How to follow up after a job interview 10 follow up steps after the interview

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INTERVIEW FOLLOW-UPHow to Follow Up After a Job Interview: 10 Follow Up Steps After The InterviewReported by:Crisanta B. MontejoIII- General ScienceFollowing-up after a job interview is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the job search process. It allows you to thank the interviewer for his or her time Article will address the most appropriate way to follow-up after a job interviewAt the End of the Interview1. Ask for a timeline.This is extremely useful, as it will give you some indication of how long you are expected to wait for a decision and of when it will be appropriate to follow up with the correct person.3At the End of the Interview2. Ask for your interviewer's business card.This will give you the persons correct contact information, including name, title, mailing address and email address, which will save you time when you are sending your thank you note and letter.4Directly After the Interview3. Send a thank you note by email.This shows the interviewer that you are both enthusiastic and organized and ensures that they will not forget you as a candidate.5At the End of the Interview4. Make notes about the interview while it is still fresh in your mind.This will help you to tailor your responses should you be called to a second interview, or may give you some indication of where you went wrong if you are not.6Several Days After the Interview5. After the indicated time period has passed, follow up with a single email or phone callIf the time period they specified it would take for them to reach a decision has passed - whether it has been two days or two weeks - it is now appropriate for you to follow up about the decision via email or phone call7Several Days After the Interview6. Respond promptly if you are contacted about a second interview or a job offer.Making them wait for a response is unprofessional and makes it seem like you are not enthusiastic about the job8Several Days After the Interview7. Even if you didn't get the job, thank the interviewer for their timeDon't be angry or overly-disappointed - accept the fact that there were probably many other qualified candidates and view it as a valuable learning experience.9What to Avoid8. Don't harass the companyBeing over-eager and bombarding the company with follow-up emails and phone calls is not a good idea and can actually harm your chances of getting the position.10What to Avoid9. Don't go to the company in person, unless invitedShowing up at the company uninvited is a definite no-no. It puts pressure on the hiring manager or interviewer to speak with you, even though the timing may be very inconvenient for them. 11What to Avoid10.Don't avoid the follow-up letter or phone callSome people erroneously think they should just wait for a decision and not bother the interviewer. This is not the correct tactic.12Panel Interview Tips Five Essential Steps to a Great Panel InterviewJob Seekers: 7 Tips For A Successful Panel InterviewTip #1: Find out who will be on the interview panelTip #2: Brainstorm the questions each person might askTip #3: Introduce yourself to each personTip #4: Modify your communication styleJob Seekers: 7 Tips For A Successful Panel InterviewTip #5: Demonstrate that youre making connections during the conversationTip #6: Modify how you ask questions at the end of the interviewTip #7: Follow-up with each personJob Seekers: 7 Tips For A Successful Panel Interview