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Landing a job in our economy is tough. Many are competing for few jobs. Employers are picky. Every stage in my job search, I demonstrate how I can differentiate myself from other candidates. Recently, I designed this spectacular design to thank the interviewers who interviewed me. I landed the position.


  • 1. Design + Innovate + CreateInfuses creativity, passion and drive into all designs solving real-world businessproblems.Strengthens brands with a keen ability to translate client needs into creativesolutions. Additionally, leverages extensive technology and marketing expertise toquickly complete multiple projects ahead of schedule and under budget.Seeks fun, collaborative and creative environments.FAVORITE QUOTEDesign is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose-- Charles EamesDERRICK DOUGLASS

2. Design + Innovate + CreateMOBILE APPLICATIONDESIGNM:CRAs design was inspiredby a desire to develop anapp from a busy, stressedout sales team's point ofview.M:CRA is an experiencethat frees your sales teamfrom poorly designed apps,allowing them to focus oncreating customer value.A tablet app, M:CRA is easyon the eyes, easy to locatefiles and easy to learn.The apps bold colorscheme, intelligent featureplacement and excitinggraphics has a modernsensibility that looks coolevery time it's used.The apps minimalist,uncluttered layout isefficiently organized solocating files is a breeze.Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop &PerspirationDesign + Innovate + CreateMarkDEARThank you for interviewingMEfor the web developer/designer role.IT WAS A JOY TO DISCUSSHOW I CAN DESIGN USER EXPERIENCES THAT EXTEND ACROSSWEB, EMAIL, SOCIAL AND OTHER MEDIA. 3. Design + Innovate + Create&RQWDFW$ERXW8VOnlineReservations*DOOHU0HQXWe use the best naturalingredients available,picked fresh, picked local.Our low-carb, low-fatMexican infused sauces,salads and entrees will loveyour taste buds.So, yeah. If you wantdelicious, freshly-preparedMexican vegetarian foodwith a precocious,often-offends attitude then welcome.We like you already!DELICIOUSLY,HEALTHY FOODCopyright 2012 Avocado Grill Enterprises LLC | Designer: Derrick B. DouglassAvocado Grill: 1600 Grant Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (p) 301.390.0900 (f) 301.390.0901AVOCADOGRILLETex-Mex Vegetarian Cuisine Livin Livida Fresh Livin Livida FreshAVOCADOGRILLERestaurantweb sites mustimmediately showcustomers why theyshould dine here,not elsewhere.This sites deliciousimages, succulentcolor and typeselection, and tastylayout will havecustomers comingback again andagain.Role: Web/Graphic DesignerPhotography: Photos.comTools: PhotoshopIllustratorAVOCADOGRILLERESTAURANTWEB SITEDESIGNDesign + Innovate + Create My strong webdevelopment skillsincluding HTML5, CSS3and CMS createfunctional web sites thatDESIGNConquer all creative challenges - gigawatt 4. Design + Innovate + CreatecollaborateRecently, I designedwww.capennydesigns.comand sites were designedand developed using theskills required for the role.3G 4:08 PMCA Pennyswebsite is built onShopifys ContentManagementSystem.The underlyingtemplate wasmodified usingHTML, CSS andnumerous webdevelopmenttechnologies.All graphic design,photographicand interactiveelements werecreated to delivera unique shoppingexperience.Client: CA Penny DesignsRole: Creative Director,Web/Graphic Designer,Web DeveloperPhotography: CA Penny DesignsTools: Adobe Illustrator, ShopifyLanguages: HTML/CSSURL: www.capennydesigns.comDDEORURGILCAKS S+ + DESIGNS +WEB SITEDEVELOPMENTDesign + Innovate + Create 5. Design + Innovate + Create Design + Innovate + CreateYour branddeserves funky,functional andfresh design. To getnoticed, your brandcant whisper, yourbrand mustSHOUT!D3s targetaudience wantsfunky, fresh andfunctional design.Since they createawesome designsthat pump uptheir customersbrands, D3 wanteda cool and easy tonavigate web site.Client: Derrick DouglassRole: Creative Director,Web/Graphic Designer,Web DeveloperPhotography: DevientArt.comTools: Adobe Dreamweaver, IllustratorLanguages: HTML/CSSJqueryURL: www.derrickdouglassdesigns.comDDEORURGILCAKS S+ + DESIGNS +WEB SITEDEVELOPMENTYour customers will benefitfrom the diverse backgroundId bring to the role. It includesboth digital and traditionaldesign skills.AGILITYWe beleive that we make creative decisionsthat resonate with audiences - gigawatt 6. Design + Innovate + CreateFunHealthyDeliciousTex-Mex Vegetarian CuisineAVOCADOGRILLE1600 Grant Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (p) 301.390.0900 (f) 301.390.0901 (u) designs include webbanner ads, logos, digitalimages, editorial layouts,interactive pdfs and otherdesign categories.ResultsSupport our search for the Long-Term Missing Children.TheyMustNOT BeForgotten.Donate Nowillustrationweb ad posteradvertisementWEB BANNER DESIGN | Help Them HearThe web banner is one of the first elements a visitor sees when they visit Help Them Hears landing page. An additional designelement was added to communicate the logos visual cues on their web page.Client: HelpThemHear LLC | Role: Creative Director and Graphic Designer | Photography: | Tools: Adobe Illustrator + PhotoshopURL: www.helpthemhear.orgDesign + Innovate + Create 7. Design + Innovate + Create Design + Innovate + CreateBRANDING | Freydas HandsTo celebrate the release of its new CD, Old Doors, Freydas Hands held a contest to brand its image. I was thecontests first runner-up. An identity system was developed to position the brand with a fresh, clean look whilepaying homage to its rich folk history.Client: Freydas Hands | Role: Creative Director and Graphic Designer | Tools: Adobe IllustratorFREYDA'S HANDSACHIEVEMENTSEDUCAUSE award recipient - poster designFreydas Hands award recipient - logo designFUN 8. Design + Innovate + Create Design + Innovate + CreatemeFreydas Hands logo design contest winnerPhi Theta Kappa Academic Honor SocietyAdobe Creative SuiteHTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JqueryWordpressTwitter BootstrapExcel (expert)Final Cut ProMac OSGraphic DesignerThe Boss Group2014Graphic DesignerSign-A-Rama DC2012 - 2013Lead Data AnalystRandstad, USA2010 - 2012V.P. of Public RelationsPlaza Presenters Toastmasters2009 - 2010Group Team ManagerTarget Corporation2009Manager of TechnologyTemple University2005 - 2007ACHIVEMENTSSOFTWAREB.S. Computer ScienceArcadia UniversityMBA (Marketing)Clark Atlanta University2009Graphic Design CertificateMontgomery College2014creativeadaptablecollaborativefriendlyagileCapabilities:superb writing skillsexceptional leadership abilitiesstrong business acumenstellar verbal skillsDemonstrates:strong compositioncolor selectionimage correctiontypographyDevelops imaginitive graphics using:EDUCATIONASSETS TO YOUR COMPANY EXPERIENCElogosdirect marketing newslettersbrochuresposterslayoutsillustrationsDesigns high-impact:Deans ListAgain, thank you for interviewingwith me. Having spoken with Lee, histeam and you, the role is a good fitand I hope you select me for it. I lookforward to your decision.DERRICKDOUGLASS 9. Design + Innovate + Create