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Corporacin Interamericana de Entretenimiento, S.A. de C.V. 2Q2005. As a precautionary note to investors, except for the historic information here provided, statements included in this document constitute forward-looking statements. Such statements assume risks and uncertainties, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Corporacin Interamericana de Entretenimiento, S.A. de C.V.</p><p>2Q2005</p></li><li><p>As a precautionary note to investors, except for the historic informationhere provided, statements included in this document constituteforward-looking statements. Such statements assume risks and uncertainties,including the economic conditions in Mexico and other countries where CIEoperates, as well as the fluctuation of the Mexican peso compared to theU.S. dollar.</p><p>The use of registered trademarks or commercial trademarks within thisdocument are exclusively for illustrative purposes and are not meant toviolate the rights of the creators and/or intellectual property lawsapplicable in the countries in which CIE, its subsidiaries, and thosecompanies with which CIE maintains commercial or business relationships,operate.</p></li><li><p>Key Financial Indicators2Q052Q042,203</p><p>48522.0%</p><p>1742.8x</p><p>2,8058,22010,34618,566</p><p>7,36810,119</p><p>8,447</p><p>0.9x2,015</p><p>45622.6%</p><p>1094.2x</p><p>6694,75210,37015,122</p><p>5,0927,670</p><p>7,452</p><p>0.7x% Chg9.3%</p><p>6.4%(60 pb)</p><p>60.3%(1.4x)</p><p>319.5%73.0%(0.2%)22.8%</p><p>44.7%31.9%</p><p>13.3%</p><p>0.2xNote: All of the figures listed in this section are expressed in millions of Mexican pesos as of June 2005, with the exception of the financial ratios and percent changes. The figures, financial ratios and percent changes may vary due to rounding6M046M053,694</p><p>83222.5%</p><p>2193.8x</p><p>4,033</p><p>88421.9%</p><p>3262.7x% Chg9.2%</p><p>6.3%(60 pb)</p><p>49.2%(1.1x)2Q05</p><p>6896,10410,34616,450</p><p>5,2137,964</p><p>8,447</p><p>0.6x% Chg</p><p>3.0%27.6%(0.2%)8.8%</p><p>2.4%3.8%</p><p>13.3%</p><p>(0.1x)Pro forma ** For the 10-year Bond for US$200 millon, issued on June 14, 2005Revenue</p><p>EBITDAEBITDA Margin</p><p>Interests paid, netEBITDA / Interests paid, net</p><p>CashCurrent AssetsL.T. Assets &amp; Other AssetsTotal Assets</p><p>DebtTotal Liabilities</p><p>StockholdersEquity</p><p>Debt / StockholdersEquity</p></li><li><p>Strategic Business Units REVENUE 2Q05 = Ps.2,203 MM EBITDA 2Q05= Ps.485 MM </p></li><li><p>CIE Entertainment8.7%* Note: EBITDA - Capex6.5%10.1%8.0%OPERATIVE CASH FLOW*EBITDARevenue 2Q05EBITDA 2Q05REVENUE2Q052Q04 % Chg6M046M05% Chg# of presentations:Concerts TheaterOtherTotal</p><p>Attendance:Total (thousands)</p><p>Ticketmaster:Tickets (thousands)Ps.15 Ps.12Ps.29Ps.25(12%)+1%(25%)(30%)(36%)(27%)</p><p>179556201936</p><p>1,221</p><p>3,115</p><p>150425173748</p><p>1,267</p><p>3,960</p><p>(16%)(24%)(4%)(20%)</p><p>+4%</p><p>+27%</p><p>2671,0163361,619</p><p>1,969</p><p>6,653</p><p>1378783111,426</p><p>2,090</p><p>7,461</p><p>(49%)(14%)(7%)(12%)</p><p>+6%</p><p>+12%EBITDA MarginCapex</p></li><li><p>CIE Las Amricas34.4%34.2%36.7%29.9%OPERATIVE CASH FLOW*EBITDAREVENUERevenue 2Q05EBITDA 2Q052Q052Q04% Chg6M046M05% ChgHorse Racetrack:Racing DaysRaces</p><p>Centro Banamex:Events</p><p>Books/ Yaks:Per capita (Ps.)Attendance (millions)Units in Operation</p><p>Granja:Attendance (thousands)</p><p>Ps.141 Ps.123Ps.179Ps.197+22%+12%+21%(9%)+306%(31%)</p><p>38378</p><p>208</p><p>566.611.728</p><p>N.A</p><p>39426</p><p>216</p><p>566.901.933</p><p>152</p><p>3%13%</p><p>4%</p><p>N.A.7%18%</p><p>N.A.