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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>After the job interview: The follow-up</p> <p>Our Agenda1. Agenda2. Objectives3. Introductions 4. Activity 1: Vocabulary review5. Activity 2: Discussion 6. Activity 3: Dialogue7. Activity 4: Job interview follow-up tips8. Activity 5: Case studies9. Activity 6: Dictation10. Activity 7: Practice</p> <p>Workshop ObjectivesTo learn 8 new words related to following up after a job interview.</p> <p>To learn 7 important follow-up tips</p> <p>To learn how to write an after-interview Thank You card and a follow-up letter. </p> <p>What is your name?</p> <p>Where are you from?Introductions</p> <p>Vocabulary ReviewActivity 1</p> <p>Activity one: Vocabulary ReviewMember of a nationutappropriateenthusiasticfeedbackfollow up courteouspromptlyrespond</p> <p>An action to increase the effectiveness of a previous one bothersomeSuitable for a time or place Advice about how you can improvepolite quicklyHappy to do something to reply in words </p> <p>annoying </p> <p>http://jobsearch.about.com/od/etiquette-tips/ss/interview-introduction.htm</p> <p>6</p> <p> Activity two: Fill-in-the-blank</p> <p> 1. Dont call the prospective employer. This can be _______________________ . 2. It is important to ___________________ after a job interview.3. Be ________________. If you are called for another interview, call them back right away.4. It is OK to ask for _______________________ after a job interview.5. He responded to my e-mail. He must be very _________________________ .6. It is ______________________ to send a thank you note after a job interview.7. __________________ quickly after you are called for another job interview.8. Responding __________________ after a job interview will make a good impression.</p> <p>courteous</p> <p>follow upannoying respond</p> <p>promptly </p> <p>appropriate </p> <p>feedback </p> <p>enthusiastic</p> <p>Group discussionActivity 2Have you ever gone for a job interview?</p> <p>What are some important things to remember to do at the end of the interview?</p> <p>Listen to a dialogue.</p> <p>What important points do you hear?Activity 3</p> <p>Image by public domain pictures / 18043 images shared under CCO</p> <p>Listen to a dialogue: </p> <p>Johanna</p> <p>JohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaAliciaSo, how was your job interview?It was great, but I dont know what to do now. What do you mean? I am just nervous, I guess. I hate waiting for the call.You know that there are things that you can do now, right?There are things you can do now that may help you get the job.Such as what?I am not following you.For starters, you could send a thank you note. That will make a good impression.JohannaAliciaI have horrible penmanship. That may make a bad impression!</p> <p>Listen to a dialogue: </p> <p>Johanna</p> <p>AliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaAliciaThanks for the help, Johanna!In that case, tell me what to write and Ill write it for you! Great! Thank you. Now, anything else I can do? Well, did they give you a timeline as to when they would make the hiring decision?Oh yes! Great idea. This is when Ill also send additional information about myself.No, but Ill do that now. I definitely want to be prepared in case I get called in for another job interview.Yes, she said within the week. On Monday, If you haven't heard anything, you can send a follow-up e-mail. JohannaExactly. Now, did you write down any notes based on the job interview? Exactly. </p> <p>Lets learn some important follow-up tips!Activity 4</p> <p>A. Before leaving the interview</p> <p>Image by Peggy_Marco / 4771 images Shared under CCO</p> <p>1. Ask for a timelineImage by ClkerFreeVectorImages / 29622 images Shared under CCOWhen can I expect to hear from you?</p> <p>2. Ask if you can stay in contact via LinkedIn.Image by tiffanytlcbm / 8 images This demonstrates that you are professional!</p> <p>15</p> <p>3. Collect business cardsImage by Peggy_Marco / 4771 images, CC0 Collect these cards from people involved in the hiring process.</p> <p>16</p> <p>B. When you get home </p> <p>Image by OpenClipartVectors / 18085 images </p> <p>4. Send a Thank You noteImage by GingerQuip / 7 images Send a thank you note (email) to each person involved in the hiring process. Use quality paper if you send it by standard mail. Consider typing it.</p> <p>18</p> <p>Sample Thank You noteThanks for meeting with me on Monday about the Production Manager position at Angry Chocolates. It was nice to meet you, and the position sounds very close to my background and interests. Im looking forward to the next conversation. If you need any more information, please let me know. Have a wonderful rest of the week.</p> <p>19</p> <p>5. Review your interview notesImage by FirmBee / 86 images under CC0This will help you stay sharp for the next round of interviews.Write down questions or observations.</p> <p>C. After the timeline has passed Dont panic!</p> <p>Image by PublicDomainPictures / 18043 images under CC0</p> <p>6. Check-inSend a follow-up e-mail or make a phone callBe polite!</p> <p>Image Call-15758 by PublicDomainPictures, CC0</p> <p>Sample Check-in phone call or e-mailHi, this is Terry Jones. How are you doing, Ms. Babcock? I interviewed with you on Monday. Since I am very interested in this opportunity, I thought I should follow-up with you. You thought you might have an answer by Thursday. How is your decision process going?</p> <p>7. Stay in contactShare articles that would be of interest to the manager or company.Connect via LinkedInImage by geralt / 10455 images under CC0</p> <p>Case studies</p> <p>Read the studies and answer the questions.</p> <p>Activity 5</p> <p>Image by Tumisu under CC0</p> <p>Case Study 1Bethany just returned home from a job interview.</p> <p>What should she do?</p> <p>Case Study 2Simbaljeet is just at the end of her job interview.</p> <p>What can she do now to maximize her chances of getting a job?</p> <p>Case Study 3Shamsun wants to send a thank-you note to somebody who interviewed her, but she is worried because she perceives that her handwriting is not very good.</p> <p>What should she do?</p> <p>Case Study 4Jorge was told he would hear back within 3 days, but that was more than 7 days ago.</p> <p>What can he do now?</p> <p>Dictation</p> <p>Write what you hear!Activity 6</p> <p>Dictation 1 Always ask for a timeline as to when a decision is expected.</p> <p>Dictation 2 As soon as you get home think about the interview and write down any questions you have. </p> <p>Dictation 3 You can send a thank you note by way of e-mail or handwritten letter. </p> <p>Dictation 4 Even if you didnt get the job, you can still add the hiring manager to your professional network.</p> <p>Lets practise!</p> <p>Activity 7Write a thank you note!</p> <p>Write a follow-up letter!</p> <p>Review: What did you learn today?</p> <p>8 new words related to following up after a job interview.</p> <p>How to write a thank you email.</p> <p>How to write a follow-up email.</p> <p>Thanks for attending.</p> <p>See you next time!</p>