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Interview Tips & Follow-Up Sherry Pfaff-Doody Ayers Basement Systems Slide 2 Interview Tips & Follow-Up 1.Focus on maintaining a professional image-before, during and after! 2.Credibility/LinkedIn/Online Presence 3.Attitude 4.Interview Prep 5.Interview Follow-Up Slide 3 Waiting for that call or email? What email address do they have for you? Is it appropriate? Phone number Is it current? Phone etiquette Do you have an appropriate voicemail set up? Who is answering your phone and how are they answering? Prep your family who may be answering your phone Seems simple, but these things could be deal breakers! Slide 4 Focus on Maintaining a Professional Image There are things you may be doing (or not doing) that are affecting your job search Always appear polished Dont air your financial matters Always assume potential employers or connections are watching Avoid looking desperate Ill take anything Ive applied for 200 jobs Dont show up at every event Slide 5 Focus on Maintaining a Professional Image Social Media Rule of Thumb Assume everyone can see everything! Dont advertise every interview you have Employers will find out-that is not a good thing for you Avoid making offensive comments Every time you post something, ask yourself, is this controversial? to make your decision Dont complain about people-exes, companies that rejected you, etc. Be unbiased But, its my right Solution Slide 6 Slide 7 Credibility LinkedIn- Recommendations and Endorsements Someone asked me to recommend them, should I? Would you put your reputation on the line? How about endorsements? What if someone called you and asked you about that endorsement? Slide 8 Attitude Get past the this is who I am, take it or leave it mentality Avoid negativity Negativity=drama=unproductive worker Avoid being negative Avoid surrounding yourself with negativity DONT complain about employers (or anyone for that matter!) Although it may be difficult, dont be negative after rejections Learn from experience & make improvements Dont place blame on employers/accountability Slide 9 Interview Preparation Research Company Goals, history, mission/vision Interviewer(s) Position 50 Most Frequently Asked Questions Read them Prepare answers What have you been doing since your last job? Why did you go through this training program? And dont say, Because Michigan Works paid for it Slide 10 Interviewing What to take to the interview: Resume-extra copies Portfolio Nicely presented Job description Note pad and ink pens Questions-at least 5 Confidence and a good attitude Slide 11 Interview Mistakes to Avoid Showing up late Discussing personal problems or family Talking about pay Only do this AFTER you have been offered the job Arguing or getting defensive Dont interrupt the interviewer Inflating the truth/trying to sound like you are an expert at everything Slide 12 Interview Attire Dress properly Clean, professional clothing Including undershirts Not too revealing Avoid too much jewelry & cologne/perfume (But do wear deodorant) Make sure your hair is dry Finish dressing before you arrive on company premises Slide 13 Appropriate Attire Slide 14 Inappropriate Attire Slide 15 After the Interview Reflect on what you did well and what you can improve on Send a thank you note within 24 hours Send to all interviewers And receptionist too Make a follow up call Dont be annoying But dont skip this step There is a fine line Remember, its a small world! Slide 16 Contact Sherry Pfaff-Doody @Sherrydoody @MCEEATweets -Sherry Pfaff-Doody -Michigan Career Educator and Employer Alliance