</p><p>73727</p><p>413</p><p>597.883.328</p><p>N.A.</p><p>64699</p><p>356</p><p>579.113.733</p><p>278</p><p>(12%)(4%)</p><p>(14%)</p><p>(3%)13%+18%</p><p>N.A.Capex* Note: EBITDA - CapexEBITDA Margin</p></li><li><p>CIE Commercial32.2%30.9%30.8%32.7%Jun 05Jun 04% ChgPedestrian Overpasses:StructuresAdvertisements</p><p>Advertisments in Cinemas:Screens+14%+52%+9%+62%+79%+24%Ps.30 Ps.11Ps.30Ps.14</p><p>178654</p><p>1,356</p><p>197732</p><p>1,502</p><p>+11%+12%</p><p>+11%CapexOPERATIVE CASH FLOW*EBITDAREVENUEEBITDA MarginRevenue 2Q05EBITDA 2Q05* Note: EBITDA - Capex</p></li><li><p>CIE International17.3%19.1%17.4%18.9%Argentina# of presentationsAttendance (thous)Tickets TM (thous)Visitors Zoo</p><p>Brazil# of presentations Attendance (thous)Tickets TM (thous)</p><p>Spain# of presentationsAttendance (thous)+1%+67%+2%(10%)(17%)(7%)Ps.23 Ps.4Ps.23Ps.11</p><p>50236611171</p><p>154200564</p><p>269228</p><p>68132488165</p><p>183316721</p><p>N.A.N.A.</p><p>1223461,178470</p><p>2604721,865</p><p>560474</p><p>691361,029468</p><p>2584621,198</p><p>N.A.N.A.</p><p>+36%(44%)(20%)(4%)</p><p>+19%+58%+28%</p><p>N.A.N.A.</p><p>(43%)(61%)(13%)(1%)</p><p>(1%)(2%)(36%)</p><p>N.A.N.A.CapexOPERATIVE CASH FLOW*EBITDAREVENUEEBITDA MarginRevenue 2Q05EBITDA 2Q052Q052Q04% Chg6M046M05% Chg* Note: EBITDA - Capex</p></li><li><p>-106-6-183-82Q042Q056M046M05CIE Amusement Parks17.2%8.4%16.8%6.6%Visitors (thousands):MexicoColombiaWannadoTotal</p><p>Per Capita (Ps.):MexicoColombia WannadoTotal +23%+33%(40%)(48%)(94%)(94%)Ps.127 Ps.20Ps.221Ps.28</p><p>1.50.4N.A.1.9</p><p>67.8144.31N.A.64.67</p><p></p><p>83.9359.46254.1696.883.00.6N.A.3.6</p><p>68.6247.60N.A.65.472.</p><p>81.4569.23274.6796.94</p><p>(33%)(46%)N.A.(32%)</p><p>+24%+34%N.A.+50%</p><p>(34%)(63%)N.A.(24%)</p><p>+19%+45%N.A.+48%CapexRevenue 2Q05EBITDA 2Q05OPERATIVE CASH FLOW*EBITDAREVENUEEBITDA Margin2Q052Q04% Chg6M046M05% Chg* Note: EBITDA - Capex</p></li><li><p>10 year Bond for US$200 million; interest rate of 8.875%: Purchase Orders for US$300 millon; more than 50 international investors Moodys Ba2; S&amp;P B+Capital increase for Ps.1,100 millon (100% subscribed), which enabled CIE to acquire 25% de CIE Las Amricas from Sinca Inbursa for Ps.990 millonDEBT PROFILE (DEC 2004)CURRENT DEBT PROFILE POST- REFINANCINGNoteworthy EventsFigures in millons of USDFigures in millons of USD</p></li><li><p> Open Television Cable Television Satellite Television Video/ DVD Internet Video games Music/ radio Internet Gambling</p><p> Movies Video games (Recrcholis, Moy, etc.) Amusement Parks Live Entertainment: - Sports - Theater, concerts/ cultural - Popular/ Palenque - Dances Gambling Family Entertainment Centers: Dave &amp; Busters, Recrcholis, Div. Moy, etc.FREE TIME INDUSTRY TravelReadingHobbiesThey compete for peoples time and moneyRestaurantsSportsENTERTAINMENTIN-HOME ENTERTAINMENTOUT-OF-HOME ENTERTAINIMENTFree Time Industry </p></li><li><p>ContentTecnology / FormatsOut-of-HomeIn-HomeAdvertisingFree Time Industry (cont.)