.3 88.9 60,217 99.7 91.2 89.9 83,898 98.8 89.5 88.1Frontier 10,368 99.1 76.9 72.5 6,441 99.4 75.6 72.7 3,927 98.5 78.9 72.3US Airways 92,005 98.8 88.8 85.6 36,495 99.7 92.5 89.2 55,510 98.2 86.3 83.1AirTran 18,614 99.6 94.8 91.5 18,614 99.6 94.8 91.5JetBlue 20,091 99.8 86.3 84.1 20,091 99.8 86.3 84.1Hawaiian 5,891 99.9 93.8 90.9 5,891 99.9 93.8 90.9Southwest 87,226 99.0 88.4 90.0 87,226 99.0 88.4 90.0Spirit 5,582 100.0 84.0 80.2 5,582 100.0 84.0 80.2Virgin America 4,009 99.7 92.1 92.4 4,009 99.7 92.1 92.4(a)