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  • MIS Reporting

    Henry Stewart SunGard Higher Education

  • What You Will See During This Presentation

  • Dashboards for your Favorite Reports and Charts

  • Tend Reports for Planning and Analysis

  • Summary Reports for Targeted Areas

  • Detailed Reports for Tracking Individuals

  • Ad-hoc Access for Quick Answers

  • Scorecards for Communicating Plans

  • Scorecards for Monitoring Progress

  • MIS Data Warehouse

  • MIS Data WarehouseA Foundation for Reporting, AnalyticsDesigned to empower your staff with on-demand informationEnables your staff to create their own reports, analytics, dashboardsExtracts MIS and 8,000+ Banner data fields Banner into a single data repositoryUsed with your favorite reporting toolsCognos, Discoverer, Argos, Crystal, SAS, ExcelCognos is SunGards selected and recommended choiceData WarehouseAdmissionsEmployeesTestsAdvancementFinancial AidEnrollmentsHRMISStudentReporting Tools

  • MIS Data Warehouse:Example #1The Annual Employee Appreciation Day for full time administrative staff is coming up next month.Jean Rogers, Director of HR, wants to be SURE she has a complete and accurate list of those that should be honored.Jean asks, John Campbell, her Administrative Assistant, to pull together the list so that she can share it with her management team for this afternoons 2 PM meeting.John is new to the job but he is comfortable working with data and he knows Excel.Last month he had a 3 hour orientation on the use of SunGards new reporting tool named Cognos.Can John get the information needed for the 2 PM meeting?

  • MIS Data Warehouse Value:Staff Empowered With New Information AccessJohn did very well he was able to produce Jeans report, send her an Excel version and surprised her with a new report

  • MIS Data Warehouse Value:Staff Empowered With New Information AccessThe combination of Banner Data Warehouse and Cognos tools provide high value -- fast, easy access to information for all authorized staffSingle, comprehensive, reliable source of data designed for business usersReporting solutions that are:FlexibleVery easy to learn Very easy to use

  • But wait theres more Performance Management Applications Extend the Value of MIS Data Warehouse

  • MIS Performance Reporting and Analytics:New Performance Management ApplicationsSunGards data warehouse provides extensive, flexible information to management and staffOut-of-the-box solution for daily operational support and analyticsBut even the best reporting and analytic solutions often dont meet the needs of executive management and a strategy-driven organizationData WarehouseCampaignsRecruiterAssignmentsTestsCommunicationsProspectsApplicantsDecisionsMISSchools

  • Performance Management ApplicationsExecutives Want More Than Operational ReportsLeaders Are Focused on Difficult Strategic IssuesMonitoring ongoing effectiveness of recruitment campaignsMatching enrollments with institutional programsRecruiting best qualified applicant pool Responding to demand for increased accountabilityLeaders Have Strategies to Solve These IssuesStrategies identify goals, objectives and desired outcomesExecution of strategy is essential for successLeaders want to monitor progress towards strategy not another report

  • Performance Management Applications Strategy and Plans Need Ongoing CommunicationA new layer of information is needed for senior management Data needs to be transformed into the language of strategyProgress towards goals and objectives needs to be monitoredA single information access architecture for the entire institutionDataWarehouse

  • Performance Management Applications Performance Management: Communicate Strategy & Plans

  • Performance Management Applications Performance Management: Visibility Into Performance

  • Scorecards vs. Dashboards Performance Management: More Than DashboardsEvery vendor has DashboardsGraphic displays of favorite measuresNumber of applicants as of todayNumber of applicants with ACT > 26Everybodys measures can be (will be) differentDashboards lack the context of where your team wants to goDashboards: summarize what has happened (looking backwards)

  • Scorecards vs. Dashboards Performance Management: More Than DashboardsOnly SunGard has real Scorecards!Graphic displays of progress towards targets (looking forwards)How many applicants have we received compared to our plan?Is the number of applicants with ACT > 26 less than expected?Graphic displays of actual results compared to monthly targets of very specific measures linked to organizational objectives

  • Solutions That Provide Significant ValueData Transformed Into Business FormatsDaily operational detail AND date-stamped for longitudinal analysisAdministrative controls for loads, refreshes, snapshots, securityEmpowers Your Staff: Information self-serviceFast, easy ad-hoc access for all authorized staffStaff focus on using information; not collecting informationCompatibility with many popular Reporting ToolsCognos, Discoverer, Web-Focus, Crystal, Argos, ExcelGuaranteed MIS and Banner compatibilityStudent, Financial Aid, Financials, HR, Advancement8,000+ data elements extracted nightly from BannerAnd More Flexible deployment optionsValue-based security with Single Sign-OnSunGards foundation for Performance Management applicationsBuilt by higher education; for higher educationBut Most Importantly: Less time, less cost, less risk

  • MIS Reporting

    Henry Stewart SunGard Higher Education

    To get the data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse, another set of ETL scripts are run to take the data from ODS into EDW. This is important because it emphasizes the consistency of data as you move up the maturity level of reporting. It allows for that VP who does analytical reporting to question some numbers and their support team to understand where the data comes from in a consistent manner. The tools that access the EDW are OLAP tools that provide dimensional reporting over time.