</p></li><li><p>ContentTecnology / FormatsIn-HomeOut-of-Home</p><p> Radio - Digital Radio Television - Tivo, other media Walkman - iPod Camara - Digital camara (cellular) Nintendo - Game Boy (portable)Free Time Industry (cont.)</p></li><li><p>MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT MEXICO 2004 NOT INCLUDING OPEN TV MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENTO MEXICO 2004 </p><p>Principal Source: Expansin 500, June 2005 * Complementary Source: CIE EstimatesInvestment in Media and Entertainment</p></li><li><p>Growth in 2005 will come from the promotion of a strong live events calendar:In addition, CIE Entertainment expects there to be a significant increase in the sale of advertising sponsorships Emphasis on International EventsLive Automobile Racing Events (p.e. Nascar Series)Cirque du SoleilDisney on Ice outside of Mexico CitySome upcoming events that will be presented in Mexico during the second half of 2005 include: Avril Lavigne Jaguares Keane Judas Priest Scorpions Garbage Mobie Apocalyptica Botellita de Jerz Queensryche Paul McCartney Sarah Brightman Peter Gabriel Phil Collins RBD La Academia IV Enrique Bunbury Bacilos Besame Mucho Los Monlogos de la Vagina Violinista en el Tejado Defendiendo al Caverncola Cats Buscando a Nemo Cirque du Soleil Feria del FutblCIE Entertainment</p></li><li><p>Media Innovations:Increase in the development of application technologies geared towards clients promotional campaigns.New promotional and informational formats through the use of new interactive and effective strategies Pedestrain Overpasses:Consolidation in Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Aguascalientes; operations in Puebla startedRenovation of existing concessions to be exploited over the long-term (10 years)Digital Advertising in Airports:Implementation of digital panels in the 13 airports operated by Grupo Aeroportuario Centro NorteBusiness proposal to airport operators in Mexico (approx. 24 airports)CIE Commercial</p></li><li><p>IGT is a world leader in the development, design, production, distribution and sale of computerized gaming terminals</p><p>Publicly-listed company on the NYSE (Ticker: IGT)Market Cap of US$10 billionAnnual sales of US$2,500 millon</p><p>CIE signed a contract with IGT to provide terminals for the launch of electronic number-based games.</p><p>Terminals:</p><p>Centralized technology platforms to conduct multiple numbers-based games at the same time Participants play simultaneously with other players who are connected to a centrally operated computerCIE Las Amricas</p></li><li><p>Brazil:Continue to increase the number of local events and regional tours in the countryExpansion of proprietary advertising channelsDigital Information SystemsState-of-the-art Digital Content</p><p>Local, small-scale theatrical productions and Broadway-style productionsArgentina:Gradual increase in revenues from live events and the Zoo due to improvements in the Argentine economy Radios stations strategy continues to be redefinedCIE International</p></li><li><p> Judas Priest Dream Factory Donna Summer Chiclete com Banana Momix Seicho no Ie tomo Marcelo D2 Ajom Fagner Roberto Carlos Kid Abelha Zeze di Camargo e Luciano Rock and Run Megadeath Stillus Tony Bennett Hammstein Maria Bethnia Ivete Sangalo Jota Quest Donna Summer Dream Factory Seal Divolo Albert EinsteinCIE International Buddy Guy Bruno e Marrone Dream Theater Pao de Acucar Xuxa Sol da Meia Noite Cabor Projecto Acordes Liberdade para As Borboletas Leo Maia After Forever Forte Real Tres Homens Baixos Engenheiros do Hawaii Emlio Santiago Adriana Partimpim Pedro Mariano Nando Reis Los Hermanos Beto Guedes Luciana Mello Roupa Nova Gabriel o Pensador Toquinho Jorge Vercilo Caetano VelosoTALENT SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST-DECEMBER 2005 La Renga Monster of Rock Avril Lavigne Splipknot Festival Rock &amp; Pop Ataque 77 Los Cafres Las Pelotas Catupecu Machu Divididos Bersuit Rata Blanca rbol Aladin La Revista Unipersonal de Posca Festival Msica Electrnica</p></li><li><p>CIE Amusement Parks Wannado Entertainment:Continue refining operations, costs and expensesIntroduction of multi-passes and promotions for Florida residents New pavillion: Coca-Cola bottling plantNew Sponsor: Motorola Montly attendance is up, from 18,000 in August 2004 to 40,000 in June 2005</p><p>Other points regarding Wannado:Analyze the possibility of expanding Wannado to other cities in the US, specifically NY Expansion of the strategy to offer sponsorship packages to Mexican clients (p.e. Mexicana de Aviacion)</p><p>Para el Trimestre* VentasCrecimiento marginal producto de:Mayor asistencia a eventos Latinos como Alejandro Fernndez, RBD, Miguel Bos vs. Chayanne, Miguel Bos y Arjona en 2004 contrarrestado a la presentacin en 2004 de shows adicionales como el Holiday on Ice y el Baseball de Grandes Ligas. Ingresos similares en la Cart Monterrey* EBITDADecremento debido a: Decremento en el nmero de presentaciones de Shows Familiares como Barney presentado en 2004, esto es, la Unidad de Negocios de Proyectos Especiales tan slo ha presentado dos presentaciones, por lo que se tiene el overhead de la misma. Organizacin no exitosa de Autosubastas Y Pocos visitantes en la gira por provincia del Circo Ringling Brothers. Gastos del overhead de las Unidades de negocios de promotores que al tener menos conciertos, disminuye el EBITDA. Incremento en la plantilla por la creacin de Ocesa Comercial, que junto al menor nmero de conciertos tiene efecto doble. Efecto IVA CostoPara el Ao*VentasEn 2004 se realizaron las presentaciones de Luis Miguel, contrarrestado con la presentacin de la Nascar. Menor nmero de conciertos y presentaciones teatrales de revista (obras pequeas)* EBITDAPuesta en marcha de nuevos negocios como Fashion, Subastas y organizacin del Serial Nascar. Solo dos presentaciones por el rea de Proyectos Especiales, siendo que en 2004 realiz David Copperfield y Holiday on Ice. Menor nmero de conciertos y presentaciones teatrales (obras pequeas). Disminucin por mayor IVA Costo en 2005 vs. 2004CAPEXMayor Capex por efecto cclico en el mantenimiento de los Inmuebles.</p><p>Proforma sin efecto IVA Costo6M 20056M 2004Variacin% Var.Ventas 1,035,010 1,170,402 (135,392)-12%EBITDA 108,660 134,002 (25,343)-19%% Margen10.50%11.45%</p></li></ul>